Detailed Melted Hd 24Inch Body Wave Wig Install| Bald Cap Method, Wig Prep Etc Ft.Asteriahair

Heey y’all in today’s video I will be showing you how I achieve this detailed melted install using this HD wig sent to me by Asteriahair hope you enjoy. thank you for watching this video don’t forget to like comment subscribe and share THANK YOU FOR 170k❤️ On the Road to 200k

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Foreign: what's up GI babies, it's your girl, Samara, GI and we're back with another detailed install. So today, we're working with austeria hair and I kind of like organize my stuff real cute, and I really wanted to show you guys, like most of the products that I be using so first um. All of my wigs are a medium. That'S my cap size. This is 200 density, and I'm just showing you guys the stuff that came inside of the package and I'm going to show you guys most of the stuff that I use so the late school that I've been using is the Erica J glue and I want to Get the active one, I feel like that's really good. This even melting spray has been doing pretty good and their lace. Milk spray is really good. I really love this product. These two products are new and to do my baby hairs. I love this wig group gel by or as this is a gel that I really love along with the spray and even does have a mousse so like, if you guys, can't find Nairobi. This is like your closest Bed, and this has been my favorite holding spray by Pink so far, I have my Dyson blow dryer that I always use, and I love me a good hot comb that goes all the way up to 500, although I still be having To spray it just to get it a little bit hotter, and then I have my baby bliss Pro I've had this for years, and it works really good. It was the best gift ever for my sister, and this is the little pencil curler that I use you could find this stuff on Amazon or just go to the beauty supply store. You guys literally go to the beauty, supply store and most of the stuff will be here now. This pink glosser is a godsend. It'S really really good. You get a lot of it for six dollars and I really really love this, but I'm just showing you guys what I do before I put the units on my head now. This is after it's bleached blow dried everything I barely pluck on the mannequin head. If you guys know y'all know, I love plucking on my head, because I could just see everything that I'm doing so I like to follow up with holding spray just so it can like be really really smooth down and I'm going back with that glosser. You know this is just how I do things some people don't do it this way, but this is just how I do it and how I like to get my installs the way I like them, and I kind of feel like it - comes out cute every time. So this is just what I'd be doing in between for the process but yeah. I just like to blow dry my units down, and this is the makeup that I use you guys know. I use this a lot. This is the only makeup that I use for my units. This is The RK. By kiss you can find this at the beauty supply store. You can find this at on Amazon. You can literally find this everywhere but, like I said, if you guys just get up and go to the beauty, supply store, you'll be surprised at what you find and what new things that you find. I personally like going to Angie's beauty supply store because they have everything that I need there or local beauty. Supply stores as well have a lot of stuff, but Angie's really have like a lot of stuff or go to a beauty supply store. That has like, like a big one, that has like a lot of variety of things. Most of the ones are still closed, got the good stuff for you. So if your beauty supply store, don't sell clothes like a lot of clothes, you probably not gon na get a lot, but you guys see. I just took the makeup and I put that all inside and then afterwards I like to spray with some holding spray again. This is like a light holding spray, and I like to follow up with my hot comb just to make sure everything is super flat. Before I put it on my head, you really don't want hairs out of place before you're like gluing everything down hot combing. Everything straight back just gives you more security, and it just gives you more control when you are doing the installation process, and this is just what the inside of the unit looks like so now we're getting to the ball caps. Now, I'm showing you guys two ball caps. This ball cap is more sheer. The other ball cap has more pigment to it. Now, when my hair is black, I like to use the one, that's more sheer because it Blends in more and you don't have to use makeup. But my hair is red and I don't want that red to really show through the unit. And I don't want to have to like cover up makeup, to mask the red, because you can see it like through the lace, so I like to use a more thicker cap and then put makeup over it, but I just spray it with my spray. I don't like using lace glue on my Bobcat because I feel like the ball cap is to protect your edges. So if you're putting lace glue over your edges, like it just don't work, I mean some people, some people, it works for them and you kind of put it like over your hairline. But I just think that using the spray adhesive is just faster for me and it works a little better, but now I'm just cutting everything off and I'm gon na go ahead and apply my makeup on and most of this video is in real time. So you guys can just see like what I do and how I really take my time and do stuff, so this is not as sped up as my other videos. Thank you so now that we have the unit on the first things that I do is I like to cut behind my ear. So I can assure that everything is fitting to my head and that everything just fits from ear to ear fits really good and nothing's. Going over my ear, nothing's feeling uncomfortable, that's the main reason why I cut behind my ear, because it just gives me more security and the wig just fits perfectly when you do this like I just I really don't know I've seen this trick on Tick Tock. I think or YouTube like a very long time ago and after I seen it, that's all I've been doing and my cap kind of slid up a little bit, so I did take like a little bit of glue just to like lay it down. This normally doesn't happen, but I was just trying to fix, like you know how Stuff be happening, you just got. Ta fix it along the way, so I just took like a teeny bit and tried to fix it along the way because nobody had time to keep spraying so for this lace glue. I keep telling you guys this and I'm gon na keep saying it again for this Erica J glue. You do not blow dry this glue y'all if y'all was rocking with me. Y'All know that I've tried this glue and I bought a whole bunch of it and I used it wrong and I just thought it just did not work for me, so I just put it up, never used it, and one day I was like okay. It'S probably me because everybody loves this glue, so I'm gon na give it a try and I've seen that she said don't blow dry it. So I don't like don't blow dry this glue and it gives you like amazing results. It holds really well. This is the only glue that I really like using so far as of right now and also the gummy Glue by Slayer Bay. I Slayer Bay. Her glue is really good as well. I just haven't got a