$30?! Blonde Hair For Black Women || Freetress Equal " Ladonna ( Ff Cream)" || Start To Fi

Hey Foxy Mamas , We’re back with another video ! Hope you guys enjoyed the beautiful install , I hope I was able to help some of my girls with some WOC Blonde friendly wigs . If you guys have some synthetic units you would like to suggest me to try , comment down below


Sam’s beauty : https://www.samsbeauty.com/service/Fre...

Divatress : https://www.divatress.com/products/fre...

Ebonyline : https://www.ebonyline.com/freetress-eq...

Wigtypes: https://m.wigtypes.com/freetress-equal...

Shake N Go : https://www.snghair.com/lace-front/lad...



$20 NATURAL CURLS : https://youtu.be/qHZXufzb2_M

Brazilian Dupe : https://youtu.be/Fdd6-iB2msQ

HoneyBrown Bob : https://youtu.be/VqOgjE_nkQk

Red Hair: https://youtu.be/fO8L3GpWQ_E

Curly Hair : https://youtu.be/sIOWY6hBVWw

Versatile Wig Hairstyles: https://youtu.be/_K-ElU72jwM

The Essentials

* Wig Cap ( of your choice )

* EBIN Lace Spray

* Got 2B Gel

* Scissors

* Eyebrow Razor

* Comb

* EdgeBrush or ToothBrush

* A head wrap or scarf

* Hot Comb

* Foundation or Concealer of your Shade

Good Luck Foxy Mamas ! You Got This


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So when i saw this online, i was like oh no baby come with me: you're mine, you're, mine and you're thirty dollars, ship that to my house. Now you guys welcome back. It is your girl, so foxy and if you're new to my channel, hey girl, hey today we're going to be getting into this beautiful balm blonde bombshell, and i just think you don't want to see it. But before we jump into that video, please don't forget to hit that button down below now come on boo, let's go now going in with my got to be free spray, i'm just going to be securing my wig cap. Well, you guys know. I make my wig cap out of pantyhose, so we're just doing that this is our unit. Her name is ladonna. She is a middle part, synthetic wig. She has two combs in the front and a comb in the back, and she also has adjustable straps. That can pretty much adjust to any size head now. You guys should see me taking off or cutting off all the excess pantyhose that i do not need this week. You know your girl actually took her time. You know the last time we did an install your girl's. Wig cap was kind of looking a little crazy, but we got it together this week. You know just cutting all that off now, you're just going to want to go back in with your scissors and trim off any excess lace that you see at the corner of your hairline. Now i'm just going in with my juvia's place foundation and i'm just smearing that all over my wig cap again with the excess lace, if you can still see it, trim that baby down now we are just throwing on our unit and instantly instantly. I know you guys see how flat this unit is on my head without a hot comb without any of that look how flat she's laying amazing. Now you guys just see me going in with my what is that called? Oh, my gosh, my eyebrow razor girl? Listen! It'S been a long day for me: okay, pardon me, i'm just cutting off all that excess lace with the eyebrow razor. Now you want to use an eyebrow razor, i would say, maybe for the lace that people can see the eyebrow razor kind of creates a jagged edge so that when you use lace, glue or lace spray, it just presses into the skin better. If you use a scissor, it tends to give more of a blunt cut and it actually makes your wigs a lot more noticeable. So i know you guys see me using the razor to cut the lace up top. I'M just going in with my scissors at the bottom part nobody's really going to see that, and i just wanted to cut a little bit more lace than i would need now. You guys just see me putting my hair up and i'm actually going to be showing you guys two ways this week on how you can secure your wig using lace braid so going in with my even lace spray. I am just holding that lace down with my finger as i'm securing that lace into my skin. I know you guys see see me lightly tapping the lace you're just pressing, that that's security, and she should be like that now, you're just going to want to fan that until it dries it gives no residue and she is amazing. The next way would be. You would just take your lace, braid and physically spray, this one onto your skin, and then you can just take your lace and press that in so that's what you guys see me doing, fan it out, use the back of a comb, i'm just using the back Of my edge, what is that my edge brush etch comb, whatever you call it girl just pressing that in and now for edge security, we're just going to take our edge scarf and tie that lace down and now our lace should be nice and blended like that. Now i yeah i'm not even going to talk about it. You guys are just going to see me. Do my baby hairs. So now you guys just see me taking out a little section from the front um again, i believe i mentioned that in my i'm trying to think what was it i think in the red wig install when it comes to colored hair you're going to want to Take out a little bit more hair than you necessarily would when making baby hairs only because color hair, especially on black women, it doesn't show up how we want it to show up so cut a bit more extra hair. If you really want your baby hairs to pop out - and now you guys just see me swooping and creating - and i never really know how my baby hears is gon na turn out, i kind of just go with the flow. So that's what you guys see me doing right now, pulling out some more hair. I thought that i wouldn't need as much but clearly i did and now we're just scooping that in and that's looking so so much better. Now, i'm most likely. If