Best Lace Wig For Beginners! Detailed Sleek Side Part Install - Hd Lace Frontal Wig

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Hair Info: 6'' Deep Part lace front wig, Body Wave, 20inches, 180% density

√ Skin Melted HD Lace

√ New Clean Hairline

√ Whole Front Bleached

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This wig is for the people who think installing a wig is too much work. This wig is beginner friendly and doesn't require any skills to install. Simple throw it on straight out the box. The beautiful curls come defined and ready to wear.

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Ladies and gentlemen, her okay, let's jump right into this, you guys already seen the thumbnail, so I know y'all want to get the Deeds on this. Today'S video is sponsored by best Lakes wig, and this is the unit I'm going to be reviewing today. This is an HD lace, body, wave wig and about 20 inches. I think it's 20 inches, if not I'm gon na put it across the screen. Anyway, let's go ahead and try this unit on y'all could already see how HD this lace is. It is almost invisible. This is real HD. This is their new clean hairline. It comes with six inches part in and the knots on the units are small and they do come bleach. So, let's get ready to prepare and install this unit, I'm just kind of checking out this hairline and making sure the part in is in the middle, for some reason, I'll be having trouble lining up my units a lot of times I'll, be installing these units. In that part and be supposed to be in the middle and it'll be on the side, once I had the unit lined up correctly at first, I started to cut the lace off, but then I thought about it and I decided. Let me do it the other way. First, so I'm going to take some of my alcohol and just clean up my skin, you want to make sure that your skin is clean whenever you're using any type of adhesive or anything and laying down this unit. This is going to help ensure that you have a clean, install plus the makeup contains oils that makes it easy for the unit to lift and not get the maximum hold. Now I am using boho Liquid Gold, even though I'm saying adhesive, this is more like a glueless type of adhesive. It easily washes off with water. If you haven't used it before, then I'm just going to lay this unit right. On top of that bowl whole liquid gold and I'm going to start combing it using the base of the comb to slightly press it down, while I'm combing it, and when I do this, this in turn helps ensure that the lace melts in with the skin. By now, y'all know the usual order. You want to tie it down for five to ten minutes to create the Melt. Now, I'm creating a side part because this unit, I decided, I was going to put in a side part team side - part team side park. I had a hashtag team side, part in the comment section so anyway, I made a side part and I wanted to do like the little baby hair on the side and a little suit for the sideburns and I'm just combing the hair in a downward back motion. Until it's nice and sleek, I cut out the hair that I allocated for the baby hair and I tied that down for about five about five ten minutes as well. To assist with helping the lace melt, that with my hot comb and I'm just combing through the hair, because this requires everything to be really nice and sleek. Next, I am going in with my scissors and with a jagged motion, I'm just taking the remainder of that lace off and I'm trying to get as close to the hairline as possible without cutting the actual hair, because the less lace you have remaining on the wig Is a less weight? Lace is the less lace boy. That'S the tongue, twister, the less lace you're going to have to worry about camouflaging the action that I allocated for the baby hairs. I experimented cutting the baby hairs from the opposite angle that I normally do with my small flat iron. I'M curling up the baby hairs because you guys should know by now that that is the easiest way to get your baby hairs. To lay now I didn't cut the Sideburn slash baby hairs, as short as I would have liked, because I'm still not sure if I'm going to sell this on my website, if I was definitely going to keep it, I would have cut it just a little bit Shorter, I wanted to leave it up to the purchaser to cut the baby hairs to their liking and not mine. Do you guys, like your baby, hairs, long or short comment below and let me know next, you want to take your time and lay those sideburns and baby hairs down. I am using some of my extreme styling gel to lay down the baby hairs and the Sideburn. This Gel really gives me a maximum hole, now, listen little one next, I'm just taking my hack home and I'm going along the perimeter of the hairline just to continue to melt the hair in with the skin, and you want to make sure that you take the Hot comb along the top of the unit as well, because a flat unit is necessary if you've been on my channel. You already know I preach this. All the time flat on top is necessary to prevent that wiggish look. So this is a body wave unit. I wasn't really sure how I was going to style it, so I'm just combing it out right now and I decided to add some light layers and I'm using this razor comb. It makes cut and layers so easy. It'S literally like combing, your hair, but it's actually cutting it off and the razor on this particular razor comb is extremely sharp. So you want to take your time if you use it, so I decided I was just going to add some light curls. I didn't want to make it too curly, because I was kind of feeling that body wave look, but it wasn't enough curls in the front. I prefer to have a lot of curls in the front to help frame my face, so I went in with the flat iron to throw some curls in it. I'M curling it backwards and away from my face, I'm letting it sit for about 10 seconds before releasing it and letting it cool in my hands to help maintain the curl curling. Your hair backwards gives it that nice loose curl flow that we like, and it makes it easy to manipulate the curls with your hands for styling and with it being cut it's going to help frame my face a lot more than if I would have just left It straight without adding in those layers, but again this is just my personal preference. I personally believe layered hair curls and looks a lot better. Even if it's a is a small amount of layers. I just really noticed the difference when I add layers to my unit. I'M just going in with my blending brush adding Foundation to my forehead, because I typically when, even though I have makeup on my face, I typically leave my forehead without Foundation because of the reasons that I provide earlier. You know you don't really want to get that makeup mixed in with any of that adhesive and I'm adding some concealer to The Parting space. And one thing I like to do is also take that little small blending brush and take that concealer and comb it along the front of the hairline just to create those natural gaps that naturally occur with your hair. Now I'm going to turn around really quickly. Just so, you guys can see how the back of this hair look and, as you guys can see it has body it has density, it's a nice density, I'm actually really considering keeping this unit. I really like the way this install turned out. You guys know I'm not really big on baby hair, but I'm really digging this little baby hair swoop in the front. This is about to be my go-to, so be prepared, you're going to see a lot more of this. If you guys join my live, this is the unit I was wearing when Mr fine walked in. If you know you know, but guys if you are interested in purchasing this unit, I'm gon na have everything Linked In the description box down below. But before we get out of here, I'm gon na need your help naming this unit. What do you think we should call her go ahead and leave your name suggestions in the comment section down below, and I did pick a name for the unit. I reviewed in my last video the new name as well as the person who submitted the name will be listed across the screen, so dolls. If you found this video helpful go ahead and give your girl a thumbs up and if you're not part of the faithful fam hit that subscribe button and join the family for family here, you're, not just a subscriber, and while you had to go check out. My other channel being Faithfully Asia and guys, as always until next time you guys stay blessed and if it be God's, will I'll see you in my next video take care now.