chance to order some more, I'm probably gon na order. Some more and like do a comparison of the two to see if they work just the same or if one is better than the other, because to me personally, they both give me the same result, but I kind of want to do that in the future. So y'all, don't let me forget in the comments be like. Yes, if y'all want to see me do a comparison. Let me know down below, let me know, but I'm just laying everything down and y'all know the process just laying the glue down, and I like to follow up with my hot comb. I love using my hot comb. Your hot comb is your best friend during this whole process. So now that I have my milk band on something that I like to do is cut off that excess lace, while my milk band is on so I won't have all that lace in my face. So when I'm cutting off my lace, if I can't really pick it up with my finger, I take some tweezers and hold that lace and cut it off, because we did cut off a big majority of the lace. So you will only have like little small pieces. So I just like to use my tweezer just so I can have like a sturdy hold and get everything I need to get off all right. So after you've cut off that lace, there might be some parts that you missed so, like I say always it's better to have to go back and add glue than see for you to add too much glue, because then it gets messy and that ruins the whole Install so if you have to go back and add glue, that is completely fine foreign with that hot comb and I'm just using some of that light setting spray. I said setting spray light holding spray and I'm gon na go back in and I'm going to add my milk band one more time and then after we take that off we're going to start figuring out how I'm going to wear my hair. So the first time that I styled this - I wore it in the middle part, so I'm just going ahead and getting that middle part together, because we are about to start doing these baby hairs. So I went ahead and added my milk bin one more time, because I just felt like that's what I needed, and now I am starting to perfect this middle part and get that together, foreign. I just felt like I needed a little bit more like laying down in that middle. Like I didn't know what was going on, so I took my even melt spray and just blow dried that a little bit with a regular fan, and that worked. I love this. Even spray, the even spray is Bomb. It works really good. It kind of reminds me of the Fantasia stuff, like it's cool. How companies come up with products but, like I feel like every company has the same product, is just a different name, because this kind of reminds me of the Fantasia or The Pump It Up. It does the same thing. It'S just a different brand. So if you guys can't find this regular Pump, It Up, Spritz or the Fantasia Spritz will work just this fine, but I'm just taking some concealer. I actually took my Nars concealer and did this you can use like. I would recommend using your shade concealer that you would put under your eyes not the light, but like your regular shade concealer for your part that works really well and I'm just going in with my liquid eyeliner pan by one size I rarely use liquid eyeliners. So I bought this one size pencil and I really wanted to use it and I was like oh, this would be perfect, my hair, so I just started using it for my hair and I just like the little small tip, because it helps me get all the Hairs in place - and it helps me perfect, my part so now we're getting into the baby hair. So I just like to separate pluck as much as I need to pluck, because y'all know I don't pluck beforehand and I just start styling. Thank you. Thank you. Foreign, of course, what I showed you guys earlier, I'm using that ORS, wig grip for my baby hairs. I love using this for my baby hairs. You guys it works so well. It dries so quick, it's so much better than got to be got to be. Is more watery feeling than the ORS the ORS? It just locks in right when you're doing it, and this is perfect for beginners, for my babies, who are new to doing baby hairs. This is going to give you the security and the the security and the control that you need when doing your baby hairs. So check out that ORS, wig Grip, gel it works wonders. Thank you, foreign with these pin curls. I just want to say I really really love this hair. I have a photo shoot this week and it's in like two days and I think I'm going to wear this hair. I was going to wear another type of hair, a different color, but I think I want to keep it black and I wanted to do this. Hair, I don't know if I'm gon na do the middle part, keep it in the middle part or do a side, but the quality of this hair y'all is just so bomb like this. Hair is just giving and I didn't even style it yet, and it's really giving like it's giving, but we're about to do some pin curls, though so now we're starting these pin curls and I'm just curling away from my face and pinning each section up. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, foreign foreign, thank you, foreign curls and, of course I did spread my hair with setting spray right after and I just love this hair. You guys this hair, it just has so much body to it. You can see, as I'm taking out the pink curls like the curls are just moving and moving. I knew that this was going to come out so cute and I didn't layer the hair a lot like I didn't even layer, the hair. I don't think no. No. I didn't leave the hair at all. I just wanted to see how everything was gon na look. So now I'm just brushing out the curls I like to brush them back and pull them forward, and it just gave me so much body the hair was so bomb. I loved it so much like this hair was so cute if you guys want all the information or everything in this video, like all the information for the unit and everything and where you can find it, of course, click that description box down below, but y'all just Get into these curls like I was loving them, um I'd, be kind of afraid to do middle part curls, because I'd be wanting that look, don't mind my little red pink in the back mind your business, but um I'll, be one in middle part, curls to just Give and that's exactly what it did. It gave exactly what I need to give and I just loved it so much it was so cute foreign foreign part action was looking like this hair just had so much body you guys like. I really really love this install. It was so cute, like I loved it so much it was so cute. If you guys enjoyed this video, you guys don't forget to give me a like comment and subscribe and we'll be back with more videos soon. You guys. I love you guys so much stay blessed, uh, I'm just showing you guys a little bit of how it looks still just give you guys some looks and then I'm just showing you guys how it looked in the side part because I just felt like it was Looking so cute in the side part you guys, I did this for my photo shoot. This is how my hair looked for my photo shoot but yeah. I just wanted to give you guys a little sneak peek of how it looked, but I love you guys so much I'll see you guys in the next videos, because I have so much more videos to come and I love you guys so much again stay blessed. Thank you.

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