Luv Me Hair | Short Cut Curly Minimalist Undetectable Lace Wig Review

Hello hunnies!! In today's video I will be installing a cute throw and go wig from @LuvmeHairOfficial This curly wig is very soft and perfect to run errands or lounge around the house in. An fabulous undetectable lace wig that is giving SCALP hunni! A great addition to your wig rotation. So if you are in need of some lightweight, shiny and with poppin curls, this is the wig for you. Can be worn as a protective style and for your spring or summer vacation.

Thanks again to @LuvmeHairOfficial for sponsoring this video!!

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Yellow see their lace, y'all don't see their ladies hey. I don't see their lace, y'all, don't see their legs hey. What'S up, everyone welcome or welcome back to my channel. If you are new here hello, my name is Denise Latrice, I'm a wife and working mom to four beautiful children on my channel. You can expect to see weekly Vlogs dancing lives, get ready with me a little bit of cleaning and a whole lot of things. So if you are into internet, go ahead, hit that fabulous, subscribe button and click on notification Bell, so you will be notified whenever I drop a video, so you already know what's about to come at you, this video is brought to you by the lovely love me Hair stay Center girl over this cute sassy Jazzy little curly little unit right here and yes, it is the perfect throw on and go type of unit. So let me tell you a little bit about this unit. This is a short curly minimal listed, undetectable lace, wig honey. She is when you want to grab when you, you don't have a lot of time, but you still want to look trendy and Sassy. At the same time, this unit has a pre-plucked, hairline and bleached knots. It has a sufficient part in space and it's affordable. Hd lace like you, cannot tell me that you see this lace like this lace is amazing. Love me don't come to play when it comes the lace, honey. Okay, if y'all y'all, better know it so y'all know, love me comes with luxury and Superior Quality. Their lace is absolutely transparent, and if you choose to glue this lace down, it would be a Flawless melt as well. This is a effortless look type of unit. It'S Gon na Give You scab baby. Okay, it's Gon na Give You scab like yeah. I can't tell me this ain't, my hair. This is a great protective style, so you do not have to worry about having your hair together. All the time just throw this shooting on and go baby. So let me tell you a little bit more about this unit. This is a hundred percent virgin human hair and it's 150 density. This unit should last you one year or more, it's in the color natural bag, and it does have adjustable stress with an attached band for that glue. This effect, it does come with three cones one on each side and one in the back. This unit can be that and the circumference of this unit is 22 and a half inches, which is like your standard, medium cap. This unit does come ear to ear on my head. I can't speak for everybody else's, but on my head, this unit comes ear to ear. This unit is six by four by one point: two: five and it is a left C part wig. What that means is you have six inches of lace going across the front and it goes back four inches. It has a inch 0.25 inches right here. So if you are not liking where the part is, when you get it, you do have a little more room to play with, so you can bring it up or bring it down to whatever your liking is for your pardon. This unit is so solve. I it just it's so soft, it's so bouncy the curls just pop right at you honey. I mean it just it popped it just popping all over the place. Y'All now I did get some shedding, but y'all know with curly units. You'Re gon na get a little shedding, but this one it did get shedding when I was installing it and getting these curls to be popping like they are but expect that with curling units anyway, but other than that. That is, it's very fabulous. You know to have for you to look good as you run errands, but if you just want a hat lounge around a house look fabulous by doing it in the lovely hair unit. Okay. So if you are interested in seeing it just how easy and quick it was to put this unit out stay tuned, what's up everyone, so let's get into this little cutie right here, ain't she adorable like honey. Yes, this is so cute. So we about to get into it about to put this Beauty on right here and let's do it. Oh my god. Let'S fix that. Okay you'll see the hairline on this yeah. Okay, this unit actually feels really really good. It doesn't feel tight, it doesn't feel loose and I have not put the clips on yet and it feels amazing on my head: it's fitting ear to ear. So if it's perfect on my head, no issues right there. Now what we're gon na do is. We are going to clip the hair back, get it out the way, but first i'm gon na spray. It spray the front just so we can get the hair out the way all right. So this is her. This is the hairline. It says it has been pre-plugged. This lace looks really really good. I am satisfied with the lace right now. We are going to cut the lace we're