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Thank you, hi guys, welcome back to my channel so new way that I am putting on today and this one is from Eunice. It'S a V part y'all and V Parts have literally become my favorite wig ever one because they're super beginner friendly, they don't require glue. You don't have to worry about losing your edges and they're, basically a sew-in without the work without having to sit down and get the braid down and then get the sew in and then get the leave out fixed. All of that you basically just put the unit on and have to worry about your leave out and because it's a V part and not a! U part, it's a tiny amount of hair that you have to he. He need his toenails cut um because it's a V part and not a! U part, it is the tiniest amount of hair that you have to leave out. So especially if you're doing a straight one, then you don't have to worry about too much heat damage and I got this in a size, small y'all. So you know you parts and V Parts be so damn big for some reason. But if you go into the comment section, when you go to check out, you can request a small and get it in a small like me that way, it hugs your head a little bit better and it's not like a droopy diaper behind the back of your Head um, so this is the one that I'm about to put on and I think I'm going to be wearing this one a lot, because I'm about to try to grow my hair out again, if you want to you, can definitely do a braid down or do Like straight backs with this unit um, but I'm not about to do all that, I'm a section out my leave out and then I'm gon na put the rest of my hair in twists, because that is so easy. And if you don't know how to braid, then it is perfect for you um and yeah. That'S what I'm about to do. So this is the construction of it and it has the clamps on the inside and I'm happy that it has the small ones and not the big old clamps, because those are just too big for them. So the tiniest amount that's probably too much, and then I want to shape it into a v okay. So this is the V that I'm leaving out and then you guys know that I like to put two little anchors on the side so that the clips have something to clip into. So I'm going to take just a thin little section like this and then I'll leave the front this little piece out and I'm just going to braid this, and this just gives, if you don't know how to do cornrows. This is perfect. I have them press on. So I don't feel like make it'll pop off um, but this just gives the hair the clips something to hold on to so that they don't slide down. So this will keep it from sliding down because the hooks will go into here and they won't be able to like move if that makes sense. Some do the same thing on this side. Gosh my scalp is dry and they just have two braids like this. So now the rest of my head, I'm just going to put in a bunch of twists, so I could put some cream and some leave-in in it and I could oil my scalp, so I'm just going in with a little bit of leave-in. I'M not gon na. Do cream because I literally still have cream in my hair sex. I know it's a toss. I hate the fact that we lost so much baby. Won'T you swing my way. It'S been a day and I've been thinking out loud. I know I want you and now I can oil, my scalp underneath so I finally have my oil coming out. You guys um. So this is just a sample for me, but I'm gon na have oil added to my line, so I'm taking it out right now. So I'm just going to take this and just oil everything not too much, but just enough long times sex. I know it was now I'm paid by the sentence, and then I like to take the little clips that come on the side and just slide those in so these to get the curls to like loosen up a bit and get it to have a little more Shine and to get it to dry quicker, I'm only going to go in with the mousse, so y'all know a lot of body is my favorite. I use this for everything and it will dry fast. It will have shine to it and the curls will still be defined without having to put like a bunch of water in gel and a bunch of products in it. Actually, I forgot I bought this got to be glue or the hair on my hands. I bought this got to be glue mousse a long time ago, and I forgot about it. I'Ve never used it before so I actually want to try this. It'S called kinkier and it says double curling power, curl, double curling power gloss and Define curly mousse. So I'm gon na try this out. Oh it feels it feels different. Oh yeah, it's working better on the ends than a lot of body. Oh yeah! I like this better than a lot of body for curls. I kind of want to try it on my real hair. Let'S see, I think that I know somewhere and then what I'm going to do is I'm going to take the front pieces of my hair and twist it into the fake hair. So I'm going to diffuse it a bit and then I want to shape it up. Thank you, okay, so I didn't need to twist it. I feel like when I twisted my hair. It made my hair like kind of straight. Like I know, my hair is nothing tight but like it could blend better than this like, oh, so it looked better when I just like, Let It curl up. I know I still have heat damage a little bit on the ends, but I think it looked better without me twisting it okay guys so next day. I just want to show you how much better it looks today. So I was not satisfied with it yesterday because, obviously My Curls are a little bit looser um than the texture of the unit, and I thought it was closer than that, especially from the pictures, but I guess not, so I let it completely dry. I raked through my hands a little bit like through the top a little bit and it Blends so much better. This right here. Just did it for me, um so again, I'll have everything down below for you guys in the description box. I just wanted to pop in and show you guys that I'm so much happier now that it's blending better and it just the overall look just looks and feels better to me. So I'll have everything down below for you guys in the description box, and I will see you in my next one. I really like it: hey

Jazmine Noely: This unit is super cute! You look good as always!!

Junoda Wig: Perfectly slayyed!!!So pretty! Bryana, all the hair styles suit you.looking beautiful as usual. U r so consistent, a true pro, who rocks gorgeous natural hair & wigs.

Khanyisile Protasia Tshibi: Hey Bry Bry. Hair looks great on you, I like it a lot. Still pleasantly amazed at how full your natural hair is. ❤

•DarlingxLuxii: Beautiful!!!!!! ❤❤❤ I’m so happy to stumble your channel girl!!

Navii J: Very dope Bry. Love the video, as always.

Special K: I liked it alittle longer but your hair blends right in without you twisting it! My hair is not naturally curly so it’s hard for me to blend my straight hair onto a curly clip ins

inojmusic: Sooooo pretty I love it!!!!!

Jennifer Cruz: Heyyy Bry. Hey Theodore you adorable little pup . Bry I love u- part and v-part wigs. But my hairline is receding, so I can’t wear them . But as usual it looks really beautiful on you!. Thanks for sharing.

Myrna J: Yess this is for me. Your girl can't braid to save my life . It looks so good on you Bry ❤.

Lynn Monet: Yea I like this on you, you look great girl ‍♀️

Alima Wilson: This is cute!! What texture is your hair? I had got a human hair upart from Wigtypes, but my hair wasn't blending with the curls. I could have straightened my hair but didn't want to bother. Plus, it had the standard wig clips and not the clipin type ones that I want. So, another wig I need to sell..

Ashimary Hair: great!

Tann Smith: Gr8 job!

princessPEACH: Hey Bry! This is totally unrelated to the video but can you do an updated weight gain video? I’m now vegan as well & lost some pounds. I know you work out & stuff but can you do an in-depth vid like of what you eat etc? I’m struggling with the gains sis

Karmen Danielle:

Special K: What’s the name of this song

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