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See this is the hair VB difference. Okay, don't play me, don't don't play with them, don't play with them all right. If you want to see how I achieved this glueless install middle part and side part as well as have it melted, keep watching so dolls. This is the unit I'm going to be reviewing today. This is another Beauty from hairvv. You know if it comes with the tag: it's official, I'm just showing you guys, hair BB's, adjustable elastic band, which gives you a nice comfortable, fit and allows you to wear this unit clueless. Of course, hair BB comes with the HD lace and it is the tinted lace, which means that you're also able to wear your unit but I'll happen to wear makeup, make sure you guys stay tuned and watch this video to the end as I'm going to do. Two installs for you guys, one more so of a straight out of the box install and another, I'm going to show you how to have it melted without actually having to wear glue. As always, you guys know the hairv unit comes pre-plucked, it comes bleach and it comes ready to install this is a 13x6 cappuccino, HD tinted lace more on the lace later in the video, as you guys can see, the hairline looks very natural, and I want to Show you the difference between my lace and the skin, and you can barely see the lace, because that's how HG hair VV lace is here's another look at the hairline on the other side, and now I am cleaning my face because initially I intended to install this Unit using a temporary adhesive, however, at the last minute I decided to just see what it looks like if I rocked it glueless now, y'all already know, I'm not going anywhere whether this unit is a throw on a go or not without first laying down the top Of my unit, that is a mandatory must-have making sure the top of your unit is flat, really helps the final look of your install, oh and here's a tip when you're hot combing, the top of your hair, go ahead and lift that top part and you comb. It through - and this is going to help prevent those bumps that are sometimes created once you press along the tracks. One two: three: now you guys know the last step before leaving out with your unit, especially if you're not wearing a ball cap, which I am not is to apply some type of concealer or Foundation to the parking space. Just to make sure that that part looks a lot more realistic now I do have a wig cap underneath, so there is that line of demarcation and the concealer is going to help do a good job of concealing that part in space. Now I also like to clean up my part using this root touch up today, I'm using the dark brown color, since this is a dark brown unit with a light brown it I felt that it was better to use the dark brown color as opposed to using The black and this step makes it really easy to clean up any mistakes you may have made with the concealer pretty much. That'S all I'm going to need to do, for this initial install, add a little Foundation to the forehead and we're good to go now. This unit did already come with curls, so I'm just combing out these curls right now, I'm not even going to add any curls to it. I'M just adjusting the unit and just kind of getting a feel of what it looks like and it looks pretty good. So let me give you a full view of what this will look like if you decide to go for a straight out of the box install without any customization, as you guys can see this lace Blends flawlessly with my skin and it looks very natural because the Hairline is made to Perfection it's plucked perfectly and as always, the knots on this unit are small, okay y'all, so I did not intend on doing a glueless install, but when I saw how much that lace was blended with my skin, I was like wait. I don't even have to really glue this down, so that's one of the joys of dealing with heavy bees, tinted lace. You don't even need to wear makeup. You saw I dabbed a little bit on my head most of the time. I think when I be adding my makeup, I actually be kind of throwing it off, but it Blends in really nice with my complexion now I will be the first to admit initially. I wasn't really like a fan of the idea, because I was just kind of like you know: heavy B hands down, in my opinion, has the best HD lace on the market, so when they wanted to change it, I didn't really see the knee. You know the old saying: if it ain't broke, don't fix it, but the more I'm working and dealing with this tinted lace, I'm starting to see the beauty of that is that with the HD lace I more so had to you know like glue it down to Get that beautiful melt, even though it kind of melted on its own too, but I just feel like this tinted lace just makes it even that much easier to throw on your unit and go now. I gave y'all the basic of the basic in store. I kept the middle apart. I added some concealer to it, no baby hairs because none is needed, hair didn't even curl came like this. I mean what else more, do you guys want? What more do you want from me see? This? Is the hair VB difference? Okay, don't play with them, don't play with them, don't play with them all right. Then I hit a play. Okay, as you guys can see, she is glueless no glue. I can add some um mousse to the hairline and tie it down just a little bit. Just so, there's not any sticking up on the sides, but the hair is covering it, so it's really not necessary. I am going to throw this into a side part just for your viewing pleasure and at the end of the break, I'm gon na hit you out with a coupon code, so y'all can save some coins on this unit stay tuned, I'm going nowhere. So if you have a little bit more time to spare - and you want to have more of a melted look while still maintaining a glueless install - I got you all - you have to do is add some mousse to the front of the unit. Now the beauty about the mousse is that it's going to help the lace melt in with your skin without actually acting as an adhesive, so you're going to have that melted look, but it will still be glueless. So I repeated the same steps I did for the middle part. I went ahead and laid the top of the unit down added that concealer, and then I decided I was going to cut some layers in this unit. Now you guys know, I personally feel like mostly all units should have some sort of layers. It really just helps the hair frame, your face better and it simply looks a lot nicer, so I just cut some light layers. I didn't do anything major and you guys can already see, I didn't even curl it yet, and you will notice there is a difference in how the curls are falling on my face, so I did go ahead and I threw a couple of curls in it. I just wanted to get a more complete look on how this unit will look, and this is what you have my melodies. So, as you can see, I do have a little bang right now, I'm just going over the front of the unit with the hot comb. One more time only because I really wanted a really Sleek look now. These are really important steps that you don't want to skip, because it actually does make the world of difference now, as you guys can see. This is the second install with the side part. It has more of a melted look now. One thing I did notice is that I forgot to add my Foundation back to my forehead, so I had already did the closer, so y'all gon na see a little bit without the foundation added to the forehead. But if you stay tuned to the end, you'll see what it looks like once it's fixed and just like that: she's melted and she's still glueless, but in a side part. So she knows she's giving a little bit more. If I do say so, myself, so dolls um, this is the final look that I'm gon na go for. If you guys may have noticed, I've been really like stuck on these Brown Auburn colored units. Lately they got me in a choke hold. I picked this one particularly for you, girls, who still scared to try color and I'm hoping that you guys will feel a little bit more at ease and try and color with this unit. Since it's really dark on the top and it gives the little piece of color on the bottom, so it's a perfect transition unit for all my scary, girls, um trust me once you go over to the color side, you might not go back to black hold on. Let me turn around and let you guys see the back. Oh wait. I had to fix my hairline. I forgot, since I added the moves I needed to add some more Foundation to the hairline, because the mousse just kind of through everything out of whack but yeah guys this. This is the final look get into it. You already know. I got a coupon code for you because I always look out right and I did pick a name for the unit. I reviewed in my last video the new name as well as the person who submitted the name will be listed across the screen, but you already know before we get out of here. I'M gon na need your help, naming this beauty. What do you think we should call her make sure you leave your name suggestions in the comment section down below if you found this video helpful, make sure you give it a thumbs up and while you're at it go ahead and check out this video, you might Find it useful as well and until next time you guys stay blessed and if it be God's, will I'll see you in my next video take care now Rock You

