This Can'T Be Synthetic..Sensationnel Butta Lace Hd Lace Wig Unit 8 | First Impression | Shanta

Hey ya'll Today's video is on my first impressions on the Sensationnel Synthetic HD Butta Lace wig. I hope ya'll enjoy! Comment down below if you have tried this unit before and how was your experience?

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◦ Wig Link:

◦ Price: $43.00

◦ Shipping: Next Day Shipping


◦ Hair Type: Synthetic - Virtually undetectable HD Lace



◦ Kendra's Boutique Pressing Comb:

◦ Detangle Brush:

◦ Frizz Bully Wax Stick:

◦ Shears: Beauty Supply Store


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◦ CAMERA: Sony ZV1 + Canon Rebel T6i

◦ MUSIC: Epidemic Sound + Soundcloud

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What took me so long to to try one of these wigs? That'S the that's the real! What'S the real question here: hey y'all! Welcome back to the channel. My name is chante for those who are new and today's a video is going to be all about this unit that i have in my head right now and if you can't tell by the title, she's synthetic okay. So if you guys want to know more about this unit and if you should buy it or not all the specs and how i installed it, do not forget to like comment and subscribe and let's just get straight into the video, so hey y'all. I wanted to jump in really quickly to let you guys know. Of course plucking is optional. You do not have to pluck this wig, it does come pre-plucked, but look how good it looks plucked, so you don't have to, but i highly recommend it. So i'm going to let you guys watch the rest of me, styling, the wig and i'll see you guys in a second. No is don't pick up the pieces, just leave it, but now they keep falling miles. I can't blame you all right y'all, so i have cut the lace and everything i just tied, my hair back down just to get it to melt a little bit more um. So we're going to take my scarf off now but y'all. I did not think this wig was going to give you know what it's kind of given like it's, not bad, oh right now, what we're going to do is carve out my baby hairs. I don't want to get anything from the money pieces, but i do want to create some more baby hairs. They did have baby hairs on the wig, as you guys seen earlier, but listen i'm extra, so i'm just going to make my own. So i'm just going to take a razor and just kind of go at it and what i like about this wig the most is that you're able to put heat on it, um up to 400 degrees, but you're still able to put some heat on it. And it's not like burning or anything like it looks really good and then i'm also gon na cut um hair off. So it can give me a little sideburn all right. So the next thing i'm going to do is take some concealer and put it into the parting space. It does give you a lot of parting room, which i kind of like so i'm going in with my fenty concealer. This is in the shade. This is 390 and then i'm also going to go over it with my sephora micro smooth powder in the color deep, and i'm just going to go back over that just so it doesn't look crazy and i'm just going to go ahead and smooth it out. With my kindred boutiques, pressing comb, i do have this set at 355 degrees. This thing gets so hot. It'S amazing, it's amazing um, but it gets really really hot. Now that we're a little bit done, this looks so cute. I, like i like i like i like so yeah she's. Basically, all done um, i'm just going to clip her back real quick because i'm going to apply my edge scarf one more time, because i'm about to do my makeup and i don't want to mess the hair up. So i'm just going to spray a little bit of that even spray again and then lay the hair down with my edge scarf and then i'm going to start on my makeup and yeah. We'Re basically done with this unit, and i'm i'm shook a little bit. I'M still shook a little bit y'all, so i'm about to go ahead and do my makeup and stuff and i'll be right back with the final look, all right, y'all we are back and we are done y'all. I don't even know what to say. Where do y'all see this? What took me so long to try one of these wigs? That'S the that's the real! What'S the real question here, if i would have seen this wig on someone else, i would have not thought it was synthetic at first look like they would have to tell me for me to know i would i would have never known. I hope i don't sound ridiculous. I don't know who this man is, i mean he could be walking down the street. I wouldn't i wouldn't know a thing. A hair is so soft. I do get tangles um. I did wear this outside and i did get some tangles at the bottom, but i used this detangler comb that i got from amazon, i'll link everything down below, including all the specs and stuff about the unit. But you get this. It'S easy to run it through. The hair to detangle it you're able to run your fingers through it you're not getting caught. It does not shed. I have not experienced any shedding at all, and i also did want to mention y'all that, of course you can't bleach the knots. So what i use is the even tinted lace spray. I'M in the color light warm brown, you don't have to use this exact spray. You can use foundation. You can use your powder, whichever one you feel right using but yeah. This is what i use. I didn't want to mention that um so for my girls, my brown skin girls. I would highly recommend investing into this if you're gon na get the wig just to help everything kind of blend in a little bit better. I want to try more of them. They have so many other wigs. I want to try them all like that's just how i feel right now for 40 dollars. Basically, i mean you can't beat that you just can't part it different ways, but other than that i mean if you're, okay with the middle part, why not? This is so cute? I am super impressed. I'M really really impressed. I keep looking at this card thinking. It'S gon na be something else on here to explain to me what is going on, but yeah y'all. I don't have anything else to say, never thought that i would get scalp coming from a synthetic wig, but here we are and it's just a switch up. I love having synthetic wigs and i love having all types of wigs in my wig collection, because you just never know what hairstyle you will need for an outfit. You know, so i just love to keep different varieties in my little wig drawers: okay, but yeah. That'S the end of this video. I hope you guys enjoy, like i said i'll, be leaving all of the links and descriptions and details and all that good stuff down in the description box, so make sure you guys check that out, but yeah. That'S the end of this video. I hope you guys enjoyed if you did do not forget to give this video a thumbs up, comment down below what you'll like to see from me next and, of course, do not forget to subscribe to the channel and i'll catch. You guys in my next video bye, y'all

OHoneyPot: I love this unit. I ordered two of these❣️ It looks beautiful on you❣️

Briana Moore: Girl let me go buy this wig you look so pretty!

Misedwards2u: I was looking for something short but cute! I’m buying this bc of you ❤ it looks great!!

NaturalMonroe: This wig is stunning on you

Beautysheisluv: This is the best one I’ve seen hands down I love it and just got it yesterday

Janay: Yesss ma’am it’s most definitely giving You look gorgeous

Icy Flame: This unit looks so cute on everyone else, but it looks huge on me

Lyna isFly: giving scalp! very pretty. great review

Zena Blackwell: I love it!! I just don’t know how to fix my baby hair.

Madame Lovely: I bought this wig yesterday but I wish I got this color you look great !

Olive 💋 Oyl: ThnKs for this video. It really help me styler my unit 8 in mocha.

Krystin Grant: I have this wig omg it's sooo big. I have a small head lol the length is long

Drece: You need your commission because you just sold this to me!!!

Kaiii Prettyfacc: Is it big head friendly?

Lisa Sparks: Keke part took me out

Shante Morris: Heyy

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