Faithfully Asia: Hey faithfuls I really liked this one. What are your thoughts on this unit? Comment below & let me know.

Love Yourself: Happy Wednesday This look is sooo pretty on you I like the style and you laid the baby hairs. The body waves are really nice Have a Blessed Day I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

patrice moore: I could tell you was excited about installing this unit lol. I love a body wave unit !! This lace is everything !!! It blend very nice . like short side burns. This was the unit when you met “ Mr. Fine”

Black Diamond29: Team side part! You slade this look. Love it❤

Eulita Watts: Really like this wig, looks Great on you!

73pinkchocolate: She’s beautiful!! I’m 50 years old, so I don’t need any baby hair or swoops, but it looks cute on you. If I was gonna have them, I would want the natural baby hairs.. the wispy ones! Name her Fantasy Girl.

Daniel Simpson: Love it

Dana Hudson: Beautiful unit front & back & look gr8 on U.

Yvonne Johnson: I love a loose curl.

Yvonne Johnson: Soooo cute

BeautyNBeast: Pretty Bodywave Call her 'Wave' like Cardi ☺

Karen Love:

Theresa Purnell: Team side part!

Theresa Purnell: Shalom and Blessings

Yvonne Johnson: So real

Yvonne Johnson: Get PAID !!!

Yvonne Johnson: Baby hair short

Darne Cooper: D'Anna

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