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Sensationnel Synthetic Hair Vice HD Lace Front Wig - VICE UNIT 5. COLOR: T2/RED




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Sensationnel Synthetic Hair Vice HD Lace Front Wig - VICE UNIT 5. COLOR: T2/RED

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Whoo girl, i'm feeling myself he's working at the pyramid tonight, hey y'all, welcome back to my channel. This is gon na, be the first wig review in a long time. So i'm really geeked up. I got some some bomb hair for y'all. I think it's bomb. I hope it's bomb. They sent me a bomb color, so we gon na put it into work and see how it do. Okay, if you guys are new here, make sure y'all give this video a huge thumbs up hit that subscribe button. Let me know you rocking with your girl on my youtube journey, of course, and while y'all down there make sure you hit that notification bell, so that you can be notified whenever it is that your girl posts, so um yeah, which is gon na, be more frequently Because i'm back and y'all can tell i'm more refreshed and i'm like in the groove of myself, your girl is 30 and flirty now, and you can't tell me anything yes also makeup tutorial is live too, because um y'all see. I do my makeup a little bit differently, so i wanted to share with y'all um so that video also is like talking about myself and where i've been and stuff so make sure y'all check that out i'll leave it up above of course, so let's get into Today'S unit, i um, got a vice unit y'all i haven't. This is my first time trying a vice unit, so i'm like excited okay, so this is vice unit five and i have her in the fury red color as y'all can see girl. I'M scared, okay, so yeah this is sensational. They have a new line called vice, which is like supposed to be more natural, um, yeah, more natural, i'm saying more natural, and i got this old red color, but i didn't pick the color. They just sent this to me um and it's the one that the girl has on the stock card. So i think they wanted to see me. We got to drop the wig. I think they wanted to see me in it or whatever so we're gon na be in it to win it girl, so, let's get into it y'all. This is like some bright red hair. Oh my god, this kind of reminds me of um sensational letty. With that kind of, like wavy vibe, going on all right, so yeah, so let's get into the construction y'all like they got, you get a pretty good decent amount of lace on there, like, i feel like this is a tea party lace unit. This is like giving me tea, part lace vibes, but they do give you more than like. Other companies give you on this little side, part on the on the side, parts um and then you get like uh, maybe about four inches of parting area in the front. Um, let's see what that, what else they got. Oh you get. You get two combs. The combs are kind of like right here, which is not bad but um. It might be sliding - and this looks like it's gon na - be a hot wig and then um a comb in the back, and this one is on a cap like it's, not i'm used to the wigs being like you can put your hands through myself, but this One, it's not it's just a cap, but that's okay, um we're gon na see what it do. The lace on this is kind of light. As always, it's always a little light. So i'm gon na go in with the um y'all know my my stuff, my evan lace, tint spray. It. I use the shade medium brown y'all, so i'm gon na spray, this down real, quick and then we gon na see what she looked like uh with. Without the lace cut or whatever, so sorry, if that's like blowing in the microphone a little asmr for y'all all right, let me take. I got this little headband wiggle. So let me take all this all this crap off the top of my head. It'S just been sitting on the top of my head bro, so i got two wig caps on now, because my hair is a freaking mess at the moment, so don't mind that but yeah, let's see what it's doing, let's see what it do. Okay, let's see the cap is a little bit small, not even gon na cap, but it's enough to you know, get the job done, especially if you pull it forward. I think it fits it's just a little snug and you're going to have to tug as you, if you have a big head like me, um that parting space is pretty darn flat to me without having to do anything already so, okay yeah. This is this: is gon na be nice. Let'S get some working with it. Let'S get some work done. I'M gon na cut my hot, my hot comb on and we're gon na get it in. Let'S, let's see so that's how i'm like. I don't think this needs baby hair. I might do two little swoopy doop doops. Ah i hate when i get the hair in my mouth. I cut this down low because i am unsure, but we gon na see. I didn't burp myself and i keep getting uh stuff in my lip gloss. Good lord! So i'm gon na cut the lace i'm gon na like take it off and cut the lace, because i'm not trying to do all that ball. Cap crap, you know, like just put the wig on you know: let's just cut that freaking lace and see so it's pretty uh. You know straight forward um this hair, i'm trying not to comb too much into it. I don't want to lose the waves um, but yeah. This is some diva hair girl, good lord, it's been a while, since i've done this, so i don't know where my elastic band is so we just gon na fake it till we make it. Okay, something subtle. Just enough to say she got baby hairs, but i don't i didn't, want baby hairs, you know i'll be an extra but y'all get what i'm saying like just some little. It just kind of adds to the look. I think. Okay, so the ends are a little bit tangly as y'all can see, because i accidentally like comb that part which i didn't want to do that. But you know it's all good: where will we be without the concealer and concealer? We trust um because my wig cap is showing back there so yeah, let's get it in overall. Yes, let me make sure i get the back down this. The wig cap is it's very fitting. It fits real good. The hair is super soft, as you can see on this side, i kind of did comb out a little bit, but on accident also, i want to point out that this hair has like some little baby hairs in the back. I don't know if y'all can see them but they're like darker for one they're darker than the hair, but i think it's just so that you can pull it up and do different styles with it um, but yeah. This is busting. Let me put all my clothes and i'll be right: back: okay, yeah yeah yeah, i'm trying not to get makeup on my black outfit! Now all right, whoo girl, i'm feeling myself. I was like rather nervous about this black i'm in this black about this uh red hair, but honey she's, giving she's giving okay sensational like y'all y'all did that? Okay, so my honest opinion on this hair, like this hair, is bomb y'all like i have no cons about it. I just would try another color um, but at the same time i'm glad i tried this color because, like she is giving oh, my god, who is that? Who is that? Like that's me, i give this unit a 10 out of 10. You guys like it was an easy effortless. Beginner sleigh like i didn't, have to do too much um. She is semi-glued down just like a quick middle part. Sleigh um, the waves are gorgeous. The hair is super soft, okay um. She is like really long. Also. Let me stand up see. I can see she's pretty if i stretch it she's, giving like 30 inches almost and like oh, this is so cute. I'M really feeling this one y'all. Let me know what y'all think down in the comments, because would y'all rock this one yay or nay, okay, my shoeness, okay sensational: let's go i'm feeling it so yeah that wraps it up for this video. Let me know what y'all think down in the comments and as always, thanks for watching you

