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Length: 20inch

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Baby, you don't know what you do to me between me and you. I feel chemistry welcome back guys, so here with love me one of my faves again, let's see what we got in today's package, all right, so the wig is just is the first thing I'm seeing and then I got this drawstring bag branded. Love me here, which you know is great: for storage right got this little tissue paper on the inside. It says, enjoy your hair hair Journey from no on, and then we have the goodie poach, which this is always the most right. So, let's see I got a pair of earrings, okay blue. I got a patterned elastic band and, lastly, I got an edge brush and comb inside books. I also got a pair of wig caps and I love me here booklets. This is the user's guide, all right, and it has you know their app Barcode, and everything on the bucket also explains like hair care and return and return and refund policy, and all that inside this little guide here so very handy, correct all the package. This is so silky and movement, so free and nice. It'S a nice natural 1D color that we're working with love me here: they're awesome for the the best glueless wings right. So this is actually their trendy layered cut. Glueless 5x5 closure lace, wig and it's a pre-plot, 5x5 lace closure. Okay, no, I'm gon na tell you basically from my tip this or the package. I knew that this is Quality quality like the hair feel good. I can definitely tell that it's really nicely layered and a good five by five closure wig. You can never go wrong with that. It is already pre-tinted pre-bleached and pre-plugged. So that is amazing has a really nice late center part here, like the hair is already so nicely laid. It looks very realistic and you know inside you can see it's well constructed. It has a total of three Combs adjustable straps in the back and an extra adjustable elastic band for more security. It looks really good. It'S very full trust me. You could tell this is of great quality and glueless guys. Glueless does not need adhesive to wrap this wig and make it look really good, so I'm so excited. I'M gon na go ahead, jump right on into just installing this really quick and easy for you guys. So all my beginners just tick chat, because this one is definitely for you as well. You know, so I slipped this on super easily. You know, of course, I use the extra adjustable strap on the inside. This hair is like butter and it lays really nicely this is for all my girls, who don't have all the time in their day to be installing a wig, but you got ta look good. You got a really good to go where you're going. Okay, actually just gon na cut off the excess lace, so you don't want to put up any of the hairs, be careful take a little clip. You know put it away from your face the hair from your face and just take your time and cut away that extra lace. You know remember: their lace is very undetectable all right, very, very undetectable. This is top-notch top tier wig. All right just noticed that this is one of those companies when you speak about them, just think about top tier Wings. Yet some of the best you have some of the best constructed wigs from love me here and I'm not even exaggerating. I'M really not you don't need no baby hairs. That'S the next thing, no baby hairs, no, nothing, I'm! What I'm gon na do is I'm gon na take the smallest ammo imma. Take the tiniest amount of my waxy to just kind of further get the top hair. Really flat - and I kind of want to pull this part away from the face, because I don't want it for just drop down so like I don't like that body. Give me like a curtain Vibe like when you just have a center part in the hair. Just drops up nah, I don't like that. I don't like that. So we have to put that away from the front of the face there a little bit. You don't know what you do to me between me and you. I feel chemistry so know that I've laid that I'm just gon na run through it, so the hair can be super bone straight like it's not straight straight right now, because you know it was packaged and stuff, so I'm just gon na and if you want to Just leave it in this natural kind of state. You can all right, oh by the way, guys I didn't tell you in terms of the specifications I'm gon na be sure to drop that down below in my description box as usual. So if you want to do this, do the exact link, all of that it will be in the description box. Please check it out and, of course, the direct link where you can go ahead and purchase this wig. Listen, no tangles, none whatsoever! This hair is like butter and I'm not getting it initially initiating. Now you know it's normal, it's okay, for your weight to shed as long as it's not excessive. You know you know blue more minimals, a bit tall that mean it will last longer. You will have it for a longer time, but this hair is really nice really and truly I love it and it's layered perfectly for you right out of the package. So that's really beautiful, so I'm just gon na you know take my time and run my flat iron through the wig, so I'll just speed through this portion and I'm awesome with straightening the hair. Do you see that movement, you see how nice and full it is at the ends? I love how even they made it. It looks really good. So, as you can see, it is layered. You see that has a really nice fall. So it's like a long layered Vibe. So if you want, you could take it up a little further like if you wanted to like start like at the lower portion of your face here, you could take it up a little further, but I'm gon na leave it, as is it's so gorgeous. It'S literally. So gorgeous, and what makes it so awesome is, is glueless. Look at that completely glueless perfect for my beginners and all my people, who don't have all the time in the world to put on a wig or you just don't have the skills and the time, and you still want to look cute. I love the fact that you know they're really and truly just specialize in all these gorgeous uh glueless wigs, because if you guys realize, from the other day I've been showing you guys like a lot of glueless week options, especially from love me here like they have. They really got it going on. They really they're so versatile. When it comes on to glueless, wigs and it you know just bomb lace, great construction, it's a tin, it's a complete Wing. You get good like great value for your money. I highly believe in that I 10 out of 10 recommend love me here, not just if you want to go glueless, but you know you can also still apply um adhesive on it if you wish. So if I like to use optional, it's just that they give. You more options, you know, so that's always just a goal so yeah, that's how we're looking that's it for today's wig look um. I think, as I said, just check my description box for all the necessary information and yeah I'll, see you guys in my next video. So until then just want to make up on the stuff and yeah

Geraldine Brown: i love this wig and its so beautiful and well constructed.

Bess Beans Lifestyle: Beautiful!

Veronica Samuelsgrtyyy6: Beautiful

Rena Wright: Nice wig sue you look like Beyonce with this wig

Veronica Samuelsgrtyyy6: That is so true . Luvme hair top tier

Lady Kim A: Nice !

Nicola Coke: Love me fabulous ❤️

Tiki Saunders: Nice

Karimah Lawrence:

Nyoki Najasake: ❤❤❤

Nat Bonita: Hey Sue Bear

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