Highly Recommend Bomb Hd Lace Frontal Hair Install Ft. Cynosure Hair Straight Lace Front Wig

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Hair Detail: Natural Black 220% Density 13*4 Straight HD lace Frontal wig 26 inches

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Welcome to my channel, my name is tahana. I am back with the video in today's video is sponsored by cyanosiah here y'all. When I say I definitely love this wig they've sent me this 28 inch, wig and I'll be installing it with y'all show y'all how I got this easy middle part bomb straight. Look. Everything about this company will be in the description box. So, let's get right into the video you must be made for me. I remember to you babe loved you too baby foreign. I want you around around. I want you need you. I swear you're trying to keep these feelings to myself. Yes come around so guys. This is the final look. I definitely love this wig when I say this was a 12 out of 10.. I love everything about it from the silkiness from the way the lace lay to the baby hairs underneath everything I did bleach the knots as well y'all everything about this company will be in the description box as well as my discount code. You can use my discount code to get money off if you are interested in shopping with them. That'S not what I did send. You also will be turning around showing y'all a better view of the hair. As I mentioned, this is a 28 inch wig and it was definitely given 32 inches. It definitely was long and I am five six y'all. I definitely love this wig. As I mentioned, everything will be in the description box. Definitely go check out. So I knows your hair everything about this company will be in the description box until next time. I will sell in my next video, don't forget to like comment and subscribe. Don'T forget to go. Follow me on Instagram and all tick tock we at 50k Universal 100K. Until next time y'all know the Vibes, I will see y'all in my next video who changed

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