Wig Install | Wig Review 2021 (Luvme Hair) | Lace Frontal Wig Tutorial For Beginner | Mrstitostv

Wig Install | Wig Review 2021 (Luvme Hair) | Lace Frontal Wig Tutorial For Beginner | MrstitosTv

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Today we are doing a Wig review from Luvme hair. The company have some affordable hair. Most of my wig are from the company. I have watch a lot of wig review here and i really haven't seen a lot from this company. The Wig is 20in and very soft, doesn't smell, barely any shedding.

Link to the hair is below


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Hi youtube how you are doing welcome back to my channel if you're new here you are mostly welcome, don't forget to like share and subscribe before you leave out of this video and if you are already what a good subscriber. Thank you so much for coming back to check out the video as you guys can see entire today it is a hair review. I got this hair from love me hair. I do have a couple of wigs from them and their wigs has been pretty pretty good. So i was like okay. Why not? I bought one. Let me come here and review for you guys if you guys have been wondering on how your wigs is and how well it lasts. I'Ve had a couple of their weeks now for about a year and it's still standing most of the way you guys see on my head, not from rpg hair. It is from love me hair, so yeah. If you want to see how it went from this to this, why don't you stay tuned and keep on watching? Hmm, okay, guys? This is how the box comes packaged. It looks like it's a nice box. It does have your name. Love me: hair, affordable, luxury hair. They are very much affordable, so yeah i mean that weeks. It'S three there's 300 weeds, there's 400 a week so but they always have discounts, so they all have some code for something going on on their website. So, as you can see, i took out the ribbon. All right, let's see, because honestly i forgot what i bought so all right in the box. It comes with a weak cap, it comes with a weak cap and also a bunch of goodies, and it comes with extra band. If you want to add extra band to it, it comes with the edge brush comes with the head brush and it comes with the edge scarf a head clip that says, love me and a tweet. Okay guys. This is the hair um i'll put the information on the hair somewhere over here, so you guys will see, but i think it's 20 inch body, i mean some curly wig, so i'll put the information, also direct to the vm, to the hair, i'll link it down Below for you guys, but this is what the hair looks like: it is pretty good. The hair is pretty nice. It'S let me see uh okay, a little shedding well, whose hair does even your own natural hair sheds, but not a whole lot. I didn't wash it. I didn't do nothing to it, as you guys can see. I just wear it out of the package. It does have good curves to it. I like me some curly hair, like this. Some nice tight, curves and stuff like that, so it doesn't come uh. I don't think it's pretty um, it doesn't come bleached already. I don't know it's a bleach hair, so i don't have to mess it up. Okay, okay, i'm not gon na mess it up. Okay! So what i normally do is: oh, it does come with a band. Oh okay hold up one. Second, all right. I went ahead and i put on my from my recap: let's see because my hair, oh you, don't even need to glue this down. Actually, let me see because my head is mostly small, i'm a very small head, but i'm grateful i'm grateful. So if you don't want to glue the head down, you really don't have to glue the hair down. So it does come with a comb at the back and it does come with two combs on the side right over here and also one over here. If you have one down here, as you guys, can see your girl bro, okay, then she rocking about it will give up okay. So if you don't want to uh glue this head down, that's a big old band right here that it comes with. So you could use that and it does also come with a regular adjustable bend. I went ahead and adjusted so, let's see if we have to glue this hair down, okay, okay, now, okay, i really don't need to glue this hair now, but then i can't get into a fight, though look who's talking like she gets into fights. Oh my days. Okay, wow: it is pretty tight and pretty secure to my head without it being glued down, so you guys can see already this is it out of the pack and i've not even done anything to it, see so nice, oh pretty soft, actually wow! I am loving this look at that. I can't wait to put some product in it. You can wear it like this. You don't have to just wear your hands your hands through it and it's beautiful. Oh, my god. I think this is one of the best hair that i have ever bought from them. No cap cute, okay, guys i'm gon na put some foundation point is an elephant. I went ahead and i cleaned my my a little bit of foundation of my forehead and i'm going to use the spray that spray got to be glue on it. High instant hold this spray is pretty good. I really really like it. Your point is an elephant in about five ten minutes, so hopefully we that is good. So, let's add some product to the hair. You could actually wet the hair like this. I actually kind of like it like this, but let's add a little bit of product on it, i'm going to add some water. I hate this my spray bottle. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it because it's spray just one it doesn't spray spray. It only shoots out if you understand what i'm saying only shoots out. Your point is an elephant. Your point is an elephant julie. You don't know why you give love to me. It is very, very ah it's a very this thing, though it is gon na get your hair, so crunchy it's gon na hold it the whole. Damn time you have it on to the difference. Have y'all listened to the new if you're nigerian or you just like um african music? If you guys listen to the new olamide's music denise new, album omo, i am loving that album at the moment i'm gon na have to put maybe a little bit of baby hair, so i'm gon na take the band off and then i'm gon na put a Part, oh, it's not going anywhere. This is how far i could put the parts just yet much, but it looks really good though i really like that. So i don't know if i should put baby hair or just put my bronzer. Your point is an elephant. Your point is an elephant put it somewhere here so and then i used a coupon code. They have on their site to get some few dollars off of it to get some few dollars off of your bed cute huh. I really really like the hair actually and then i'm a fan of curly hair. So yes guys, this is what the head come up. Looking like pretty cute, as you guys can see, it is literally hitting my chest right over here. It is 20 inch. I think i told you guys already that it is 20 inch and yeah. I really like the hair. I gave it a part, because this is the kind of style of hair that i like. I, like my hair, to move to the side and you know, put some baby hair. Even if you don't put baby hair on this hair, you are pretty good to go just clock it a little bit just because i don't. I don't have the energy of plugging right now, that's why, when i ended up with the baby - and i put the baby hair on it, yeah guys, let me put some clothes on and give you other my final thoughts on this hair. Hey guys, i bring up to the end of this video. This hair is luscious, it is beautiful, it is cute. I went ahead and dressed up a little bit put on this little number from fashion nova. It has all this. I don't know what y'all call it elasticy erosion, whatever it is, and he has this list and i'll pair with this, my yellow shoe that i got from dilla gianni, something okay, but guys. Yes, this hair is so cute. It did hold curves pretty well, like i said, i think the frontal and the actual hair itself are two different um i don't know, are different from each other, because this, the bottom part holds curves for the head self hold curves pretty well, but the frontal itself. I had, you know, add extra extra stuff to it, but other than that it is cute thinking it's a little bit of plucking, but if you don't want to pluck it either that's pretty cute. I like it just the way it is but yeah guys. Thank you. So much for watching the video all the way to the end. I do really appreciate every single person, as you guys can see, we are all about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. So, if that's what you are into go ahead and subscribe, remember to give this video a thumbs up, don't forget to leave a comment and guys um. I will put the description like i said about the hair somewhere here and also the direct link to the hair. Will be in the description box, so this video is not sponsored, but i just thought you guys should know about love me. Hair, alright, guys until next time remember to live your life like no one is watching because god got your back.

Barbie Vlogs !: Yasss this hair looks beautiful I love the dress

Esther and Alices Life: Really good video, They looked really nice on you x

LizzGirl: Love your personality!! New subscriber here ❤️!!

Nyasia's World: LUVME always has some cute wigs

kristina s: Love the video Can the hair be straightened?

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