$50 Chocolate Brown Wig // Sensationnel What Lace Solana

*disclaimer: I paid for this wig with my OWN money, this review is 100% unbiased and all my thoughts

i tried out this wig for my graduation pictures and I loved it for the day! (pics are on ig if you cared(:

the wig is in the color FFCHOCOLATE, I ordered mine off of amazon

Ig: sierra.aaliyah

business email: [email protected]

music: blue boi- lakey inspired

What'S up youtube, so i'm back with another video. Obviously another hair review as you've read the title. Please excuse my hair right now, i'm looking a little rough. You know it's quarantined. You know it's one of those things, but that's how we have this. That'S why we have her, i'm actually filming this part, a few i'm actually filming this part a few days before i install it. I just want to get my initial review for you guys um, because i'm wearing this actually from my graduation pictures. So this is the senate senator sensational what lace wig in solana this is the color ff chocolate, so the flamboyance chocolate um it's supposed to be better than regular. I don't know if you guys can see this, but it's supposed to be undetectable. Laces, swiss lace, um. It has a pre-customized hairline, so um yeah, so once you open the box, this is oh, oh, look at this. Okay, i don't think you're hold up. I don't think this lighting is doing this color. Just we get into this co hold up get into this color. This is so pretty oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, and look at this hairline. Oh wow, oh wow, so this is the wig without like any customization. This is what the hairline looks like. I think it's a pretty decent hairline, i'm probably going to go in and pluck around. So it's just you know not that straight, but you know besides that, i think it's really nice. It has a 13x6 um parting space. It'S a free part, so i can part anywhere any which way you want and oh this is going to be so pretty please hold in two days: y'all. You are not ready for this hi youtube, so so i'm back uh. Last time you saw me, i was just you know like playing around the hair, but i have just installed it. I'M taking my graduation pictures today. That'S why i look like these um, so let's just get into this hair, really quick, let's just get into it! Okay! So the hair is really nice when i first took it out the package - and i put it on my head a few times - see how it would look. I was like this is that girl? Oh, i forgot to put my nails on anywho i was like this. Is that girl, so i loved it at first um. I don't know if you guys can see but like the ends are like a little a little brittley. So it's not like super soft as it was when it first came out the package, it kind of like acted up really quickly, um. So that's a con to the wig, but the wig is really pretty um. I just use got to be on the hair. I'M just i need this for two hours, like i'm, really not trying to install it like that um. If i had done the bald cap method through and through, i just put a wig cap on, it would be really nice around the hairline um. The parting space is really nice. Basically, you can put it tell me why the middle is kind of cute. That is not the middle, but sorry my mom walked in. She said it was cute anyways, but yeah so basically like wherever you want it to go. This wig is gon na go and i don't know if you're seeing, but this is cute like when i first put it on the wig head. All my friends were like. Oh my god like what company is that and i was like it's synthetic. It'S a synthetic baby. So, as i'm saying this is a really cute wig, oh another con! Oh, i just have a big head, so it does kinda. It doesn't really fit around the perimeter of my head, like i still have some hair here, but who's gon na see that but um. I just think this is a really pretty wig like i just this is definitely not an everyday wig, but um. Not a lot of synthetic wigs are, except for shorter synthetic wigs. So it's just like you have to take in mine, like when you're buying a wig like this. It'S just you get what you pay for. You know you're not paying for some 200 300 hd lace, 20 inch, human hair, wig, you know the synthetic wig and the snipers are going to act. Synthetic and a lot of people forget that and they try to act like oh, like this needs. To last me, three weeks needs to do this at the third, but baby. This is a 50 synthetic wig. However, there are cheaper, wig synthetic wigs if this is a little bit out of your price range because for the price, i think it looks really good, but if you're trying to find a wig that you can get like long lasting wear out of. I don't think this is going to be the unit for you. You know what i mean like. I just feel like this week isn't going to last me. You know like three weeks, but it is good for today and it's going to be good for my eyelashes for graduation. So that's just my opinion on this unit um. I don't really have anything else to say as far as solana um one last look guys. This is this: is she she's really bouncy curls? She comes to about she who body she comes to about here on me, i'm five, nine, i'm large. So that's like kind of like gauging the length of it. I want to say it's like at least like 22 24 inches on me, so just kind of guess like how that would fit on your body, how that would look but um yeah this is she so thank you for watching. Thank you for tuning in. If you have any questions down below just drop them, there don't forget to like comment subscribe. I'M really just subscribed, because i'm trying to start my channel it's gon na be good. It'S gon na be great. You guys are gon na love, it so don't miss out on that hit the subscribe button, but other than that um yeah. I will see you guys next time.

Taylor Synclair: Absolutely gorgeous! And congrats

Tse'lani Francis: It looks amazing on you

Ownly Mirah: Your channel is growing ❤️

Raquel Channel: Oh my gosh it looks beautiful on you! How long did it take to ship? And do you have the link by chance?

Lyfe with Mimi on the move: Oh you did that sis!

Geralda Mondestin: Did you glue it on or was it glueless. Also, did you manipulate it in anyway such as plucking and curling it yourself?

Lila J: Wow!

Hayat: Is this wig synthetic?

Princess Janairis: Color?

Natalie Biah: do u have a link

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