Level Up! $30 Valentino Dupe? || (Detailed)|| Freetress Equal Level Up Hd Lace Kamala || 3 Colors

Heyyyy ladies!

Thank you so much for tuning in to today’s review. NEW detailed review on Kamala by Freetress Equal. Of course she is giving Valentino vibes BUTTTT! does she live up to her big sis?

Let's chat below ladies. Are we feeling Miss Kamala?










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Freetress KAMALA

Color (In order of appearance)


FF Cream

FF HotChoco







00:00 || Intro

00:17 || Care Card and Unit Specs

01:31 || Cap Construction

01:36 || First Impression on HD Lace Color

01:57 || 1B Out The Pack

02:03 || 1B Hairline Closeup

02:18 || FF Cream Out The Pack

02:26 || FF Cream Hairline Closeup

02:43 || FF HotChoco Out The Pack

02:51 || FF HotChoco Hairline Closeup

03:00 || Styling 1B Unit

03:11 || Tinting The Lace

03:36 || Tinting Before & After

03:47 || Side Part?

04:09 || Install FF Cream

05:35 || Thoughts on FF Cream

06:46 || Thoughts on 1B

07:14 || Install HotChoco

08:06 || Thoughts on HotChoco

09:21 || Thoughts on Texture

10:50 || Cons

11:45 || Valentino or Kamala??

12:35 || Outro Byeeeeeee!

12:58 || YouTube Shoutouts


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What'S up, ladies, today's review is on the new unit by freetress equal. This is part of their level up collection and i do have it in the style kamala in three colors sis. So if you are interested in seeing her style getting all the tea, keep watching what's up everyone, it's your girl, megalyn or wigs2wasteland. Welcome back to the channel. Here we are with another quick wig review. Now, ladies, you girl, i spent her own coins and i did cop this unit by freetress equal, and this is in the style, kamala or kamala. I do have several colors for you today. It'S been a minute. It has been a long minute since i have seen freetress like drop anything. We have had a influx of outright units. We'Ve had an influx of bobby boss units when i saw freetress had a a line coming out. I was like okay, okay, freetress. Let'S see what you popping with so kamala is part of their level up, hd lace, front wig collection. She does have a pre-plugged hairline um and they do claim this has undetectable lace. This is also heat safe up to 400 degrees. So you know typical cap construction. You do have two combs in the front one in the back with adjustable straps um and the lace looks okay. It does look like that white. It'S that white lace. I will definitely have to go in and tip this color into my liking. Just to get it a little bit darker, so let me go ahead. Of course, let's slip out of this beautiful crown baby and let's come back and see what freetress is working with first color is the 1b looks pretty good straight out of the pack. I did notice that the hairline did have that pre-placation girl, so it did look scalp ready. Next color up is going to be the ff cream and the same thing it looked pretty much okay, the color is so so pretty now i did notice for the hairline for this one. It wasn't exactly scalpalicious a little questionable um, but it looked. It looked. Okay and last color you will see me in is the ff hot choco. This color here y'all, is just so so pretty, and i did notice that she was she. She was looking a little scalpalicious. I might add, i did go ahead and use my blow dryer on high heat, just to flatten the top of this unit. You do want to tread lightly because she is heat safe, but she is also of a silky texture. I did also follow up with my fenty beauty, shade to tint the lace on this unit i'll be using the same shade to tint the lace on top big, big, big difference between the left side and the right side with just foundation. I did attempt a left and right side part for this unit and i don't know y'all it just it was not serving me. It just was not giving me that oomph that i was looking for, and so i did go ahead and you utilize the middle part. Now you can wear this for a left or right side part for yourself. However, i feel this style suited me best. Tell me not tell me something cause i don't wan na be just friends anyway baby. I am too naive, but i'm choosing to believe that you will give me another chance. Is okay, freetress, okay, okay, okay, so yeah! When i saw these on line when i checked the colors, the first unit that came to mind was valentino automatically out of the gate. I thought valentino, you know i really had my hesitations on this um ff cream color, but baby, okay freetress. This is definitely you know a golden blonde that i can vibe with it's light. It'S dark! It'S you know multi-dimensional sleigh. You know you've got like some really nice golden hint in here and then you have of course the nice brown you know and then, of course it is dark rooted, which i think they did a beautiful job on this cream. Color girl, okay, okay, go ahead; carmilla. She is popping in this color, so let's go ahead and slip in to the one b: okay, okay, you're gon na hear me say: okay, a lot and you know lately i don't know i've just been filling the one b's more than the number twos. This is a dark. This is gon na, be darker, i'm already pointing out one con, but i think i'm going to save that to see if the third color still gives me the issue. So let's go ahead and slip into the last color, though, and let's see what miss kamala is working with wait a minute. Give me listen. This color for valentino was sold out for months. You could not find it anywhere so when i saw that they were offering this ff hot choco i pounced on it, then i see i see why this color was sold out. This is another brown girl friendly blonde, really really pretty, and even though it has a lot of yellow to it. It'S a golden rich, yellow that i'm really i'm digging freetress go ahead. I am giving you farrah faucet vibes baby on a chocolate scale yeah. I love the feathered look up here. I do wish it was even on both sides. I feel like this is like you know, this is the well-behaved child right here. You know she, you tell her no and she's like okay mommy and then this side is just like you ain't, my mama, because it is definitely drooping. It'S not. I don't know it doesn't seem like it's even on both sides to me and um. You know i feel like the curls at the bottom are also doing the same texture, not so much i'm yeah, um yeah. This one is definitely more like the ff cream. It'S it's feel it feels thicker, but it feels you know kind of like the same texture. I don't know it could just be me, but i'm just i would have preferred just a little bit more of a rough feel if you know what i'm saying to the unit, it is kind of you know more on the silky side, all three have really no Shedding tangling is expected, but i'm actually not getting too many tangles with this unit, but it is resting on the shoulders so girl playing accordingly cap construction looks good on all of them. Uh parting space is okay. This one is a little tight. It'S a little tight and i would definitely open it up just a little bit. Don'T feel this is pre-plucked, especially on this one. This one, you know the baby hairs are pretty much okay, but i had to like i had to kind of finesse it a little bit more than i would like to, especially if it's advertised as pre-plucked you're, really gon na get a different outcome, depending on which Color you get like seriously with this unit, so you know playing accordingly. I do wish she was. You know consistent with every single color, so we could all gripe about the same things. All of them are doing the one con that i just i never thought would bug me and it's the bottom of this unit, it's the curls. You know i like to feather my units i like to have them nice and voluminous. You know i like body baby and when you do this, you know it kind of looks a little disheveled on the sides. The curls are just kind of doing what they want, stomping their feet, having a little attitude whatever you know, but i think that is personal preference, but baby. This color is popping. This color is so freaking popping and it is dark rooted. So a plus two freetress for even you know, stepping out, like i said it's been a minute since freetress has put anything out so their first go around. It'S not bad. You know, i i think, with some improvements. I would really really love this. Of course, big question: do i prefer this over valentino, i'm really on the fence? I love valentino because she was thick. She had a lot of volume, the curls just behaved. They did what they were supposed to do and the colors were just so pretty on her. I love the cap construction on this one uh, okay, i'm feeling this one a little bit more than valentino. I think i can work with the curls. You know it's not too bad, but what really sells it is the cap construction in the hairline. It'S a big improvement from valentino, so you know she's cute y'all, like i said, i'm giving you chocolate fair, faucet baby. So if you are interested in checking out the information for miss kamala, i will have a direct link in the description box down below. Thank you. So much to all of you for tuning in let's chat in the comments down below, of course share the video with your family and friends, and i do hope you decide to hit that subscribe. Button stay tuned for the youtube shout outs and, ladies, as always, keep wearing it with confidence and i'll talk to you all in the next one, all right. Ladies, you know what time it is time for some youtube. Shout outs! Thank you! So much to all of you for tuning in to another wig review and the support on my last video. I did change it up and i did a head wrap haul. So, if you're interested in seeing that definitely click the i in the corner, it will take. You directly to that video and, as always, thank you so much to all of you for the kind comments and checking on your girl definitely appreciate it if you are interested in following me on instagram direct link in the description box down below take care. Ladies wash your hands, of course, be safe, keep wearing it with confidence and i'll talk to you all in the next one. You

