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You should come through tonight: hey y'all, welcome back to another video. If you're new here I am Jada Allure. Today, we're going to be doing a wig installation, the one that I have now first, I just want to say thank you so much to Ellie Pearl for sponsoring today's video. I absolutely love, love love this unit. This is their 18 inch, 250 density, curly wig as y'all can see. It is HD lace. I literally didn't have to do too much with this wig, so big big shout out to Ali Pearl for this beautiful unit. When I received this unit, it was already bleached pre-plugged. I did go in and do some plucking prior to me recording the video, but it was minor minor plucking that I had to do. The link to this exact wig will be in the description bar below, so y'all go check that out and yeah. Let'S get right into this video being, as, though is glueless, I am going to go in with my guy to be free spray page. The things that's just the way we are. You say you love me when it's like that, if it was right, then yeah, I need you baby girl. You know that I need you anywhere energy. I gave you attention when nobody else's pain. Everybody else. Thank you. Thank you, okay celebrities. I Don't Wan na Know, I Don't Wan na Know, keep alive. I Don't Wan na Know. If you want

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