Slay On The Go!|Human Hair Baseball Cap Wig|Ft Lux Caramel Wigs|A Must Have Sis!!!

hello Diamonds in todays video i will be trying a human hair baseball cap wig from a company on intergram called lux_caramel_wigs, ITHIS WIG IS LITERALLY EVERYTHING TO ME RIGHT NOW, NO MORE BAD HAIR DAYS SIS!

how amaizing! please head over to their page and say i sent you!

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Hello diamonds, welcome back to my channel and, if you're new welcome, my name is mary and thanks for tuning in so in today's video. This is a different kind of video. I know i'm looking all crazy, but don't worry that's because i'm giving you guys a week review, okay, so relax coming in on instagram called lux caramel wii, so this is their packaging packaging is so cute. I love that they put it in a wig bag. So i found that so cute, so luxe caramel wigs were kind enough to send me this baseball hat wig. This is what it looks like a baseball, hot wing. This is what it looks like. Let'S see what else is in it? This is just the tag. It comes with a haircare haircare tips and packaging, and it says it is human hair. Yes, i could feel it from the first touch very soft, very silky. It doesn't have any odd smell to it, so that is a plus anyway. I think this is a standardized kit, haircare tape that they just attached to all their hairs, so guys, like i'm, so excited about this review, and this try on because i just feel my bad hair days are about to get saved and snatched okay. This is the kind of cap you wear when your hair is really messy. This is the kind of hair or the cap you wear when you're going for school runs. Let me just stop rambling and try it on so wow, so we're going to use the straightener test on it. So we want to test if this hair, actually it is what they claim it is, which is human hair or which i can feel this human hair. But a hot straightener will pull that to the test. I would say if this will melt like fiber or if it's a hold. So let's see, however, this is such a beautiful idea. Whoever came up to with this idea. God bless you honestly, honestly, like now he's a bit big. So it's a bit tight for me. However, i'm not mad at it at all, so guys. What do you guys think like i'm feeling this in all ways like? Ah so i can go to the supermarket. Do school runs without looking dead? Oh thank you. Whoever invented this. Thank you. Thank you. Lox caramel, wigs! Thank you! Oh my god. This is so beautiful. This is gorgeous like i'm feeling like a baby girl, a baby girl for life. Okay, like you, can still look nice, you can still look nice to the gym. This is kind of hot you wear to the gym to the supermarket. Go school runs you still look good, really good. So, let's our straightener is very hot now. So let's put this to the test and see if it holds no, we did melt guys. This is real hair. Can you see that? Can you guys see that it didn't melt wow wow? This is real hair, so guys this is not the cheap ones. You see on amazon, this is real human hair, real human hair that will last you a lifetime. Okay, wow, i'm loving, i'm looking. Oh look at that, so lush, so lush by the way they sell other wigs on their site, not just the baseball cap. So if this hair is this good and this silky, i trust that her other hairs will also be very nice okay. So what are my thoughts? I really love. I really love this. This unit i've been seeing it on quite a lot of people, but i've actually been dreaming to have one myself but hey. I was gifted one. How amazing is that, so the hair is beautiful. This is kind of how you should rock, when you're having a bad hair day. You'Ll see me guys on here, even with this cap on some days. Okay, so get used to it. Yes, your girl is about to you, know sleep on all levels. Okay, so this is kind of this is kind of capped. You throw one when you're going to the gym everywhere. Everything is just beautiful and you still look so put together so gorgeous so yeah thanks liam lost caramel wigs. As for the hair itself, the hair is amazing: it's human hair. It doesn't have any odd smell to it. So um the packaging. You can see they've put they've, put attention to details in their packaging, so i'm not mad at it at all. I don't even have anything bad to say about this units, guys it's it's what's up it's the bond digit guys like this is just i'm feeling myself like. I just keep looking at myself in the mirror and like oh, is that me who's that girl, okay, so yeah diamonds, um, please do head over to that page on instagram. Is that locks on the score caramel on this called wigs? Okay, so go there and go and see what you like this unit retails for 60 pounds, it's a bit on the pricey side, but i can understand this has been made properly. There are no gaps in there in the sewing at all: no gaps, nothing, no bombs and the hair is human hair. It'S not the cheap ones they sell on instagram and on on ebay or amazon that would just tangle up this one would last you a lifetime. So it's what the investment so please head over to lux caramel, wigs and grab yourself this baseball cap and scroll through that page, and you might just see something you like all right diamonds. This brings me to the end of this video. Please please, please! If you've not subscribed, don't forget to subscribe and give this video a big thumbs up. If you found it helpful and yeah i'll see you in my next video bye, she

Simply Debby: This is what I need to leave the house quick I love this glam sis so gorgeous

Lilac Glo: Hey sis! Looking gorgeous ! Those lashes girl! You carry them so well . Great review. Well packaged hair! Wow it’s got a cap too! Superb! Looks amazing on you! Absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing ❤️❤️

MariamQ: Wow this is so cool and convenient! I love it

Simplyy Nee: Come through with the gorgeousness!

Jewlz MUA: great review , that hair cap would surely come in hand for quick errands

Estelle Orji: It’s so beautiful on you it should be call mummy good on the go wig ❤️❤️❤️

Kayy Ona: So convenient but just don’t wear it to the airport Also loving the recent consistency

KARAS: This is genius

Victoria Callisto: a ready to go kinda use.... fantastic!!!!!

Kago M: Flawless makeup

Okere Joyleen: What lashes are you wearing?

Hair by Chris Beck's: thus ia a great idea.

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