No Work Needed!! The Perfect Hd Lace That Melts Ft Tinashe Hair

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Hair in the video: Tinashe Hair Deep Wave 13x4 HD Lace Front Wig 24 inches.

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Hi guys, hello and welcome back to another episode of hair by julia okay. Today we're going to install this beautiful, deep web 13x4 hd less frontal it's actually in 24 inches. So, yes, we're going to install it using only styling, moist, hey, hey! Welcome! Back to my channel, so this hair is from tinashe here, i'm going to leave everything down in the description box. You get this the ig and all that they gave us a headband, a headband lashes, which i don't put on the head that, let me see. So this is the hair itself, so this is the hair when we open it. This is the deep web. It'S 24 inches for the case of the length in case you're wondering that 24 inches and when you open it up, it has an hd less so that it would so the less when you put it on the skin peep you it disappears. So that is something that you're not about look at this web guy. It is so so good just so bouncy it doesn't have a smell, so my babies with a very sensitive skin who are scared of like the scents from the hair and all that doesn't have that strong scent. So this is how the less looks like you can. Wear it whether you're dark, whether light, whether you're pink, whether you're blue, whether you wear it and all that the hairline is not like plucked already. It'S not all that plucked, but it really gets. You know it's not so bad. So we are going to kind of add some powder so that it can match my skin right, so you can customize it according to the way you really want. So i'm going to add powder just to add it. This is i'm using bh in this shade. 240. Yeah, that is my exact shade, so put off of the money queen, so that we can put it on our head and see how it looks hello. Look here. We have, we have made it, let's first refresh part one refresh and then let's get to work. This is the hair. This is the hair, so i'm going to put it on my head. I have corners already and i did my makeup already so you can can see me slaying. Okay, so i'm going to fit it on my head guys, you see when you have sort of like added some powder on the less it tends to match well with your skin. So that is something that you should consider in case you're. This kind of a person who doesn't want to like bleach in case you don't know how to bleach. So this is how it looks on my skin. You see the less is undetectable. You can't really see it, so we we're not going to use any form of glue or what so we're just going to secure it so quickly, just you know, for for you to have to just use mousse and then work out. Okay, the first thing that we need to do is to section a bit of you know baby hair. This one helps before you cut off the length today. This is the method that i want to use. Not i actually ended up cutting a lot. I don't know what was wrong with me, but i ended up cutting a lot of baby hair, which i wasn't even planning to, but in case you don't want the dramatic baby hair and all that just cut a little which really i prefer. So this is how the hairline looks, and this is how the less looks like. Can you see it like it totally matches with my skin so trying to section get more baby hair out of this place and guys i told you this hair is from tanishi hair. I'M going to leave it down in the description box, you know i bring you the best best, so let us cut off the less cut off the let's cut it off cut it off cut it off. I want you to tell me if you're going to be seeing it if you're not seeing it make sure you subscribe down below okay, so i'm cutting off the less yeah. So you see how it's melting in my skin like the moment, you cut it off. You don't even see like is, is it a wig? Is it a wig? Is it awake, no less wear less wear we haven't even secured it. We haven't done anything with it, so yeah taking my scissors. These are actually like classroom scissors. Forgive me so yeah cutting off, and this is the method that i prefer. I don't want to bring my less around this hairline. Should i for us in our local language. We call it kakoba. So this part here, i don't want to bring my list there. So i usually cut and then when i'm laying my edges, i usually just use my natural hair to leather edges, so i ended up cutting it blunt because of these scissors. I'M sorry about that! Please be careful, don't be like me. Okay, don't be like me, and i ended up cutting like pretty a lot of baby hair, but yeah we fixed it later, so i'm going to take a bit of nairobi. This is the most i don't know. Is it made from nairobi or what it is called? Nairobi so putting it around the hairline and then we're going to start laying our edges our baby hair yeah baby hair. Yes, yes, so i'm going to lay a bit of my baby hair. As you can see this one's well kind of blunt, which were known, you know it wasn't really a appetizing, but anyway yeah. I managed to kind of like work it out, because your girl is the best to work it out. So you see we kind of worked. It out so you just have to take your time when you're laying this just take your time and boom yeah everything was perfected, so let us set using our scarf, i'm not just any sort of glue or what i just needed to secure it. Just like this, like simple ways, those people who don't want to use glue on their hairline, so it protects your hair, make sure that you don't have hair breakage, because if you're just putting off your legs, you just put it off and move up. Okay, i understandable, so this is how the hair looks like it's not so much like secured. So when a baby touches it you, it's just going to fall off your head. Okay, this is what i was talking about for this case here. I love to just use my natural hair. There is a way it looks so good and it doesn't really look so up and all that so this place, i use my natural hair, so i'm going to side part my hair. Yes, so this deep web, you know wigs, don't really they don't really look so good if you don't side part them something about them for the time of one weeks, every time you wear a deep web wig without like sectioning like putty good side, it doesn't really Come out well so yeah, i kind of sectioned it on this, this side. Is it the left or the right? I think this is the left yeah. I don't know like. I think it's the left, oh no to the right, taking some moist to define my curls. A little bit so that it can look like all neat, all new and yeah just to take away the frizzness and all that so i'm taking my flat flat. You know hot comb that the hot comb to actually make it like flat flat flat flat flat flatter flattest yeah, i'm making it flatter around this area. Hey guys, okay, make sure you turn on the notification bell so that you don't miss out. Yes, i'm being careful because it can come off like it can come off with not secured it a lot, because we are trying to protect our ages, we're trying to protect our natural hair and all that. So that's why i'm not really like um added glue or whatever, but it looks so much put up together. If you look at the hairline, you can see it's looking so good and when you look at this section that i've parted, you can actually see that. It'S really looking so good, so i'm just going to take a concealer brush just to define it the more so that it can look like straight up straight up. Yeah! Don'T just make sure that you don't add a lot of concealer so that it can go in your hair. So this is how the hair looks like guys. Look at that look at that look at this hair hair is gorgeous, and this is where it stops. Yes, 24 stops at this down my breasts a little bit. You can see yeah, and this is the final look guys just let me know if you liked this hair and i'll see you in my next video refresh bye. You

Joni Jones: What hair density did u choose?

Call me HildaGlosh: Wigs queen

cathryn ita: Looks good

Esther Kimani: Wah really beautiful

Eron Mirembe: My favorite gal thx God I found you few months naye maama my face has changed alotI love uuu

Esther Ddumba: Hey Julia, how much is it?

lilly Massy: Woow jalia wow

Namugenyi Farida: Where can I get this am in Oman

Namakula Moureen: Anti jalia,yo too much dia and over speeding me,they are all cute so am failing to choose and I can't purchase them all,thanks so much for uploading ebiriko

Vickie Kloe: Location dear

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