Kinky Straight Wear & Go Glueless 180% Hd Lace Closure Wig Ft. Bgmgirl Hair

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The Hair I’m Wearing:

BGMgirl Kinky Straight 20inch 180% Brazilian 4*6 HD Lace Wig

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What is Wear Go Glueless Wig:

1.Pre-plucked Hairline & Pre-cut HD Swiss Lace, Melt Scalp

2.Beginner Friendly 3s Wear & Go No Skills Needed

3.No Need Glue, Spray, Gel, Protect Edges, No Allergic

4.Updated 4*6 Lace, Frontal Looks, Middle Part or Side Part Style

5.Dome Cap Structure & Adjustable Strap, Secure Enough

6.100% Human Hair, Soft & Bouncy. Easy style, Can be Dyed & Bleached

Three advantages help you create a fast and delicate look

1.Save Money—no need more hair tools (glue gel spray)

2.Save Time—Pre-plucked & Pre-cut & Flat already, 3s Ready to go

3.Save Energy—No skills needed, Beginner Friendly

More Texture Glueless wig:

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Name pronunciation: AN•DEL

Nationality: Jamaican

Age: 22

Hey guys welcome welcome back to my channel if you're new here, I'm until his name and those live and today I'll be installing this lovely glueless, 180 density straight kinky, hair from UTM girl hair. So this whole install was very quick and fast and convenient, and I just absolutely enjoyed installing this wig. The quality was super amazing, as you guys can see, but I'm gon na be showing you guys. The lace on this wig is immaculate chest kiss. I didn't have to bleach or plug the units, so I just slipped it on and yeah we'll see. I did love the natural look of this wig, but I did go ahead and flat iron it. But if you guys, like this video, go ahead and check out my description, the link will be down below foreign, make them wan na bite. Just wan na have a good night. I just wan na have a good night hold up hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up hold up wan na bite foreign. Thank you. Thank you, foreign. Thank you. I don't wanna foreign cool ain't, no marches and you kissing on my neck. My dick is hard. I think I'm seeing Stars take me to the Moon behind me through your Galaxy, but keep it between you and me grab my grandma Pisces and kisses. You say you feel apart, adding insecurities now here we are enough talk about that. Come on top of me. Take me to the Moon to take me to the Stars blind me through your Galaxy, but keep it between you and me this time. I promise I find you foreign baby baby. I believe

Bgmgirl Hair: Honey, enjoyed your video so much, the final result is stunning.

Liz-Marie Bennett: did u have customize it ? it looks really good

Oh My Pretty J: 20 inches? it looks so long

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