going to we're gon na wear. This glue is okay, we're going to school this, because it's gon na be an easy throw to go type of unit. We ain't gon na be worrying about trying to glue it. Now we gon na just hop along and go a little vacation Blues away. Okay, I'm using my eyebrow eraser to cut the rest of the lights off, just trying to look like you're winning soaking the moments. Y'All see that do y'all, see it y'all, don't see that lace, y'all, don't see that lace! Y'All! Don'T see that! Ladies, hey, I don't see their lace, y'all, don't see their lace, hey all right y'all! So now that we cut the lace off, we are going to get into these curls honey because we got to make sure these curls are well defined. So, let's get into it! This is a sea part unit and you have like an inch like almost an inch and a half of parting space. This is a little too far on this side, so I'm gon na see. Can I first we're gon na spray it this get our handy, dandy, water bottle. I got this off Amazon and we're just going to spray it down all right. Y'All. Now that we got the spray now, I'm going to part it a little um more to my liking right now, the part is right here and uh. I don't like it that far there, so it does have a little bit of parting space. So what I want to do is just part it more up instead of where it is now all right, y'all, so I'm gon na part, it parted it up a little bit more to my liking. Now we're just gon na I'm gon na get my denim brush and we're just going to comb it out. Now that we are done brushing out the curls we're gon na get my lovely moves. Africa, Prime moisture Miracle rose water and Argan Oil. Curl move we're gon na get this right here and we're going to looser down all right now that we got our mousse on we're going to next y'all already know. You already know it's about to go down. We about to put this. Can two natural hair drafted? Not Gel Oil on this beauty right here, so we can make sure these curls ain't going nowhere all right, y'all now that we have sprayed her now, I wan na put loose on her then put some gel on her. Now we're going to brush everything in together. So everything can look absolutely gorgeous if you got my number, don't add me cause baby all right, yeah everything is brushed out, but y'all know I like big hair. So this is cute like she looks absolutely adorable when she is wet, but y'all know I like a little volume. I like little big hair, not too big, but just right. So we are going to Duffy's these curls foreign honey. Y'All can tell me Jazzy little unit, and I am here for it: honey quit, throwing and go like on the weekend when you're running those errands or y'all know it's about to get hot and we don't want all the hair on our necks. This is the perfect little cutie to wear on your Vacations or just anywhere, to run some errands. This is like a perfect throw I'm gon na go to run some errands type of unit like yes, she's a keeper for sure. So let me show you the back: don't take it first alone, meditating and taking time away Rhymes in the kitchen hurry up. So this is the cutest. She is absolutely a cute little wig to have in your wig rotation. If you want an easy, easy easy throw and go type unit, this is your unit for you cause baby. This thing is 100 glueless baby glue Liz glueless glue, this honey glue, this okay. So yes, this is a great little unit to wear on the weekend. If you want to run some experience or just lounge around the house, you can look absolutely wonderful. You can look absolutely fabulous in this cutie right here. It is so soft, like it's really really soft. I, like the poppiness of these curls, and it is a must-have in your weird rotation for those days where you just want to look cute, but don't want to do all the extranists of looking cute just throw this on and you will look fabulous running your errands Or just looking fabulous in your home and there you have it. I would like to thank love me hair for sponsoring this video. If you would like more details of this unit head on over into my description box below for all the details - and you know I got you - you know - I do there's a coupon code down there below as well, so you can save those coins and if you Have not already please give this video a big thumbs up subscribe to the channel and click on notification Bell, so you will be notified whenever I drop a video until next time. I'Ll see you later bye.

Deneatres Latreec: Hello hunnies! Hope you all enjoy today’s video! Thanks again to @luvmehair for sponsoring todays video!!! Like this video, check out this one Make sure to like, comment, share and subscribe! Love y’all!!! ❤️

Lynetterene: I just ordered this last night.....just came across your video....thanks for sharing

Necole Coker: I just order me one you broke this video down real good this is what I'm talkin about you show everything you showed the Styles you showed you just broke this video down real good to make me say okay everything I want to know about thats wig she just told me I ordered me one thank you so much keep up the work

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