Detailed Half Up Half Down Wig Install Ft. Wesface

Hi my love watch me install and style this gorgeous unit and a half up half down hairstyle. This wig is affordable and this hairstyle is beginner friendly 

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Less Papillon at Sugar team Stacy and I'm back into the YouTube video and, if you're new, to my channel hello, subscriber what's up alrighty guys. So, as you guys can see, this wig is very much giving today's video is sponsored by westface. They did go ahead and send me this gorgeous a 28 inch, 13x4 lace unit, and you guys see how I styled it. You are interested in my thoughts on this wig and you want to see how we got this raw, easy style. Definitely keep on watching. Alrighty guys so this is my packaging looks like guys. Fedex beat my box up, but it's okay, because the box is still super cute um. So what space did go ahead and send me a wig cap, some hair scrunchies some lashes, a cute little pouch, but this is the start of this. Show girl. This is their 28 inch natural black, 13x4 frontal. Okay, let me show you guys the knots look at the knots Guys. These knots are so tiny, it's giving microscopic, which is perfect, because I didn't have enough time to bleach the knots, but I did have enough time to pluck it off camera. So this is the thick Beauty that we're gon na throw on, but before we throw her on, let me show you guys how to get that bald cap balding okay, so I like to take like this super thin, sheer body caps they're like the new ones, um And then I just take my Ruby kiss Foundation, which is in shade 09, and I rub that all over my cap and all over the front. So this is just what's gon na give bald. Okay, it's going to give both and that's what you want. So off camera didn't show you guys, but I do it all the time I take my go spawn glove that they got to be, but I take my gold spawn glue and I just you know put that on the perimeter of my head: let it dry down And then I cut off the excess cap yeah! Oh, this look is so cute y'all. I was so obsessed like yeah yeah, get into it. Okay, if you're ready. I love me a classic wig like I feel like this wig is Classic. This is a wig that you could just throw on every day, shout out to us face because yeah. So what I'm doing here is I'm taking my gold spawn glue again and I'm just putting it all in the perimeter of my head. Then I take a business card and we want the glue to be nice and flat if you're, having a problem with your glue. Not dry and clear: it's probably because it's still it's too chunky so spread it out really really thin, and that should help it dry down clear um. I am doing two layers of glue and yeah, I'm just spreading her out nice flat and thin okay spreading her. All the way around and what I'm gon na do I'm gon na bring you guys. Super close. I want to show you guys where I place my wigs. I place my wigs right in front of the ball cap so where my natural hairline is that's where I place the wigs hairline and that's how it gives scalp, that's how it comes out of my scalp, okay. I grew this for 10 years. That'S how I get. I give that look okay, so you don't want to hide too much forehead. You want that placement to just be right in front of your ball cap and that's how you know your wig is just sitting right. So I'm taking an elastic band and I'm tying it real, tight, okay, real, real tight, but guess what you can take the pain, because it's only going to be for 10 minutes. Okay, so after it was on for 10 minutes, took it off and now I'm just cutting off the excess lace. You can cut off your excess lace with an eyebrow razor, but lately I've been going for scissors. I don't know this technique is like me doing. My makeup, sometimes I use a brush. Sometimes I use a beauty blender when it comes to my hair. Sometimes I use an eyebrow razor. Sometimes I use the scissor to cut off the lace. It just depends on how I'm feeling - and lately I've been feeling the scissors. So it's just been working, so I cut off the lace pretty close to the hairline um, but any excess lace. That'S left over. I'M going to show you guys how to melt that down how to make it disappear, how to make it just you know, just literally seep into the skin. So what I do is I'm going to take my Sprint and I'm going to spray my hairline okay, the hairline was definitely missing on this part like y'all y'all could not see a hairline there, but on this side you can see a little bit of lace. So, with this bridge, you guys see it just literally makes it disappear, but it's crucial that after you spray it down, you go back with your elastic band for another 10 minutes and then you're ready to go okay. So what I'm doing here is we're gon na. Do a quick style! Okay! I took out too much