Meekah Lynne: Heyyyy ladies! Welcome back❤️ No premiere today, I’m out and about lol. Did Freetress deliver? Let’s talk below. Xo- Make sure to subscribe and share-Xo I did forget to mention the 1B feels slightly coarser(is that a word) than the two other colors. Take care ladies. Love to you all

TheHeartsandCake90: Meeka you bodied these let’s go Freetress! That’s how you give Outre some competition lol

IsThatYourHairrr: That Hot Chocho color gets me every time! Valentino was my first time trying a face framing highlight and they served it on a platter! This is gorgeous on you, boo!

Denise D: Love the color on these wigs! Not a fan of the silky texture, wish they were a bit more with the yaki texture. But just wanted to say how adorbs your fur baby is!!! Sooo cute! ☺️

All Things Simply Windy: Sis you slayed this unit!!! I have her too in the FFHOTCHOCO color and I absolutely love it!

Andrea Steele: This unit is BEAUTIFUL! That hot chocolate color is it and the 1B is always classy! I'm impressed how the foundation made a world of difference.

Ney Rose: Excuse me???? the FF Cream is GORGEOUS on you! I love all of these looks! it's too bad they're sold out all over!

Silky Saks: This is really pretty on you Meeka Definitely gives Valentino vibes

L Trapp: EVERYBODY is about to come out with at least one girl named Kamala. Freetress was one of the innovators of color. They are slept on because of their silky texture (like you said). Some of them were doll like. Those are beautiful! That FF Cream was !