Becki Frederickson: I love watching your videos. I'm a Asian woman who is losing my hair. You are helping me get my courage up to try wearing wigs. So thank you ❤

Love Yourself: Happy Saturday This company doesn't come to play. It's looking flawless straight out of the box. Love the color and curls. The second install is soooo pretty. Have a Blessed Day “Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad.”

Eulita Watts: Beautiful glueless wig loved the color ❤

Carla W.: Oh my, my, my! This brown bombshell is amazing! ❤ Hair Vivi is not here to play games.

Marilyn Nelson: I absolutely love your videos…I’m learning quite a bit. Thanks much

Sharon: The unit is fabulous on you.

Julia Shultz: Beautiful. Thanks for sharing ❤❤❤

Dior McDonald: Thanks Asia! But I need u to show us the “sides” ear tabs not just the top glueless. Cause I am not able to wear 13x4 Glueless even with mousse - girl that wind blow and my hair edges are flapping around lmao

Faithfully Asia: Do you prefer your units glueless or do you prefer to use adhesive?

patrice moore: This is the perfect unit !!! Beautiful color, style , hairline and lace. I love a good glueless unit.

Monique Wishom: hair vivi is the bomb i love them.

73pinkchocolate: You NEVER disappoint, Asia!! Name her Katrina

Dana Hudson: Beautiful unit look natural & gr8 on U & w/o baby hairs.

Faithfully Asia: Hey faithfuls what are your thoughts on this install? Talk to me, I talk back ☺️

Josette Moving:

Marie Solange: ❤❤

Kamille Kelly: Real cute

patrice moore: You should name her “Constance”

Sweet Tee 19: After reading comments, I honestly hope they don't only send the "good" quality wigs to "you" because of who you are.. that would be false advertisement on the highest level..

Josette Moving: Name her Regal

Oooh Lala: Sassí

Denise Coleman: Brown Sugar

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