2 Ash Blonde Wigs Under $40 Bobbi Boss 13X4 Glueless Lace Frontal Wigs- Mlf264 Paisley Mlf261 Camila

Y’all! I have MISSED this quality from Bobbi Boss! This color and quality is why we fell in love with Bobbi Boss! I pray they keep this up for 2023! I am in love with this color! What do y’all think? Let me know in the comments!

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I know all right y'all with some synthetic hair and I'm gon na do two in this video. So I won't be doubly disappointed if, if they suck y'all, the unit is by Bobby boss, y'all know Bobby boss used to be by Boston, Zoo used to be my most favorite synthetic wig makers. And now I just don't know what happened and that's a personal choice. Okay, because they still might be your favors, but for me now it's Sensational and outre um, but I have such a a lot of respect for Bobby boss, but that unit's just ain't been hidden like they used to. So I picked up two with my own coins. I'M gon na bring you in one video to see if I can recapture that love. Okay, both of these are by the Bobby boss, clueless lace, wig collection and they come with free parting. Um HD lace is a 13 by four, I'm sorry um. It says natural baby hairs, it's pre-plucked, yada yada's, midi fresh. All of that all right, the straight you and I got them both in the same color. I got both of them in that beautiful blonde colors that I do love by Bobby boss, hl221222. Okay, both of them in that color, the straight one, is in the style: mlf261 Camellia c-a-m-i-l-a and the curly one is in the style, MLF uh, 264 Paisley p-a-i-s-l-e-y, and they both are very, very pretty and they both come in some unique colors, for instance, this purple That she's wearing is called Ash lilac and that's pretty. It also comes in that pinky Rosy, looking color tons of pretty colors right um, and this one also comes in some. This one Camellia also comes with some pretty colors too, like if you look at that, uh green and black up there just some different colors, but I decided to not do too much and go with a color that I know and love, because I want to get These wigs, a fair Shake, okay, sometimes color, will completely distract you. It happened to me with some Sensational units all right. So first, let's appreciate this color. It is a very ashy blonde that I love. Okay, I'm getting a little tangling straight out to um. Oh, that's string string. Also the texture on this one is more coarse, which that is a beautiful texture right and there's that parting space that you get and both wigs are constructed the same way. So this is the straight one. This is Camellia um. Paisley, I'm not gon na run my fingers through it, because I want y'all to see it directly on camera, but I also got her in that beautiful color as well, and it's laying pretty just straight in my hand, it's just that. I know that with a curl pattern like this, this is not a wig that I'm gon na be able to wear like long term, but super pretty as well all right. So what I'm gon na do is put both of these units on my head. Do all that flipping and flopping around and then we're gon na come back and check y'all cross your fingers that I love these because I miss Bobby boss. You got me going in circles, come through everybody, foreign, while you're here y'all this is uh. This is the Bobby boss. I miss and love both of these units were bomb. I can't find any issue with them. The only thing - and that's not really issue that lace, you know, is stark white up there, so it can blended with multiple skin tones. That'S it just now: you're gon na have to you know, tint, that late, but not tint, put some powder or something on that lace or use your tinting spray, but other than that y'all. Both of these are bomb the dents, the the density is Bomb. The style is Bomb, the color is Bomb, I'm not getting shedding and tangling, and I'm actually surprised because I thought that this unit I would but before I brushed it out, I sprayed it with some uh leave-in conditioner um, and maybe that helped. But I made, but honestly I'm focusing on them ends because I was, I just knew they was going to be ready, but y'all I'm able to get my hands. Oh y'all keep moving straight through this unit, so I definitely can recommend Camellia and Paisley y'all I'll put some links in the description box where you can go purchase them. Make sure that you subscribe because I'm trying to hit this 60k now, I'm in such a better mood? Okay, because synthetic hair been having me feel real, just blah and Bobby boss a relent that fire that I had for him and they brought you some fire Wings. Y'All definitely recommend these two. Thank you so much Bobby boss for getting back on track in 2023. Y'All like I wish that, maybe not even into wigs. Maybe it's your cousin Camellia, maybe it's your uncle called, whichever one we can put them in either. One of these, and they would be happy either one of them until next time. Y'All, would you be very very soon bye.

Bernice B: Hi Jessica! This is looks gorgeous on you! Great video!

Stephanie Horne: Love both of them and the color is beautiful on you ❤️

Unapologetically _dope78 Blk: The color is stunning on you!!!!!! ❤ Thank you for sharing sunshine

Keisha Rhine: I love them both that color is everything

Cynthia Cummings: Girl, Bobbi Boss done came back with some winners! Love the color and these styles. They both look great on you! ❤❤

patrice moore: Beautiful color ! Love both units !!

Lynette: I love these wigs on you! I live for your ash blonde reviews, since ash blonde is now my signature color lol. One question for you: since you keep your hair short, do you find it difficult to secure the glueless wigs (esp since you're not a fan of bands)? I recently cut my hair down super low, and one of my wigs didn't feel super secure. Any tips are welcomed! Thanks in advance!

M M: Color depth of the wavy one is beautiful.

kaneatha hargrove: They are so cute !!! I think am going to get the 2nd one !!

Jay Jackson: Both of those are 10 out of 10!! Absolutely

DeChana Henley: for both! The color is really pretty!!❤❤

Nadirah Kofi: Simply gorgeous ❤

Francess Sanders: I love them both sis ❤️

Kim's Korner: The second one reminds me of Valentina. So pretty ❤

Angelique Graham: Are you using simply silcon? Especially on your curly wigs. It really does work

Amy Rodriguez: Love so beautiful

dmca301: Both units are beautiful

Priscilla Williams: ❤❤❤ yes love it

Beatriz Rodriguez: Could you review Dressy wig from Mane Concept?


Stephanie: And....*adds to cart*

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