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Crimp Bang, Straight, Bob

Thank you. What'S up, y'all Celia here welcome back to everyone's YouTube channel. Today I have a sister unit. This is a half up, half down this uh stylus lfsb, Chloe or Chloe, I'm not sure, but uh. That'S what this uh, what it is um the color is fft tie dye. This is a split bag, half up and down um. The colors I had recently did the ffrt blue um and then the. But this is the color tie dye, but and then they have the art, the blue, and then they have the ffrt pink. And this is a that's the stock card, y'all um. So they have more up down series, um, LSB, Kaya, JS and team um. You can either put this as well as you wan na have uh up how it comes or you can wear it down. It just depends on you and, like your you know, your foresee your say um. So the unit is also available in one one b: caramel Ginger light honey, honey, black, reverse blue. I think it's reverse black, I think not reverse blue reverse black and then the tight end and the pink of course so yeah. So installing this unit was pretty simple. Um, I just added a little bit of baby hair to the shopping on the um, the edges for The Sideburns, just because it's a ponytail and I was going for like a messy up down, updo type of look, um, really simple units of you know to apply. I just feel like um, it's big kid friendly to an extent like it's, it's gon na fit your head, and but it might be a little bit tight. It'S depends especially depending on the way adhesively use, but they didn't give me like a lot of names. So I feel like that's good, since it's already, you know ready it's ready to throw on. It does have a unit um. We had added a little bit of a curl as y'all can see to the ponytail. You know something cute, something simple, um so yeah. This unit's pretty I'm not getting any Shannon and tangling. This hair is really really soft. Genuinely I don't know how long this unit is. I think it's probably like 12 inches 14 inch. It'S a point here short ponytail like that, so not too much to do as y'all could see when we were styling it um they had. They had a piece that we connected reconnected back, what they had the ponytail look at, not how I wanted it. So we have to make the ponytail a little bit tighter if you want to do that, you can go ahead and do that. I was going for like more so of a of a like a funky. You know 90s type of look um, yeah, you're, not gon na get no tangle, no shedness or shorter. You know the lace is very manageable um. As soon as I applied it, it did what it needed to do. Um, it did come with Clips y'all only clipped the one in the back uh assist sister always give you that one big one in the back um it has one on the left and then one on the right. Of course, I feel them right. Underneath the ponytail y'all so like literally like right, where they're um right, where this this is, the clip, is right underneath there. So I feel like that's nice, for protection and keep following my bad but um yeah. So that's pretty much it all all. I have to say about clothes: I'm gon na share the back of her just so I can see how she looks in the back. So this is the back of clothes. Chloe Chloe, that's the back of her um yeah. So, like I said, we went ahead and attached the little girls. You know something look cute and simple to that. Just so y'all know so yeah. This is a pretty simple unit. It'S not too much to say about it like if you want to cut it more. You can you can cut it if you want it a little bit shorter. You know if you wouldn't want to go for that. Bob look. Y'All know I don't like the ends going there. So if I was to get I'd, probably straighten it and cut it a little bit just a little bit, though not too much so yeah, that's pretty much it! That'S all. I have to say about clothes, she's, a nice unit. All right, I don't really have anything. You know bad to say about it. Oh yeah and the stock car says that you can high heat high heat. You can fly on the upper supports degree, so I wouldn't try to curl this. I mean you can, but I don't me personally. I wouldn't curl it. I would keep it straight just because the other unit was curly uh ffr Archie blue was Curly, so this was like the straight girlies. If you want something simple so yeah, if y'all, like Chloe lfv clothes tie down, y'all know where she would be listed. Thank y'all. So much for tuning in every Live's YouTube channel, I'm Aaliyah and I'm out

Ara Washington: I love this little bit of color in the bang it's cute asf ! Imma get it , I love the style I just wouldn't add that little clip back in the ponytail once I redid it.

PINKUNICORN: Love the rainbow . . Hey sis

Chanel Nicole: Yesssss I would buy this!

JD Free by me: Love it

PINKUNICORN: I want a little more

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