Nikki Laniece: All 3 are beautiful! You're right about how each color is somewhat different when it comes to texture etc. I love the hot choco, mine will be here tomorrow (I had to order another lol). I do prefer over Valentino too, mainly because of the hairline.

Tianna DeLaurentiis: Gorgeous! Ordered the color #2 and the FFHotChoco, so glad that they finally made Valentino in a lace front! Great review, thanks!

misslavonne34: Yess!! I Love Ms. Kamala!! I really didn't care for Valentino because she wasn't a lace front wig, but baby! I am loving this one. With this unit I wet her straight out the pack and let her air dry and it changed the curls and the texture of the wig. She feels amazing when you do this because sometimes the wigs straight out the pack are too silky for me.

Calene Heureaux: I loved Valentino. I had that choco color I think is what it’s called and it was great. The only thing that kept me from purchasing it again was the hairline. However as soon as you said this is like Valentino and then you showed that hairline I purchased it! Thanks for the review! You looked great!

T: Yassssss, the color is everything. I can't wait to try this. Because of you and your chocolatey deliciousness I've been trying color...We are soo close in complexion. THANK YOU

Diamond Lachae: Loving this wig in all the colors on you might have to scoop in the natural color because she is serving. I love the ff cream but next payday ima try the other colors

Jami: Chile! All the girls and boys bought up this wig. I need them to get this back in stock on Wig Types and Elevate Styles.

Deva19xx Dee Jones: This unit is gorgeous. Loving you in all These pretty colors especially the blondes/coco (ff cream) and yes I'm getting Valentino vibes sis

Sakita Castro: Yes Freetress did. I love them all and as always your make-up is flawless.❤

Nikki Harrison: Oh sis...she definitely DELIVERED She's on my list until I can find those colors in stock

misscee04: All of them turned out really good! I LOVE the blond blend on you! Thanks for another great video

Teena Taylor: These are beautiful! The hairline already looked nice, but you took it to a whole notha level!

Ms Sharp: Yess!! She delivered!! I'm will be ordering the 1b!!! Valentino is one of my favorites!!!! Thanks for the video! Once again good job!!

Jackie aka Poopiesteetee: OMG! When you shifted it to the left & looked good, I knew the right side (my favorite side lol) was going to work for me. I went to look for one, she's sold out in every color!!! Oh well, I'm not going anywhere these days so I can wait - She's super cute & I loved all three colors on you

M Lowery: Oddly enough, I never purchased Valentino. Even at the peak of the hype, I couldnt decide on a color. By the time the hype died down, I wasn't interested anymore. I later saw a reviewer say how silky Valentino was and how no one had mentioned it in their reviews. I'm glad that this came up in your review. I'm not a fan of the silky texture, but these were gorgeous wigs. It would've been so appealing, to me, if they had been a little thicker. Thank u for the honest review.

Lady Ree Patton: I got my Kamala today she is LOVELY. I love this FFhotchoco. Its the real deal. I told the company I found out about it on your channel.

Soso Des: So pretty, you sold me on that Hot Chocho

Shaye Spencer: Absolutely Beautiful !!! You slayed it as usual!!!

Lavender Lady: Love all your videos! But this one by far my favorite. The color suits you very very well. I am sold on this unit!! I would love to see a review of ladonna also pleeeeaaaase in a color other than ffcream.

Robin Perryman: Hey girl! That makeup got you glowing. Beautiful. I'm feeling this unit in the 1b. It looks so much more natural. However, you look good in all of them. Ok.

Tiffkneebaby Tv: They were sooo close. They know they could have went ahead and gave us an hd frontal. Damnit man!

Sta Haz: I love your spirit sis! This has become my favorite beauty channel. Keep dripping in dopeness! ❤️

Pyt G: Oh she's fancy and you know that you can do absolutely "no wrong" ❤❤❤❤ Beautiful!!!!!

Gerri Miller: My friends and i were at a restaurant and the people were like wow...beautiful hair colors. Yes girl, Valentino and kamala are bombon fire

DR. THRIVE: You kill it every time! Your so talented and pretty! I really enjoyed watching this video. You look bold and beautiful in all three colors. Isn't it something that the 1B has a little more texture than the other colors, things that make you go hmmm. Now if they would make it just a little bit longer, a little bit thicker with a light Yaki or virgin hair feel, we would have a winner (for me.) Thank you for the reviews!❤

Kee Thompson: Sis, you are such a Beautiful Lady and you know how to rock a wig.

Queen-Asia: Your skin is gorgeous!! You look beautiful in all of em!

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HairKittyKitty [CysterWigs]: Love the Kamala!! I wonder if Kamala will ever strut her stuff around Washington in Kamala You look gorgeous in this color and the curl pattern is just too beautiful Great video as always! Thank you for sharing and putting in the time and effort! Your quality is phenomenal.

Pacia Love: Wow, Freetress you step your game up. The color is on point

Tanisha: Hey gurl I love all the colors the browns colors look better than the 1b but you slayed them all and you look very pretty.

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