i know myself, yep just fill in that little gap and that would be it voila she's, looking real cute looking real cute now, you guys just see me checking myself out of course, but now you guys just see me creating baby hairs at my middle part, I like what i like, i don't care what you say and now i'm just scooping that in and yeah there we have our baby hairs. Now, i'm going in with my kiss lace powder. I believe - and this is in the color light brown and i'm just using that to define my part just a little bit more honest to god. This was such a waste of my time. I think i did it more because i'm used to it, but i promise you girl, you do not need a hot comb. This wig is flat as hell. Okay, you don't need to do this. This is just me being extra but yeah that was our install she's. Looking real good she's looking extra flat - and i just feel like we did an amazing job class for me - check your girl out. So now, let's get into this wig. This is the freetress equal level of hd lace, front wig, her name is ladonna. I don't know if i really like that and i got her in the color ff cream. Just hear me out. I really don't be understanding why they'd be trying to use all these fancy ass names for some color girl. It'S a brown wig with some blonde highlights. Just say that, but her key features is that she is pre-plucked to perfection, we're lazy. We love that durable hd lace that blends in perfectly, but are they lying? Are they lying and she is ready to wear so as far as this unit goes, she was a super duper easy install. She gave me no problems when i tell you this girl is flat. I don't know i kind of regret, showing you guys that i used my hot comb, because that didn't do for me like i wasn't. It was already flat. What were you doing now? The only con about this unit is that there is a little bit of some tangles out, see what i mean she does have that and that can be pretty annoying, but i spent 30.99 on this unit. Am i really complaining absolutely not? I don't care that might be a problem for some people, so i just want to put that out there if you're one of those people that synthetic units - and you know the tangles - then baby - she is not for you, but if you're one of those like mom, That can entertain that because she's, not real human hair - and she still looks amazing - then girl get this okay. She she's worth it she's working y'all could call me a biter, but i've been seeing this trend almost everywhere. My facebook, my instagram, my tic tac and i'm like i like the look of like the little two blonde streaks in the front like i think that is cute. So when i saw this online i was like. Oh no baby come with me. You'Re mine, you're mine and you're thirty dollars, ship that to my house now so she's a brown unit with black roots. She has the two blonde highlights in the front and if you guys can see in the back under is where all the blonde is at, and i just i think that is so sexy. I love the look of blonde and brown hair on my brown skin girls. The best thing in the world - i never know the words the song is so embarrassing. I know this part i'll, never trade, you for anybody else, sing it ivy. You got competition, another con for some people would be um, particularly for me, i'm not. I know i'm always talking about my brown girls, but i can't help it because i am one and i just feel like i'm looking out for y'all you're welcome. I tend to pick my unit, sometimes based off, like a yaki texture like i actually like the look of like blow dry hair like the kinky straight kinda, because i know a lot of my units are silky. But i promise you if you've got like the feel of them. Most of them have like that texture feeling she's a bit more silky and that's fine, because she's still cute, but i don't really like that. I think these are the ones that tend to tangle more. Hence why i think she tangles, but i'm just mind my business she's, pretty silky a little too silky for me, i'm still gon na wear her, but i'm just letting y'all know in case you want to get it she's, silky man, some people like that and some People don't so you guys, let me know yay or nay, which is it now like always, we have to name our unit and i kind of already had something in mind. This is one of those. If you know you know, have you ever seen legally blonde and if you have are you my girl and if you have it, what are you waiting for my girl, elle was the lawyer. I love her and i just feel like being that she was alone and i'm a blonde that i want her name to be, though july july, because we love, we love it like look at me, i'm sexy no seriously, though i'm sexy as that's not conceited, okay, Because that's exactly how you should feel about yourself, i'm just saying that was it for today's video, you guys, if you enjoyed, please don't forget to like comment and hit that button down below. Please don't forget to turn on your post notifications, so you know what i will be posting next and until next time l will see you later adios

Ln: I love that you don’t just stick with natural black.SUBSCRIBED!

Highly Favored: Great SLAY‼️ Very Beautiful color on you. I usually use wig control and blue magic leave in conditioner to prevent tangling. 30 bucks this unit is a steal. . Thx sis for your honesty. #godbless

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30 yrs a nurse: Pretty color ! Like silky too.. Yes that’s positive self esteem ❤️ lol

Sheena Denton: The wig is really nice but I put the part to the side

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ohthatsmic: Beautiful install…the wig is sold out in every site you linked

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