Unbelievably Easy Installation! | Luvme Glueless Hd Lace Wig Review

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Foreign luvme, hair y'all know I love their glueless wig. They have some of the best glueless wig I've seen so inside the box. I got some goodies, including this stocking cap right here, and I also got this little pouch that has some more stuff inside of it. Inside the pouch they sent me this pair of earrings um. They sent me this elastic band that I use to tie my edges down sometimes and also this Edge brush. So this is the wig. They usually come ready to go on your head. So it's you know. Pre-Bleached and most time, they're pre-plucked - I believe this is pre-plucked um. I am gon na be doing a little bit more than just cutting the lace off and put it on my head, because you know I kind of feel like it, even though I didn't really need to do all that I did to it, but that's kind of How I felt it has a few Clips in it and also um an elastic band. That'S gon na help to hold it onto your head and the elastic band is adjustable just so. You know here I'm holding the lace up against my skin. On the back of my hand, just to show you guys how well you know the lace Blends in you're not really seeing too much of the lace. So this is, you know, kind of the result. You'Ll get when you put it on your head. You really don't have to do too much to it, and the hair is nice and curly, but also I'm gon na, be you know, fixing my curls, how I want it because you know I like to make it. You know my own, I like to fix it. Just to suit me so what I like to do before I start to customize my wig to my liking, I like to put it on and see what needs to be done and then I'll take it from there foreign. So I'm going to go ahead and plug a little bit of the hair from the front it was plugged already, but I just wanted to take some more out, so I wanted to have like a natural looking hairline, you know kind of going back a tad a Little bit in the front, so I'm laying that down with my Edge wax sticks. Another thing I like to do is rub the edge wax stick on my hand and then rub it together and rub it all over the hair. I feel like it controls the FlyAway hair very well. So now I'm gon na go over on the front where I was trying to lay down with the edge wax thick and I'm gon na use my hot comb to flatten it even some more because I want to give it the illusion, as if it was glued Down because it's a glueless wig, but we don't want it to look like we just throw a wig on and that's it so yeah. We want it to look nice and natural foreign there, I'm only using it on the front, because the mousse help to hold the hair in place, and that's what I want. Thank you. Now I'm going to put my hair back into a ponytail and use an elastic band to hold down the front of the hair, so it could stay in place just the way I want it. Now I'm going to go ahead and curl my hair, which I really didn't need to do, because you could see all that curl that's in the hair, but I want My Curls to be a certain way. I want them to fall a certain way. So this is the reason why I'm going back over it and curl it some more foreign hairspray on my hair to hold my curls, because I want to keep them there until I'm done with doing my makeup, I'm also not going to cut the lace off my Wig until I'm done doing my makeup too, because I want to keep that elastic band there and not remove it until you know where I added the mousse: it's completely dry, okay! So now I'm gon na go ahead and cut the lace off. So I'm just gon na remove the elastic band, so I could do that. Thank you. I then comb My Curls out with a white tooth comb and that's all I did to the wig to complete this look, and here it is guys my completely 100 glueless wig that looks so natural and fits so nicely on my hair and look at those curls Guys it's so juicy so bouncy so flowy. I absolutely love it. So this hair did not shred not even a tad little bit and no tangling whatsoever and of course I had to lift it up and show you guys that it's 100 glueless no adhesive, no gel. Nothing holding it on, except for the elastic band that I showed you guys earlier. That'S in the back of it. They do have a lot of glueless wigs on their website. So if this one I'm wearing is not for you, I'm pretty sure when you go on there, you'll find something that you'll like and here's a discount code. So you could save some money when you go up there to buy any here that they have all the hair details will be linked in the description box. So please check that out. If you find this video helpful, please give it a thumbs up. I would really appreciate that also if this is your first time on my channel, I would love it if you would subscribe and hit the notification Bell, so you will be notified whenever I post a new video. Thank you. So much for watching I'll, see you in the next one bye foreign

Jeannette Riquelhme: Magnificent work! And thank you for your videos lovely ♥️ I’m still learning how to wear them watching your videos❤❤❤

Mo Marshall: ❤ you rock Diva K. I really enjoy all your videos. As always, stay blessed.

Rose G: Hi Gorgeous, fabulous as always, take care until the next one.

sunrise bright skies: I love the color !!!

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