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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, so today i'm back doing a wig review. I haven't done a sit-down wig review in a long time. Today'S hair is from love me hair. They sent me this kinky straight unit, which is 20 inches, so you guys are basically going to see me customize his hair and get it to look bomb calm. So i hope you guys really like this video. If you do, please thumbs up comment and do all that, and i will see you guys in the next clip okay guys, so they sent the wig in this box and inside it had this little pouch um a little dust bag. That'S what the wig originally came in um some tweezers. I fell out of the pouch, a wig cap and an adjustable strap, so they sent this edge scarf um a love me, hair, clip, uh, edges, toothbrush and bobby pins and also another adjustable strap. So this is a wig fresh out the box, so you guys can see the exact texture of it and how it looks. This is a close-up of the lace. You can see the knots and you can see how thick the hairline really is. So these are the products i used to bleach. My knots, i didn't show myself actually doing it, but those are the products i used and this is the aftermath what it looked like after i was finished so after i rinsed the bleach out, i did have to re-blow dry the hair, so it looked pretty much Like this, and then i also did pluck the hairline a bit, but i didn't show too much of that because it's kind of boring, but then i went back in and straightened the hair. It took me a really long time because this hair is so thick, but i went back and straightened it to make it look a little bit more sleek, even though it still looked kind of blow dried. So now in this clip, i'm just taking my hot comb and going over the roots to make them as straight as i possibly can, okay guys. So this is me trying it on for the first time, and i really like it like it's different. It'S kind of in the side part right now. I don't know we'll see how i end up actually styling it, but this is like especially different. That'S cute, i like it wait, but middle part is also kind of giving like i like middle parts. I have a multiple styles of this wig. I can feel it like. This wig is giving me multiple styles and that i love so this is just me installing the wig um, i'm sorry, it's going so fast, but if you guys want an in-depth tutorial, i already have one on my channel of how i install my wig. So you guys can go check that out. That'S how we're looking so far. I haven't melted it for real yet, and you guys see over here. Oh so my lace is a little light in some spots. I don't really know how to fix that. But right now i'm going to plug some baby hairs. I will i'll come back when i finish doing that, so i'm done with my baby hairs for now. I think and i'm going to tie it down with the scarf they gave me. This texture looks like my natural hair, but like blow dried, half blue, dried half straightened so take some concealer so guys i just try to fix my part with the root touch up and yeah. That'S about it! So you guys, i curled the rest of my hair and i put it in a little half a pack down, and this is the final look that i like the best. I think i don't know, what do you guys think? Are you like a better straight? I like it like, don't want my messy room in the back, but i think this is gon na be my final look, so i'm gon na do my makeup and i'm gon na come back with the review. Hey guys. So i'm back for the review part of this wig, i'm just gon na list, like my pros and cons pros about this wig honestly, i overall, i rate this wig a 10 out of 10, like no exaggeration, never had this texture of hair before but like all. In all trying it on and putting different styles with it and stuff, i actually really really really like it. I give the packaging, as i showed in the beginning, um the packaging. I gave a 10 out of 10.. I never had any company give me all that stuff before basically giving me everything. I need setting and tangling. This hair has yet to tangle, like it runs right through, and i've been doing a lot to it like putting heat on it and stuff, and it still is the same. It does not shed at all. So i give that a 10 out of 10, because a lot of these hair companies have wigs that shed a lot and tangle a lot honestly for cons. I would say i didn't like how much i had to pluck this. Wig was really really dense in the front and it was hard to pluck because of the hair, texture and stuff and also didn't come pre-bleached or anything. So i had to do that too, which is kind of annoying, but it's expected, but just you know kind of annoying. I wish it didn't have to do it. Those are pretty much the only cons, so that would be my score pretty much a 9 out of 10 overall, it's still super cute and super natural. It looks a lot like my hair texture and for our first time with this type of hair, i really really like it another um pro. I like this, how long it is it's like the perfect length. It really is true to its length, also really deep parting, which i like that too. I really like about this wig that's unique is that it is really big head friendly. I have a lot of hair, i'm a really big head. I'M going to show you guys how much hair i have to put underneath my wigs and this wig was still loose on me, which is a good thing for me um. I would rather my wigs be too loose and too tight because you can adjust it. They gave me two elastic bands, so i can make it extra tight if i wanted to. I really really really overall love this wig, and i hope you guys enjoyed this video of me trying to get it to look like this um. If you guys, like this video, please like and subscribe to my channel leave a comment down below and i will see you guys in my next video

Yostacx: This unit is so beautiful on you so hope you enjoyed making this video for all of us

chinezeslife: girl you got me ready to purchase this, and even ready to cut the lace myself too!

Topeka Hughes: That wig looks super natural wowww & u young lady did a gr8 job styling it ,it looks adorable,so fluffy

Mrs. Lamar 💋: This hair. This style. I need this in my life!!! You look bomb girly

Cherlotta 144,000 Costello: So gorgeous I love this wig

Dori Darling: Subscribed great tutorial and you’re so super gorgeous

Precilla Moyen: i’ve been waitin for this, the hair soo cute and u look really beautiful girl ❤️❤️

Bonnie Lindsay: You did a beautiful job

t ♡: your eyebrows are so perfect you are truly blessed omg

Porsha Porsha: You’re the cutest, I feel like I absolutely need this wig!

Shy Shy: Mine will be delivered tomorrow by noon can’t wait I expect to be working on it majority of the day LOL . You bodied this look

AngelzWings: Love this hair! I really want it in the 360, but it's all sold out in 16-20 inches!

THEE NATURALLY NIA: This wig is everything and more!

Irene Eyo-Nsa: so cute! not sure if you mentioned but do the curls last? or do they fall once you go outside or something

Becca B: you’re so stunning

Avery Janae’: can we get some videos on plucking and bleaching wigs??? I absolutely loved this video, i came from tiktok

Jeri Moses: Beautiful

Ally C: what curler did you use? x

Verlyneee: chileee i really need this wig !!! super gorggg

Riot Johnson: I wish you showed how you curled the hair

SnapBack206: new sub

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