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HEY LOVES. This is a wig from Samsbeauty

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ITEM NAME: Outre HD Lace Front Wig Perfect Hairline Fully Hand-Tied 13X6 Lace Wig Charisma


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Hey guys welcome back to my channel if you're new here my name is bianco, and i want to thank you guys for watching so today i have this week right here, she's giving what she's supposed to give, but i do have some cons about it, but i'm Gon na get into that later in the video, so stick around so y'all know what those are. But, but this is the wig. It is charisma. She is cute. I have her in the color too two one and one b all looking like to me, but sometimes i would like let me get to just to switch it up, but she does come in other colors that are really cute. I really like this brown. That'S on the model right here and you can do updos and the parting spaces on it all that fancy stuff. So in the card you have, it says, ear to ear, transparent lace, it's natural baby hairs and it comes with pre-plugged elastic band. I mean pre-attached. I said the last time when i was reviewing laurel laurie devi that wig that's in this uh, perfect hairline collection, which is amazing. Also if you haven't seen the video go check that video out too throwing my link down in the description yeah. But it comes with the plastic bag and then pre-plugged, hairline, yup, yup and then heat friendly, styling he's styling friendly, so yeah, it's kind of like a body wave. You could say juan curtis. That'S what it's giving me one curls she's gorgeous like i. I love her. I love the color just because i want a simple wig, just something i can just throw on my head and you know: that's not you know popping loud, but these colors are gorgeous. I really like. I love that color vibrant, like that too. So that's pretty much. All that's in a note card and if you're familiar with this um collection, let me go to the side real, quick. If you're familiar with this, let you know that this hair comes in a box and no bag, which i complained about the last time. I wish that this collector came with a bag because i like to just keep my my um, wigs and bags because, like i'm, a college student so like when i travel go to school, i don't have that much space. So i don't want to keep a box, but i can just keep it back. You know, but i can always use like a old bag of something like if i throw away a wig. Well, just put it in there. The bumper is going to it be info on the back, so yeah, that's pretty much about this wig like the specs and stuff, so i'm gon na get into like the shedding and tangling so shouldn't i, but not too much, but i'm definitely getting strange. I'M definitely getting shedding, but the biggest kind i have about this wig aside from the shedding is so i'm just going to tell y'all just to be warned so when you're putting this wig on you, i'm inside person, when i put the wig on, i pull the Lace and when i put the lace on the hairs, that's the lace ripping so the lace ripped and it's not like. I was like okay, it's okay, the lace rip, but no like i have to sew it up. So what i did was, i actually have it over here. I should have took a picture before i did it, but i was just like oh my yeah, should i really just do this, which i can't remember if it ripped on the other wig that i have in this collection. I can't remember, but this ripped a lot. A lot you know it's on both sides, so why did i took some clear? Um thread took some clear thread and i just sawed it up, but you didn't even have to be clear because it was on my uh ear tabs but yeah i had to fix it. That was the biggest kind of hat, so just be warned that this lace is very, very fragile. You can't just go in pulling on it because it will rip i'm glad and rip more because i was like oh my gosh. Luckily i had that clear thread. So you can't even really tell on the side, because it's like in the inside it's like right here, so you can't even tell let me see if you can see it, you can kind of see it right there. I didn't sew all the way kind of see that this part is right there, but luckily it's like in the inside of the ear tab. So it's not too bad but yeah. I was so sad. So that's that's the only thing i'm really disappointed about which i mean it's kind of okay, because i mean it's not okay, because lace ripped, i don't know if it was my fault of the like. The lace is just really really too fragile, but the lace is good. I'M really trying to see the bright side of it because, most of the time, if the lace is really thick and i'm ripping it, you know the lace is thick and you can like see your lace. Okay, i can't really see my life. You know it's kind of giving so just be mindful that the lace is very fragile, so don't rip it, but that's the biggest kind. I have about this wig, which i was so sad about it yeah i'm gon na stop talking about it, because it's good now, you can't even tell but yeah. This is the wig and i'm gon na show you how long it is oops. If i was restraining, it would be about 30 inches, touching top of my back, i'm going to touch on top of my butt, maybe longer it's very long, but in the front it's not too long. It'S not like the bottom of my chest. So it's not too bad! I really do like this wig, it's giving me life, it's giving me everything that it needs to give. So that's pretty much it for this review part. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, but to like comment subscribe. If you have any questions or comments, comment down below in the answer, so soldier boy,

Nina Campbell: You’re making it so hard for me to choose my birthday hair you look so bomb as usual

Elizabeth Francis: Sis, the wig was slayed! We need a makeup tutorial next! Please!

mo monet: girl you be slaying tf out of these wigs !!!

daughter_ laura2: Girl I literally buy the wigs after your reviews

Nizzy Mac: Lol these units rip super easy I be tearin my wigs up too girl lol happens to the best of us but I can’t tell! You finessed her

Nizzy Mac: Okay she real cute! I love the wave pattern

Tiafromvenus !: I just threw a brand new outre wig away yesterday cuz the last ripped so easily! Then when I tried to check it, it ripped more and I don’t know how to sew I was almost started crying. Idk why it’s so thin!

Cartie TV: You need to work in advertising cause you literally sell me every wig

chrie r: channel need wayy more hype ! ❤️ , love your videos

Chocolate: You look like HER lol gorgeous and gorgeous unit ❤️

JustAquarius: Sooo I ordered this unit from Samsbeauty and for some reason I just feel like the curls don’t look like yours lol I had to separate them a lot and they still like clump together. I haven’t ever had this problem and I want to love this unit but I’m about to toss her. What did you do to keep her from like lookin scraggly from the curls all bunching together? I do be brushing her but idk.


Kiara Hargrove:

mo monet: new subscriber!!

Machli SaintVil: How long does samsbeauty take to ship?

Nicole Massey: WHAT Lahes are you wearing?

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