hair, but off camera. I just take a little bit less hair out. Okay, I actually did it on camera. Excuse me, my bad. Okay, it's been a long day, but this is what I wanted for my bangs um and then what I did here is I'm speeding up the clips, because I didn't want the video to be too long, but I promise you this is like the easiest hairstyle ever We'Re gon na take our hot comb we're going to smooth the hairline back then we're gon na take out our sideburns as if we're gon na cut edges, but we're not going to cut them into edges. So these are the three sections we have. We have the two sideburns and we have the middle portion. Okay, after that, I'm gon na take my wax stick. I hope this is making sense, but you guys have the beautiful luxury of being able to replay this as much as you need to, but I'm going to take my wax stick and I'm gon na put that all on the front portion of my hair. Okay, then, I'm going to smooth my hair down with this hair eye. Now this flat this you see that pink. That was on my hair. That'S because this hot comb is so hot. It don't look hot in the video. This hot comb is like literally 500 Degrees. This was laying on like a little like cloth and it melted the cloth. That'S what pink stuff you see on the hot comb, it's literally that hot, but I'm just taking a little bit of shine just so I can keep the hair, nice and glossy and get that Salon touch. This is the oil free, shine um, but yeah. So after I hot combed everything now I'm just going to section my hair and I'm just gon na take the top portion of my hair and literally just put this in a ponytail that is it we're literally just going to put the top portion in a tight Ponytail, this will probably be easier to do with somebody else, helping you, but I'm a very independent person. I do everything on my own, so this is how I'm doing it. I take a little spray, so I can really have a nice hold and I'm taking my rat tail comb and smoothing that ponytail down. I want this to be perfect. Okay, I didn't want any hair out of place um after that, I'm just going to take my hair tie and I'm going to tie it real tight. I probably did like five to six wrap arounds five to six more. I was not playing because I want this to be really tight, really smooth okay, so this is what we're looking like. So with the part we could have kept the part like right in the middle, but I'm going to show you guys what I did with the part here. I'M just cutting my hair into an angle. I'M not cutting too much hair, but I really wanted it to be a little bit angled. So we're cutting the two bangs in the front and the two bangs on the side. Then I'm taking the flat iron and I'm just bumping the ends. I don't know, I don't think I showed it on the camera, but with my part, instead of just matching my middle part, I kind of did a slanted part and you guys will be able to see a little better. But I just slanted the part very optional of just being a little bit extra, because if it's not extra, it's not team Stacy and that is on period yeah. This hair is so bomb, so this hair was naturally straight, but I'm just taking a flat iron and passing it through one more time wasn't necessary because the hair was already bone straight but, like I said, I'm extra and I just wanted this hair to be perfect. Okay, so last but not least, I'm just taking a little bit of foundation and defining that slant part. You guys see that the part was slanted, but then the other part. This one right here is straight back, so yeah, I'm just defining both of those parts with some Foundation. So after that I did my makeup off camera. This hair is so thick. It has such a beautiful luster. This hair is so beautiful. Guys get this hair all right guys, so that is the end of today's video. In today's video I wanted to review and install and style this bomb wig that was sent to me by West face. Thank you so much to westface for sending me this wig. This wig is chef's kiss guys this wig is so it was so raw, and one thing I liked about it - is today I'm in a rush, so I wasn't able to bleach sinata, as you guys see it's still giving like this is a good wig girl. I love this hair. This is a 10 out of 10 for me, no sheddy, look at that, no tingling, no sheddy period. So if you are interested in purchasing this unit definitely check my description box down below with some links and some promo codes. If you haven't already subscribed to my channel for more content like this, my channel is full of beauty related things like hair and makeup story times, get ready with me, Vlogs all that good stuff so subscribe to my channel. If you want to see more of me, give this video a big thumbs up, and I will see you guys my next video bye, guys

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