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Guys and welcome back to my channel so how you guys doing today, i'm back with another beautiful hair and trust me guys. This is definitely from amanda hair, and this is how the packaging is looking like girl like this packaging is cute. I love how it is super safe. Your product is going to look super safe and beautiful. When you receive yours it says amanda, hair in front so guys and the back is so cute and sleek. Let'S go from straight right into this hair. Let me show you guys what you're going to receive from our mother hair and to me this is actually a deep wave in 22 inches and in 13 by four hd lace, and this is how you transparent delay. So that means it's going to melt perfectly into your hairline, like you you're, going to get that you know melted, silky hair, and this is right. It guys so before that. Let me show you guys what you're going to expect or receive from them as a game. First, this is actually a weaker trust, because we all need this wake up. You know to make our installations and all that you know sleeky hair, so they're going to give you this, and next is just the hair and it's um. It says 22 here, as you can see, so let us go straight and see how the texture everything is looking because for me, uh amanda hair are always super super natural and affordable guys. You can tell this is super cute already like, oh my god, it doesn't look like it's 280 to me. It'S like a 24 inches super long and i'm loving how the texture is. It'S super nice and, oh, my god, let's take a look at the car. It'S like: can you see that i can't see that this is super cute and it's looking so natural guys, don't forget, the lens is looking not so bleak. You can go ahead and use your your powder, your foundation, and you know, tease the legs to give you that natural hair look because this is actually a hd, transparently sweet. So it's going to melt perfectly into your skin too, and just use your powder and your foundation and that's it you don't need to stretch over it so guys we're going to cut the lens. You know leather, uh, hairline and that's it. But before then, this is how the interior of the hair is looking like. It has two combs here to give you extra tight, hold and the two sides, and the bottom part, and at the middle part, and also you have these adjustable straps right here. You know to give you more extra tighter of your hair and the texture is so cute. Like super soft, like no tangling, no shedding everything is super. Super nice and don't work for you. So guys stay tuned shoot is shoot is, as you can see, we have come to an end of this beautiful installation. As you can see, this is so nice. It'S a 22 inch deep wave. I went ahead and used my conditioned water like water and condition mix together to give you that you know shiny, look and to bring out the course so much so guys. Let me know what you think about this hair. Don'T forget! This is actually a transparent hair delay in 22 inches a 13 by 4 lens. The lens is superb. It melted perfectly like you can't tell where his legs like. Where is his legs? All you need to do, use your powder, your foundation. You know to tease the lace a bit and to give you that natural good looking look you're looking for so guys. Let me know what you think about this and don't forget all the things you need to be right in the description box down below all you need to do. Click, the description box, the head details, the direct head link, all that has they have in their their store link and every other good things you're looking for will be right there. You can see how many complain all their contact info will be right there. You can go check them out on instagram check them out on their website. Everything is right there for you guys and super super affordable, so guys. Thank you and i'll see you guys in my next video bye, guys

Hector Demetrius: This look is sooo beautiful!! this is exactly the hair I want for my 25th birthday! I definitely have to get this ASAP

Maç Gündemi: You did a great job installing it and thanks for the tips

Anna Amirkhanashvili: Love this curl pattern

Mellissa Vanwagoner: Wig is so beautiful I love how you rocked it perfectly

Clarice Willene: Super flawless! Love your personality too❤️

uglows nessa: You make it look so easy

William Burke: This unit is so pretty on you! And you are really good

Hunter Alonzo: The hair was laid and the outfit slayed

Long Piercy: This was satisfying to watch and really helpful

Annie Otkirova: You better come through with them curls! Yassss!

stefan Masse: I love a body wave and this unit look so good on you

Blanch Varghese: Lovely top, love the look of this hair.

Dredyn Chae: You are so talented! ALWAYS LOOKING BOMB

Hunter Carte: I love this hair on you dear and I love your consistency ❤️

Carmen Miers: Great job! I just hope I can get my curls to look that ’m solo not good at curling

Dori Munden: Love it girl!

Contra'nın Annesinin Am1: Ahh yes, I love this hair on you!

Pasty Seymor: You’re so pretty with this unit

Joshua Fletcher: So pretty

Cathie Bookman: Very detailed review! You look so goooodddd

Gary Cheung: We’re here! I’ve been waiting for a deep wave wig

Hüseyin öğüt: Whaaattt?! I love curly! Curly hair is super cute on you fr. Slayed indeed!! Tfs

Dennise Nuss: Yesssss so fyeeeee!!!! The hair is looking magnificent

Toshiko Zupan: This install was fire

Ömer Kanlıada: Hair + Fit =

yunus emre Aygül: Hands down the absolute best video I have ever seen

Gudetus Galgeles: New subbie so glad I found your channel ❤️

ismail Haykir: Love the look


TagliAilgaT: Do you ever sell the wigs you review?

Emircan Ahraz Müzik: I need this !!

Ysamo Catherine: Yessss!!! Beautiful

Vida Mijatovic: That hairline is so wow

Gökay Çakmakcı: Yasss vacation hair

Roma Mayse: What’s the name of the curling iron you used and where can I purchase it?

collings115: The fact that you ate this let me add this to my cart.

Latanya Biondo: That lip combo is did you use?

koeppel michaela: I want to order one please, I would love to know the link to order

Moses Buttrey: I LIVE FOR YOU

Clayton Brandon: Baby you’re beautiful

Tawana Tomko: Love you too baby ❤️ boo boo ❤️❤️ love you you too❤️ boo boo❤️love you too❤️❤️❤️

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