Nizzy Mac: I don’t think I’ve ever had a unit this bold of a red! ❤️ She is bomb! No cons either?!? She a winner fa me! Have you tried this one?

Jasmine Aguilar: I AM FEELING THIS RED ON YOU SIS!!♥️ I love it! You are definitely rocking this one

Felicia Cat: I got this for my Christmas hair this month Thankyou for the review it looks great on you

LQ Love: So glad you're back! Ok 30 and flirty I know that's right! ASMR ugh why could I feel it when the hair kept getting in your mouth, I hate that! This unit is a statement ok! You're showing out honey! You SLAYED as usual

Sammy Da Goat: Omg This Is Super Bomb She Didn't Come To Play She Slayed Once Again You Always Be Looking Sooo Beautiful

lneal2800: Ooh this is fire! that color is bomb and Beautiful! Looking good sis!♥️♥️

Chenese Henderson: Yesssss Nizzy i want people to see me coming so fiyah from the waves to the color love the outfit

Robin Ford: I can't wait to try this wig

Reese LaFleur: This color is so pretty on you omg

JuicyL Skitz: I love your videos.. this unit looks gorgeous on you...fiyyyyaaaa

Donita Marie: Wheeeew!!! You look TF GOOD Sis!!!

Hunny Bunny ♐️🌻: ..another bop! I have to try Vice.

Cutelilvoice: Hey very pretty I really love it on you the color is really nice you look pretty, ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍

Magikalblackness: Oh my boo went red red love it

Shardae Mitchell: Synthetic?! Nah ion think so !

Ty Tillman:

Candy Monia: Here

toby joachim: nobbtm

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