Idc This Hair Grew From My Scalp! Luvme Hair Trendy Minimalist Undetectable Glueless Lace Wig

Today I'm reviewing @LuvmeHairOfficial Trendy Curly Minimalist Undetectable Lace Glueless Wig and babyyyy... this might be the one! DIRECT LINK BELOW.

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This is gorgeous, oh, my gosh, and it feels amazing. This is really really nice. I am pleasantly surprised foreign Rodriguez, and today we are back with yet another love me hair review. What it do today, we'll be reviewing this trendy shortcut, curly minimalist, undetectable lace, wig, But first you already know we got to do a little bit of unboxing to see what we haven't sewn here's the queen, you guys I went ahead and washed and air dried her. It'S a little crinkly, because the way it air dry but we're going to go ahead and straighten it out later. Here is the undetectable ACL. It is truly undetectable, very lightweight. It has two combs at the top per usual, a comb in the back with adjustable bands and non-adjustable band in the middle, and it's just a really nice comfortable cap. It'S like a real poodle, this right now, but we gon na get it together. All right. You guys, I clearly have much shorter hair than I did, so I don't have much to break we're just gon na go ahead and go for it and see how this works out, but I'm loving this cut. You guys still don't feel like doing my hair today. So I'm kind of glad that I have a hair review to do for the use. I am going to leave a little bit out around the hairline all right, so we have our wig. I went ahead and wet it down just a little bit, so we can really see that good texture super duper cute, like I said I did wash it. I let it air dry, so I just kind of wet it down with some water I'll put some product in it in a moment all right. So this is much shorter than I thought, but I'm not complaining all right. So I've got my Loop boom Boop right. There again, the lace just goes from Temple to Temple. So the way this is fitting. I can't fit both little Loops in front of my ear, so I'm going to put one behind and one in front this one I'm just going to put behind my ear. Very, very nice lace. Look at that beautiful hairline things, just look really really natural, so I'm excited to kind of get this on. I love the length I feel like with my cut that I got. This is a really easy way to still be able to wear wigs if I want to - and it already looks natural because my hair is just about this short, so I'm digging this let's go ahead and get it on for real for real per usual. Don'T judge decisions? Okay, I raved about those small scissors and now who knows where they're at I don't know, I don't know where they are zigzag cut, I'm going to cut in smaller sections this time. Just so, I can really feel like. I have some control over. What'S left now, if you see any white cast, it's likely from a little bit of the spray or it could be this lighting child. This lighting is out of control. I'M just gon na do a couple of corrective sprays. All right, we still have our handy dandy. Get my leg weight headband from the last time, so we're just going to put this on all right, so I'm gon na go ahead and get my makeup on. But before I do, I'm just going to add some styling product to the wig to help bring out some of those curls, so my hair is a little damp still, so I am going to just section off the hair kind of little by little. I'M gon na start putting in my leave-in conditioner. This is new texture, but I can't two: you can actually leave it in or rinse it out. At this point you can add and layer in a gel if you'd, like I'm, not going to put in a gel. I'M just going to use a little bit of oil for shine, but I'm loving this pattern. I really didn't have to do much at all to get this pattern, and I am loving that this is a true grab-and-go wig that still looks really really good without having to use a ton of product. So I'm going to get my makeup on and then we'll come back and kind of finish up the styling, but I at least wanted to get some product in so I can let it settle while the hair is doing its thing foreign. I love this. I love this so much. I don't feel like. I need to do a whole lot more. I am going to cover the lace a little bit more with the color I Contour with just because I saw more of a white cast. So, that's why I'm not using something in that so matchy matchy that it offsets any white cast but yeah foreign thing. I love it sorry about the table in the background. It'S so big! I can't I just can't move it right now, but I love this wig. You guys everything about it. I was able to part it on the side and just kind of let it be. This is the wigs like hair right here, y'all like that looks so so so natural. So I am loving it. I hope you guys like it too. You let me know in the comments what you think I love the texture. I love the length. I love the shape the little bit of A-line shape in the back. It just gives it such a Vibe and a good look um. I love that. I can put a little bit behind my ear. I love I just love it. I mean I can part it anywhere. I can do anything except for maybe put it in a bun or something like that, but this is probably one of the most natural curly wigs that I've ever had. It is the easiest curly wig that I've ever had. It was easy to install. Like literally took me, eight minutes to put on y'all definitely a high buy, already cut, it's got shape. This is the one so catch. The link in my description box use the discount code, gen20 jen20 cop, this with me, and just let me know in the comments what you guys think about it. So thank you again. Love me here for just letting me try this and sharing it with you guys. Don'T forget to like subscribe and share the love catch you next time, bye.

Jenn Rodriguez: What do we think of this queen y’all? Is she a keeper?

Livin-in-Expectation: Said I wasn’t gone buy no mo wigs and now here you go!!!!

RealDracoYoutube: Girl you look gorgeous

Here on Earth , with Tamp: Gorgeous

Lynetterene: Thanks for sharing....mine came in the mail yesterday

Deborah Rose: She was made for you beautiful do you think a older women can wear this ?

Lynetterene: Did you have to glue it?

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