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  • Posted on 29 September, 2019
  • HD Lace Wig
  • By Anonymous

A 5 YEAR OLD COULD INSTALL THIS WIG! See how easy it is to install.

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Hey hello is nutterman bro welcome back to my channel, it's been a while, but I'm collaborating again with love me here. I normally do these videos on my clients, but y'all this week was so dope that I had to do it on myself. So I'm gon na show you guys how I slayed this 180 density. Chestnut brown, color lace, frontal wig from love me hair, remember to use cold metal 28 check out to sakes 20 % off and you shop with lovely hair. So, let's get to it. This is the packaging so push your wig is gon na come in this purple mesh bag. You get a wig cap, that's a new color! You get to love me here, Pam split and she cute on a friend's home. You also get these beautiful, eyelashes they're. Actually, like a good everyday pair, nothing too dramatic, and then this pout you get a hair wax stick with your super popular in the frontal world right now, a rat tail comb always useful. Two of these clips. You get some bobby pins and we also have some tweezers in here I'm, but I I have my own favorite pair of tweezers and then an elastic band in case you have to replace your straps. So this is the unit y'all look at this color. It is so dimensional like it is two to three Browns in this unit and it has a nice elastic band in there, nice and sturdy. So the hairline does come free flux, but I mean okay, so I did have to go in and pluck a little bit more hair out, because I like a more plucked ear line. Look, but I really didn't take out very much hair. My show you in a second look: that's really not much so I'm gon na go ahead and use the dome cap and I'm gon na go ahead and set that Swift got to be free spray and cut off the excess cap. Y'All have seen this done. A million you to it um, so I'm just gon na plop. This unit want to see how it fits it fits great and I'm gon na cut off the excess legs. This wig fits so well that you really don't need any combs or anything there are combs. You side of this weed unit, but when I tell y'all this wig unit get my head perfect. It fits perfect, so I'm just cutting off that lace, making sure not to cut in a completely straight line kind of just making a little jagged line as I go, and that for me helps to make sure that, like people's eyes, don't catch the least too easily. So I'm just gon na pluck out the areas where I want like a little bit of baby hair. I just want it to be really fine. I don't like super thick baby hair yeah, so we're just gon na go ahead and map that out and then I go ahead and cut those hairs, nice and short, not too short, not too long, I'm as easier to fix. If you cut it too long, though, and I'm also using being yellow food, I've got to be only a very little bit. We don't want them hard. Looking baby here is baby. We don't want them hard baby here is it's a baby or babies along okay? So we're just gon na go ahead and place them with all right tail come, and I also did curl my hair off camera with a flat iron. But this is the finished. Look make sure that you check in the description box. The links to love me hair will be down there. Follow me on social media and I am undersquare Neda Monroe. Also, I will have lovely hair social media down in the description box as well remember to use code Netta 20 at checkout to get 20 % off of your order, and I will see you guys next time in my next video you

Mariela Merino: oh I love how it comes with other stuff like eyelashes and tweezers. it looks beautiful! also love your outfit xx

Life With Hannah Watson: So beautiful!! I love the color tones in the hair

Luvme Hair: Beautifully done as always, lovely video.❤❤

Ashley Brown: Beautiful!! I just ordered this wig yesterday and I have no idea how to install. You made this seem so easy! Wish me luck

Mik: That looks great! I just got my wigs today!

Monica Hill: I got the same wig and received it. I didn't get the eyelashes :-( but I did get a comb, tweezers, bobby pins, and a bag. I can't wait to try it on.

Sintich Lee: The wig is really beautiful and full.

Casey Nichole Cash: What’s the products used to install it?

LuzLuna: Good afternoon Netta can you do a Califorstyle review?

Keeley Jackson: Ok so im guessing it's not a glueless wig.

Wanda Love: Cute

NikkiNik8850: How many inches is this wig

Marie Ann: How is this glueless of she is using glue

DavaWava: What inch is this?


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