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  • Posted on 25 September, 2018
  • HD Lace Wig
  • By Anonymous

Hey loves! I hope you are are getting into these blonde braids. Please let me know down below what y'all feel about this one. For me I'm still not blown away by it but I still think its a great buy due to the fact that this same style would take hours and cost much more than what Samsbeauty is asking for it. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions I didn't answer in the video. Love you all. Don't forget to Share and subscribe xoxo

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Hey miles welcome back to my channel, so I'm here with another video and this one is gon na, be on the Swiss race week by sensational 4x4. This is their box braid a large, and this was brought to you by since This is what the hair is looking like in the back, I'm really impressed with how cool it is and yeah. It looks very different from other pictures that I've seen of the got across week, so we'll talk about that later. Okay, so this hat does have baby hair. That does have soft lace to comes in the front, a comb in the back with adjustable straps. It does seem like it's going to fit most exercises, so I'm just gon na take some edge control and I'm gon na get all of my dark hair out of the way. This color, obviously is a 613. So I don't want any of my dark edges. Peeking through at all, so I'm gon na try to do the best that I can when it comes to this wig. I wanted to do apply this week before I apply any makeup or anything because yeah, I just wanted to see how it's gon na look without any makeup blonde hair. For me, you definitely need it. Some makeup. Okay, I'm not about the walls outside with just a bare face, and this blonde platinum blonde, wig. Okay, it's not about to happen! So I'm gon na go ahead and cut these baby hairs down and yeah. I'M just gon na get those together and I'm just going to I'm gon na use. What am I gon na use? I don't remember I'll, tell you when I get to that part of the video, so I ended up using the eco styler gel two styles. They baby hairs and then I'm going to use the some hairspray to freeze them in a place. Then I'm gon na place a scarf over it so that it can just set in place. I'M gon na leave that on there for about 10-15 minutes and then I'll take it off to style the unit. So I went ahead and did my makeup and, as you can see, it just makes the whole unit look better now um, but it's a little puffy at the top, but this is what the hair is. Looking like, I love the length of it. I think it's a perfect length for me right about now. This is, it seems to be about 20 to 22 inches long. So I really like that. I'M gon na just kind of do some different styles here and just play with the hair. I'M gon na. Add some of the hair jewels, the gold hair jewels that you can get from your local beauty supply store. I do want to mention that I did go ahead and put some of my face powder underneath the wig. I definitely recommend doing that underneath the wig, especially if you're getting the 6:13 color like I have putting it over top, will definitely create just a big mess. You just don't want it to look messy so yeah, as you can see that that actual 4x4 Pardons face, looks really really nice, so just go ahead and watch the rest of the video I'm gon na go ahead and just continue to add some jewels and style. This unit up, you guys, will hear my final thoughts of this wig and see if it's really worth your coin. Alright, ladies, this is pretty much the final look of this way when I was at the final, because you can do pretty much anything you want to it will not anything. You can do different styles with this wig um, I'm different about it, I'm not like 100 % sold on it, but I will say this is a much better buy than the dhatus lakhs wig. I did not purchase that one, but I did thank gosh that I have some real subscribers out there. I have some real people looking out for me and my wallet because I got so many DM, so many um snacks on my snapchat and messages on Facebook, even telling me not to get that unit, because it is super poorly made, and it's really people out here Telling people that this that that goddess-like wig is the smoke like it's the best thing since sliced bread, absolutely not it's trash by period, they you need to go back to the drawing board when it comes to that wig, but this one. On the other hand, it is a lot better as far as from what I've seen like people were, showing me like video, actual footage of them, trying to style it and then just showing the actual footage of them, packaging, the wig and what it actually looks like. There'S so many sparks you know spots in that week, but this one you, as you could see, did not have very many sparse um fights in the back where it to where it was like. You couldn't wear it. This wig is definitely wearable. I think it is really a nice wig, especially if you want you, don't want to spend hours and hours in the chair get in braids done now. I chose the 613 because I really wanted to see what it looks like a lot of reviewers have already did the 1 B and the number 2 in unnatural colors. So I really wanted to come with this one and see what it looked like. The actual 4x4 part in space is really nice on it. It looks really natural, so I'm impressed by that so yeah, the Braves and the 4x4 part in space is different from the other braids, though I will say they do have like the natural ball on there. I hope you guys can see that so yeah, you can kind of see the ball, so it really looks like somebody actually did the braids. You know what I'm saying like if somebody actually braided it and took the time to do that. So this one I like the density is not heavy at all, so it doesn't feel like you have like a whole bunch of braids like if you were to get this mini braids at the shop. It would be extremely heavy on your head and all of that - and this is all the hair to the front - I think the hair is really really pretty it's giving me um BAPS vibes, it's giving me Ronnie from Players, Club vibes. You know I'm saying if you're trying to go for that, but you know this is something that I would wear on a daily basis, but this is something that I will pull out if I really want to turn his or if I really just want to you Know do something different. This is really really cute, in my opinion, I'm the only reason I was indifferent about. It is because of the simple fact that all of the braids aren't don't look like this. I really wish that they all looks like that, but I get that is you know it's still a synthetic wig and you know it's not gon na, be extremely well done, like you, don't think it's well done, but it's not like I'm not raving over it. It'S still a nice wig. Would I pay that money for it? Yes, I would so shoutouts to Sam's media for having it for a decent price and yeah. They have great shipping as well, so definitely check the links down below if you're interested. In this way, I will leave all of the information down below and let me know what you guys think of this unit. Have you tried it already? Let me know your experiences, all of that good stuff. Do you have that horrible goddess lock or what a goddess lock wig, or what sensational I love y'all, but go back to the drawing board on that one. That'S an epic fail! We'Re not gon na even discuss that any further, but so yeah. If you were wondering if I was gon na, do a review on that wig, I'm not because I'm gon na spend my money on it. I'M not gon na waste, a company asking them to send it to me either because I that's a waste, but this one. I can get away with for sure so Ethan. Let me know what you guys think of this one and yeah. I will see you cleans in my next video pray for me as I can see to pray for you guys and I'll see Queens later.

