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Hey you guys welcome back to my channel, so we are back with another hair tutorial. This wig is by Eunice hair. It is their honey blonde, highlighted, lace, wig, 100 human hair, and you guys this wig was so easy to install. The lace was super transparent and super thin. So if you guys want to see how I got this look just continue to watch now, you guys know it would not be a Jada tutorial if I did not give you a full detailed unboxing. So, first of all, look at that cute bracelet that you needs hair sent along with this robe. I was so happy when I did the unboxing because they sent so many gifts along with the wig in itself. Okay, so here is the wig here, I'm gon na give you guys a close-up of those beautiful highlights. So this is by Eunice hair. It'S their honey blonde highlighted lace, front wig, 100, human hair. I have the 13x4 transparent lace frontal. I also have it in a 150 density and I believe I have it in 24 inches as well, but you guys look how thin those knots are when I saw that I was like. Yes, we are going to have a nice, quick and easy wig install. So I was happy about that inside the wig. You have the three Combs. You have the adjustable straps all the way at the bottom, and then you also have an adjustable elastic band. That way the wig is fitting perfectly on your head, all right. So now it is time to install this wig, and just so you guys know, I did bleach the notch to my legging off camera and I also did pluck the lace a little bit more off camera as well just to my liking, but, as you guys saw In the beginning, the lace does come super natural, looking with a pre-plucked, hairline and baby hair, and it is a transparent lace. So it's going to be super easy to melt, and just so you guys know the hair is super. Soft and smooth it's virgin hair. So was actually really easy to manage overall, so once the wig is fitted to my head, that's when I like to cut off all that additional lace that we do not need and then once I'm secure with the hairline, and I like the way that it looks. That'S when I go in with my melting spray by even to secure the lace down, and then I let it melt under the elastic band for about like 10 minutes. Thank you, foreign okay. You guys so once that melting spray gets tacky and it actually is tacky. Pretty fast, that's when I'm going to melt the leaves - and you guys watch how easy it is for that lace to disappear once I secure it down. I was like amazed, and I was also really happy, because that means less work for me to make the lace. Look natural, so I'm just securing the wig in place, I'm adding any more spray. If I need to before, I tie it down with the elastic band. Thank you all right, so the lace is fully secured. I was happy with how the hairline looked so now is the time where I add my Foundation to make the lace look a lot more natural, even though the lace melted beautifully. As you guys can see, it looks a little bit white and that's because it is transparent, so I like to just add some foundation on it or whatever makeup you choose to do, whether it's like a spray tint or whatever. It'S whatever you like to use to make sure that your lace matches the rest of your skin color foreign foreign. Thank you, and, as always, I have to give you guys some close-ups, because it was giving natural and it was giving scalps. I was really happy with it. I did go back in with my powder foundation just to go over the lace a little bit more, because I really just wanted to make sure it Blended in with the rest of my skin as well. I'M real picky when it comes to that like I need it to look natural, not just good on camera like it needs to look good in person too, so I just wanted to do this, just as like you know a little extra security type of thing. I don't know I'm just picky, but anyways, now that the lace is secured. What I'm going to do is go in with my wax stick and my hot comb, because you guys know I like to make sure the top of my wig is laying flat now. This is a 13 by 4 lace frontal, so you have room to do a middle part. A side part a side swoop, part half up half down whatever you choose. So whenever it comes to highlighted wigs, especially this particular honey blonde one I was like you know what a side swoop would do it justice. So that's what I'm gon na do foreign. Thank you, foreign. Okay, if I didn't mention this earlier, I have the body wave texture. You guys. I can't remember if I told you guys that earlier, so that's the reason why I added some curls to it. This is a body wave texture and I believe I have it in 24 inches and 150 density, but, as you guys can see, the hair curled extremely well, and I wanted those waves back. So I decided to go back in with the curling iron and just give me some. You know effortless beach, waves type of thing, so curling your hair is you know it's regular, so I'm just gon na. Let you guys watch this part, and then I will come back in a few foreign foreign number one for this being like 150 density. Doesn'T this hair look really full? So that's good! So now that the curls are all in place, I'm going to lightly go in with my fingers and basically separate the curls Go Lightly. With this, you guys, please, because it's real easy to cause a lot of frizz and stuff, and you don't want to do that. You just spent a whole lot of work, curling your hair right, so I'm just going in lightly. Was there pieces that I needed to correct off camera? Of course, there always is, because you know you want it to look a certain way, but once I finished with everything, this is how it came out, and I was really happy with it. The hair overall, you guys was really good quality. I could definitely tell it. Was 100 virgin human hair because of how soft it was and how easy it was to manage it, it wasn't tangling it wasn't shedding, especially for it being a highlighted wig. I didn't have any issues with it whatsoever, so I was really happy with that. I actually really enjoyed this wig install and it was easy for me to do because that lace melted in one two three and you guys know how I feel about my highlighted wigs over. So I will have all of the information listed at the very top of the description box. Thank you guys for tuning in, and I will see you guys next time. Foreign

Natondeck: I looooove this color and it looks amazing on youuuu. Loved the side part and the curls came out so pretty ❤

Abu Amirah: The lace literally melted into your skin looks so beautiful especially the color

Melinda Hall: Hey miss lady notification squad yess with the thin knots and all the goodies. Nice. Ur great at bleaching beautiful slay. Thanks for sharing . Keep growing and for sure keep shining❤

Abu Amirah: Wow They sent so many gifts and that bracelet is so pretty… let me continue to watch ❤️

Sammy Da Goat: This Wig Color Is Super Bomb Lovely Outcome You Look Soooo Cuteee

Nathan Duaban: Marvelous dahling

Tayla Rose: Hey queen! Slaying as always!! I have a request if it’s cool, would you react to the Ronpage doc about Sam and Ronnie’s relationship Jersey shore ? If no it’s cool but based off other videos and comments I feel like you would like someone’s taking Sammies back


VERINDA: Heyy sejayda did you watch the bad boys trailer already?

Kanyia Harris: Hey sejayda

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