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Length: 10"

4x4 lace closure

1b color



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Hey everyone welcome back to my channel. It'S Lia jumping straight into things. This is a bob. Wake from Amazon was really cheap: Amazon, Prime. It came intact with the little mesh part of the wig, so I had to cut that out. It is big head friendly. It does also come with adjustable straps, which I did use, because it was a little big, a comb in the back two combs on each side of the temple part as well as a comb in the center, which I don't use. So if you're a fan of those didn't yeah, but this is how it looks it's only ten inches and when I put it on my head, this is like yeah like this needs work. So I popped it right back off my head after you know, inspecting it and see if it had layers which it does, because it is Ted each section of the hair, so it happens to fall. You know not evenly so I cut off that extra little piece of mesh and then that's what I realized that it has three different parts. It has that center part as well as two side parts. I actually didn't use those side parts I actually just shifted over the wig from the middle part, so yeah so time to bleach the hair. I decided that I wanted to do peekaboo type of highlights. I guess so. I used quick, blue and tomato playing volume developer. As well as you know, your wig head, I do which I use a higher volume developer. I mixed it up. I I balled it until I like this consistency. I did ends up making a little bit more runny afterwards, so I sectioned off the back, because that's the part that I wanted to process the most. I wanted that to be the lightest part of the wig, so speeding that up see right there. I just add a little bit more. I sped this up for you guys, because I didn't want this to be too long but yeah. I just did it with my fingers. It ended up really coming out. This ends up coming out really nicely because there were no harsh lines. I left the back of the hair process for like like 10-15 minutes before I went into the front, because I wanted the back to be a lot lighter. I wanted to be like hey, like it's really light in the back, but it's being covered by darker hair. So after I washed it, I put it on my. I put it back my mannequin head and I did protect my mannequin head with a plastic bag. So I blow dried it, and then I made a consistency for my closure to bleach. My next video that I upload should be well will be a video on how I customize my closures and French rules, meaning how I bleach it, how I pluck it and how I make it hai late everything about like lace like lace, one on one type stuff. So make sure you subscribe to my channel and you have your provocations turned on so that you get or defied when i do upload that video. So i cut off that lace. Of course - and I cut off my lace like this because I like it to be jagged - I don't like it to be like one straight line - I don't know this just works for me. So then, I went ahead and flat ironed the hair, and I find the hair in small sections, because this hair is so short like there was no way I was able to get all of it to be straight by doing big sections so yeah. This is the color. This is what I came up with. I liked this cinnamon dark brown kind of color, because I felt like I wanted to do a wig that can be worn. For you know a more corporate job kind of wig - and I felt like this kind of color is perfect because it's like it's colored, but it's not outrageous. It'S not really out there so yeah. So this is me just putting the wig on my head as and as you can see, it is actually pretty snug like I could wear this glueless, so I tried to lay it down right. I took my wand curler to make that little part stay down. Try to you know really get this middle part to work and I don't know like the heroes. The hair itself is amazing, like it's beautiful here, but I wasn't feeling how this was sitting on my head. I didn't like how the front had these little long straggly pieces. I wasn't feeling that, like I don't like my face. Yes, this is a face of a person who is not feeling it, so I moved it to the side like I literally just move the whole wig to the side, because I just personally do not like middle parts on me whatsoever. So I all say I won't make this a side part. So that's what I did it I'm a little to the side. I did some curls here, curls there bumped the back. I didn't like that straight edge. Look relief. I thought I would but yeah. This is the end result of the wig. This is not a frontal, and I do have my natural edges out over here, because I did move it to this side, because I don't like middle parts on me. I also snipped off those long pieces. Those long ends think there's very straggling with the front with a feeling, not at all. So let's talk about the actual hair as opposed to the hair color, because the color - I don't worry - that you're gon na see it much on camera most of the colors in the back. This is an Amazon wig. What I mean by a masala is not like Amazon produced a wig, a vendor from Amazon. It sells this wig in several different lengths. This is the 10 inch length shedding. Yes, it does should it's not overwhelming, but then again it's only like my first two hours are wearing it, but as of right now it is shedding a little bit. But I'm also trying to keep in mind that I just processed the crap out of the hair. As well as the front so as well as plucks the crap out of it and it could still use plucking like didn't, really do baby here, it's like that's my hair right there. I guess it does shine, but it's so soft like I am. I am actually really in shock at how soft it is. This is a really really cute inexpensive bob. If you want to have a quick bob, real quick, it's only 50 51 dollars. I think it was a $ 54. So what I recommend this week to anyone? Yes, I would recommend it only because I know there are a lot of people in the world who do not like front tools. I do not like that. I do you have an entire front. All your head. This does not have to be cooled down because it does have the adjustable strap like it was pretty snug. Let me know if you guys would like to like to have me: do more Amazon, wigs, like wings, that can be bought on Amazon at your front door to 2 days. Let me know if you guys want to see more of that. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, don't forget to give this video a thumbs up comment down below if you have any question James and subscribe to my channel to see more of my content. As always, I haven't said this in a long time, but stay true stay you and I'll see you on my next one. Bye,

Nizzy Mac: for $50 this is super cute sis! great job on the coloring job! i loved it!

Aesha B: You did a great job!! I love the color and style!!

Godiva One: The color is beautiful. And yes do more Amazon wigs. Amazon has some great ones but they also have done that are listed a 4-5 star and are no more than a 2 star. Thanks

Monique Parr: Too pretty.. I’ll be purchasing this in the near future. Thanks for the video

Empress1125: Thanks for this video I think I'm going to try this one I've been wanting a bob style wig that you really don't have to glue down. i'm not about that life on a daily basis I don't have time and I like to take my wigs off at night. i really like the way you colored it too. Wish it came like that lol

_naomisr: I love this color

Thony Petit Frere: Looks amazinggg

Sonya Richardson: I would like you to do more Amazon Bob wigs

mia de’nae: Girl the thumbnail convinced me this was a silk press

lavonder18: Awesome thanks u! Great price too :-)

Dolores Renee: Hey hun how is this wig holding up?

Crystal Diaz: How is this wig holding up?

Celina Harris: What song is playing in the beginning of the video? Sound very familiar.

nicole phillips: Did it shed alot

SH BT: Wigs off amazon be trash everyone I bought was trash and fake smdh..

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