Sensationnel Cloud9 What Lace Human Hair Blend Hd Lace Wig - Arabella 28"|Ebonyline.Com

Sensationnel Cloud9 What Lace Human Hair Blend HD Lace Wig - ARABELLA 28"|

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COLOR Melt chocolate

- Cut : Layered

- Length : 28"

- 13" X 6", Ear-to-Ear With 6" Deep Hand-tied.

- Pre-plucked, Natural Density.

- Undetectable Flawless Hairline.

- Perfect Hairline With Baby Hair Along The Hairline.

- Pre-customized Unit.

- Protective Style; No Leave-out Necessary.

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Hey guys, welcome and welcome back to my channel. So today I have Sensational Cloud9 the what lake collection and the style at rubella 28. already yeah. So I'm going to be using the black, even one, and so far I like this one I feel like it definitely melts all right. They use a face powder of your choice to kind of blend out that lace, to give it more of a natural finish. Foreign, hey told me about all your insecurities so curling your baby here will definitely help you lay it better. For me, I feel like it even looks better when I curl them in my heart eyes, don't be afraid to cut the ends of the baby here. If you feel like it's too long, laughs, yeah, yeah, definitely 28 inches and I'm loving this melted chocolate, color baby to react, listen to it anytime, I'm like a baby and the money's hard to make. So I bet they only face right now. When he tell the story they wanted some kids, so I did get a lot of tingling and shedding. I guess because it is 28 inches. So the longer it is the more tingles you get. So I would strongly recommend cutting this unit if you want to wear it longer than a week because yeah it yeah all in all, I do love the style of it. I think it's very simple, very easy, um just the length and the tingling and shutting, of course, but other than that. I'D probably give this unit a 6 out of 10 for a synthetic unit, thanks for watching guys catch me in my next video bye.

Louise M: You look so beautiful!! Mine in color melt hazel just got here - I can’t wait to go try her on!! I hope I look as good as you!!

Alberta Milord: Aw thank you so much, you will look beautiful I hope you like your new unit ❤❤❤

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