Queendom Mindset: Thank you for showing the 613 everyone is doing the natural colors but I’m extra & really wanted to see the blonde lol

- 𝘿.𝙎𝙖𝙢𝙤𝙧𝙚 𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙘𝙩𝙨 -: Girl facts. Blonde hair needs makeup for me too. Makes me look like the walking dead without it. Just Highlight all my flaws. You rocked it out. I'm waiting for my order to come today. I got the braids in this color too (I actually wanted the locs but wasn't available). Great tip with the powder too. Wow so I'm happy I didn't get the goddess locs now that I watched your whole video.

michele6813virgolady: I have the unit in 1 and I took the whole wig and dipped it in boiling hot water to make it more slick and I put jewelry in it too it looked really nice you look beautiful as always

Elsa's Beauty: I bought this but in small and omg do I ever get many compliments! I love this unit I may try the larger braids like this one

Donielle Tyler: That color looks so good on you! Your skin tone is perfect for that color! TFS it looks great on you.

Alison Thomas: Your raw honesty is always, ALWAYS appreciated. Stay blessed beautiful.

Kia Miché: I liked it when she had it up at the top to show her full face that look really fits her and the color. I have never tried 613 I’m not that confident at all but it really fits her skin tone. ❤️❤️❤️

Margolita P'nina: I've been #60/613 white platinum blonde for years and decided to return to 1b this month. I did. I'll get this unit when i miss blonde. Thank youuu ~ you are beautiful and the unit too

𝒱𝑜𝓃𝒹𝒶: Your make up really made that wig POP‼️ The structure of this wig seems pretty solid. Thanks for the video

Aya_All_Day: The Goddess locs wig is one that I've reviewed showing flaws & all exposed & I clearly stated my stance on it in my review. I like the concept of these mass manufactured braided wigs & I hope they look at our reviews to make improvements on them. The blonde box braids look nice on you, great review

AN-G DEE: I usually dont like the blonde wigs w/out dark roots.But this unit looks good on you.

