Affordable 2X6 Closure Quick Weave 6 Inch Deep Lace W/ Buss Down Straight Tutorial Ft.#Ulahair

So obsessed with this from @_pjwest used 2x6 HD lace closure and quick weave method to get this gorgeous lookBlack girl magic! Have you ever try 2x6 affordable deep lace?

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Hey y'all, so I'm gon na be using this 2x6 HD closure in these beautiful bundles to do my quick week today, of course, we always start off by putting on our protective shield, and then I applied a wig cap to slow down my lace closure. This method is perfect if you want to give your leave out a break if you're unsure about trying lace it Blends so well, it allows you to keep your edges out and it's low maintenance and for my style today, I'm just going to be wearing it bone Straight because that's my preferred look, this hair is so gorgeous. I love the natural Sheen it has and you don't even have to do much Style.

Ula Hair: Save $$ coupon code: " CAAC " So obsessed with this from @_pjwest used 2x6 HD lace closure and quick weave method to get this gorgeous lookBlack girl magic! Have you ever try 2x6 affordable deep lace? Link to shop pre-made 2x6 closure wig: Link to shop 3 bundles hair with 2x6 closure:

Stacy Louise Latchman: Looks stunning with or without

Amanda Petroff: beautiful!! looks awesome

Oceania Smith: You did a good job, it look really professional

Donza Grant: It came out so beautiful and it's even more realistic looking without those wings on her forehead

Gracie: that looks like she got her hair salon straightened my god i have never seen a wig look so real

Kim Essex: Wow Amazing she did a Beautiful job, she's very very Artistic

LaSonya Mills: Beautiful

Dida079: The time and effort this would's definitely a art ❤

Dania A. Oliva-Peña: Omg, you look amazing ! That hair is so perfect and pin straight , wow. You look gorgeous.

Fenicia Damian: To be honest... You looked pretty before when you put the hair, and you still looked pretty after.

Humble_Beauty337: This has always been my favorite hair style❤ Beautiful

jolly jolly: You're stunning without weave

StandupGirl1981: Yea U did that sis!!

yalitza otero: See this looks goood! Simple and classic

Juicy J: Yesssss, girlie! Get ittttt!

BEE CASS SouthernGal: Stunning with short hair and long hair!!!!❤❤❤❤

Krispy K: Gorgeous! I just wonder about the glue. Does it not pull on the hair underneath the cap?

All things Chan: Looks great

nthekno: BEAUTIFUL!!! BEAUTIFUL Pixie! BEAUTIFUL Quick Weave!

Natasha Tapps: Oh wow girl you look amazing your hair are so beautiful

Wandaful Rose: Wow that’s fire gorgeous

jamese Adebesin: So pretty ❤

irene stanciel: great job. really pretty

Saquina Mogne: you are so beatifull girl even without this wig

Mel J: I wish you could do my daughter’s hair.You and your look are amazing

p m: Slayed

Victory: Absolutely beautiful

Ev0nka: Beautiful

JackLyn Jones: Your bone structure is ABSURD & should probably be illegal ✨

Sally: it's nice I love it

LaReese Ware: Very pretty

LoveleeWickedEvilSweetPerfect1: Very nice closure....I wanna try

Kara Hoyte: Cap,wet wapping ❤cap 1 hour cotton sew weave ❤

Von: Very nice!

PineappleMango1: Love that pic in the background!

STL CHIC: You made that look sooooo easy

Bless Love: Really nice

Dorothy Sullivan: Great job keep up the good work

Jerusha Dowdy: Wow beautiful what hair is that

Alisha Dennis: Love it the problem free fab easy hair chic gorgeous style . WOW !!!

Ann Amma Leigh: Dudes everywhere: This is why I have trust issues

Mula A: very pretty

Evelyn Nichel: Love it.., Unfortunately this application takes too long and hard to maintain‍♀️ Wigs are easier and faster… for Me, But, She Rocked That!

Mocha Princess: Wow looks so nice

Auriel Valdez: Very pretty


May Atkinson: ❤❤❤ beautiful

midoscent: Beautiful... thank you for not doing the edges

ms.daisey89: I love that it has no baby hair

Lou nan clarisse Djè: Super

La'Shell Duncan: Great job

E113 Jelly: Slayyyyyyyyyyyy‍♀️

Jurgen Broling: You're so beautiful, sweetheart.❤❤❤❤

Aja Thomas: That is so Beautiful hairstyle

Carlia Thomas: Girl am loving it very nice

Coffee Bean: Go Black Queen

Tia Green: How long does this last

Latoya Andrews:

Jacqueline Vasquez: OMG ❤❤❤❤

Thulani Sibisi: Can you please tag her

NothingbutLove: What is it like to get all that glue out of your hair. Does it cause major breakage?

Madam Chairman: Wow

Linna G: You look like Erica from love & hip hop ❤

Just Ny’La🤗: Good Job

Cherie Carter:

Varshay McDonald: Omg ❤

Natasha Tapps: I wish one day i can have someone to do some hair on me ..i have a wig that i don't fix and extensions that i wear in alternate but still some work to do ..and i just can't slay a wig like you do tks for sharing

Maria Grady: COOL ❤️

Amour Doctrina: ❤️❤️

Brenda Carter: You look pretty without it

Glomimic: The hair videos I like on tik tok suddenly popping up on YouTube ️️

A_sheblessed_Walden: ❤❤

Elvira Lopez Sanchez: Usted está hermosa

Gina Jones Channel: Looks nice but the glue scars me

Eboni Boyd: ✨

Shannon Donahue: Good job

Lovely Yolie: Can someone tag her page(any of her social media is fine) thanks

Charlene Byrd: That was quick

jai sel: ❤

meme ali: All these chemicals on your scalp I wonder what the long term effect is

KeishLOV Er:

Zee Pickens: *GeeeWhiz!!!!!*

Karis Landry:

Maria lucila damasceno:

Cassandra Lane-Moore: Beautiful Young Lady

Mandy Pandy:

Qumar Austin: ❤️

Jess💜: Can this be put up?

Kara Hoyte: Lace

Victoria Allen: Can the human hair be reused?

Palm Spirit: Umm, do it come with a resting queen face too?

niecy825: Ooooo cute

Kella: Chal, I was thrown when she put them cornrows in her hair. Its looked like a pixie cut before to me.

LoveBeesHoney: I thought this was TikTok for a minute. I was like “Why won’t this let me Save it ”

QueenTee: DO MINE

masuba brenda: I have never understood that wig cap thing when you do it like that. Do you go to sleep with it. Is it reusable or you have to unglue the cap to reuse the weft with a new cap everyday

Lookatmypicture: How do wash your scalp?

Pia Moltzau: ihr benutzt immer die gleichen damenstimmen alle aus norwegen oder mal voice app und face app alle videos sind bearbeitet so ist das leben so wie alle schauspieler von euch bearbeitet sind

та-Тань): Интересно как кожа головы , сплошной клей не дышит же, да и стягивает кожу

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