MzTrish: This unit looks good on you

lea perry-trunnell: LOVE this unit on you especially in this 613 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ms Acosta: I love how you choose the colors people are afraid to try I love it...tfs

Jackie Bang: SOLD again D... You slays everything and your makeup is cute. Thanks for the review and the popping beat face Favorite You're one of the realist so I have much respect and love for you.


NJDevil07: Very nice ❤❤❤. Wow the goddess locs was on my list to purchase. Disappointing how some say the wig is bomb and it's not. I would be so mad paying upwards of 70.00 for a poorly made wig. Good looking out to you and your subscribers for letting us know.

randomgirltv: Love the braids queen

Bianca Johnson: Definitely not a color for me the braids are pretty and I do like the unit!

Love: I like it looks cute I want this unit

Aphrodite Love: I have the same one in large and small braid same color as well, my number one complaint is how large the braids become once it passes the frontal, I have the goddess lock wig I think the blonde one needed more locks but the ones I saw in the wig group were in looked pretty ok I will be crocheting more locks in the back and sides to cover the tracks

Cece: Thank you for doing this in 613 I gotta get this shipped to the uk ASAP

Cynthia Cummings: If this unit was full lace and those same knotted braids all over that are in the front, I'd pay the asking price. I can't stand the filler hairs in the back. Because of this, when the wind blows or someone might happen to lift your braids, you can see that it's fake. So, these units are a NO for me. Thanks for the review Dionna.❤️

LaVina Matthews: Do you have any suggestions on how to make it flatter?

Viola Maria: love it D!!

Jackie Bang: Yeah I was waiting on you to review the Goddess Lock unit in a 613. The unit looks cute but I've heard a lot of negative thoughts about the construction of the unit, also so I understand.

Monica Randolph: Nice unit enjoyed watching

Eboni Eyez: Beautiful doll

Yea Rite: Werk Bohesha! This is giving me bohemian realness vibes on u D, very gorgeous #tfs

Neri: I wish I could see this wig In a 1b before I buy this

Jatoya .S: I was thinking of getting this was it big head friendly ? I wanted to try the 613 and is it actually nice in person or worth buying ?

Sirena: I like it. Might purchase it and put pink beads on it

Dee Luther: Great Nice VideO aS AlwayS BreathTakinG ThumbNaiL ThO Your Absolutely Gorgeous Ur Makeup Eyeliners EyeBrowS All Stay On Point Have a Lovely Week as well

Makayla Sol-Speed: I love the goddess locks wig lol

Empress Keys Moon: Have you tried the red carpet Nicki wig. I ordered that one in a bug and I must say that I really like Nicki. However I really like this one on you.

Cherie Tillman: You look amazing and beautiful Queen

Shuawn L: Hey Dionna, I like the wig but not the color so much, but it still looks good on u!!!!

CHER62006: looks good on you. pretty.

ZyriaNa AreNee: do you think I can darken the roots to be more natural it be OK?

Fekey Hill: I wonder if I can dye this blonde wig red .. do u think it will take ?

J Hobbs: ooo this color tight on u, cute!

Kim J.: I like the blond

Jackie Bang: I watched the video yesterday when you posted it but it's been on my mind since then so I'm here to re-watch it...

Love: Makeup

Kim Amelia Indigenous Chippewa: I’m not a braid nor loc girl however just from what I’ve seen on YT the braid wig is nice but the loc wig is horrible. It has filler hairs that clearly looks fake. This looks nice on you.

Savannah .S: Was this big head friendly ?

Shining Star: Do u have the goddess loc wig ? Beacause I got this same large braid and it’s trash in my opinion compared to the reviews on the goddess locs wig I seen

elaine Nelson: Yaaaasssss!

Cherie Tillman: Why are you so Beautiful?

CRYSTAL SWIRLZ: Ronnie from "players club" vibes..

Shining Star: My first comment I haven’t watched it all but now that I did ??? Why u go so hard on a wig from opinions that u heard vs trying for yourself ? I don’t get it

sweetnspicy15: I don't like this one it doesn't sit on your head right it looks more like a costume wig

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