This Is The One! | Sensationnel Human Hair Blend Hd Lace Front Wig Butta Lace Hollywood Wave 26&quot

ITEM Name: Sensationnel Human Hair Blend HD Lace Front Wig Butta Lace Hollywood Wave 26"


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Every time hey guys, I'm back with some synthetic drips that I'm super excited about, because I've been seeing this wig and I wanted to try it um. I got it from my good friends over there at Sam's Beauty, which you know they are a One-Stop shop. I get a lot of my personal wigs that I would be on here, for them so be sure to check them out I'll leave all their information and social medias in the description box, and it's about Sensational and y'all know I think Sensational has just been killing It between them and outrage definitely hands down synthetic wig maker winners. Okay, so this one by Sensational, is in the style. Hollywood Hollywood Way 26 and I got it in the color too, and it's part of the butter lace collection. Also, you know Sensational makes the wood lace they get. They have all these collections dashly. So this one is part of the butter lace, collection, um. That means it's human hair and premium fiber blend AKA synthetic. Let'S not get it um. I got her in a color too, but she comes in beautiful colors. Of course, your one one B, two, but she comes in Balayage caramel, Balayage, chocolate, Balayage, gold, Balayage, hazelnut Balayage, mocha, flamboyage, auburn, flamboyage blonde, which I love that color flamboyage, mocha and flamboyage sandwich. I also love that colors okay, when she comes in this hard box ain't, nothing like a wavy number. Two though y'all look, okay, the only thing I did was um cut off the lace and uh. That'S it. Okay and those are those some of those colors that I just named all right - Hollywood wave y'all - this is very, very pretty. I didn't cut off lace completely. Oh yes, I did. I did I'm sorry y'all. Look at that number two and look at those waves like right out of the pack. That'S just gorgeous and the texture up close is not too silky, but not too yacky. It'S the middle ground, texture that I love and you get a very deep part: okay, um Hollywood, wave 26 is very very long. What I'm gon na do is plop her on my head and do all that every time foreign come through everybody y'all. This is definitely diving in some big hair. Don'T care Glam, hair Hollywood. Glam was the perfect name for this week, so y'all know I like to give it to you Raw and Uncut. So I showed you what the hair looked like straight out of the pack. It gets big um, I sprayed it down only thing. This is the only thing: that's in this bottle is some leave-in conditioner and water, and I sprayed it down and it tamed it a little bit um and I do like it better once I sprayed that conditioner on it um - and this has been on my head For probably 20 minutes, so it's pretty much dry now and it's dry to such a gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous curl pattern. Y'All, I'm in love with this wig, hey y'all, so it's 26 inches long, but in my head y'all. If I cut this stuff out right here, it's giving Berry Solange very uh Festival, very I'm in a desert doing a photo shoot. I might have a heat stroke, but I'm gon na be cute laying on the desert ground. That'S what it's given y'all. This is very, very gorgeous. It is very pretty. I didn't have any issues with this wig. The only deal I mean y'all know, but that's a given um the lace on these uh butter lace units is pretty stark white, but you know they say they do that. So it can blend to multiple skin tones. I just put a little bit of powder up there, um y'all. This is gorgeous. I also went and checked on Sam's Beauty's website and they have it in stock in every color, and this wig is extremely affordable um. Like always check the description box, you will see a direct link to this. This gorgeous gorgeous unit y'all the layers that they cut in this look out. It'S just not like bone straight, like they cut layers into this. That are absolutely gorgeous and I'm glad I got it in there too, but just a heads up this week would have been absolutely gorgeous in any of those blonde colors that Auburn baby, you would have been looking like a woodland you, you would have been looking so Cute, but if something about this just natural black, when you're doing long hair, that just does it to me, so I definitely recommend that you guys go check out Hollywood. Glam 26 um, like I would say, maybe not in the wigs. Maybe it's your cousin Athena goddess! Maybe it's your uncle Adonis God, whichever one send them to me and Sam's Beauty, and we will definitely definitely get them right until next time. Y'All should be very soon bye. Okay,

Dana Foster: This is so stunning… I’m in love with that wave pattern. Id have to cut out some tracks to remove the bulk.

Yahriah Ahava: It is super super pretty!! Yes cut would be just perfect!!! Much love Jess!!

Regina Lafaye: Yesss sis! This is def a big bop ❤

Mave: You're right Jess. Sensational & Outre are dominating. I wonder why Freetress kinda fell off? I feel like I haven't seen anything special since Valentino. Maybe that upgrade Kamala.

N.L. Dandridge: Yasssss Jessica!! Auntie A and Uncle A will slay! I gots to get this in the blondes

patrice moore: Very thick beautiful glam hair !!!

Christina G: Stepping up my goals to "rich drunk auntie goddess"

Arnita Vonzell4: Reminds me Armani and I loved her too.... This one I love greatvreview

Mini Lea: Can you review Dashly Unit 23? Its under $30. Ive seen ONE thorough review of it. I ask about it because I live in a nursing home and wigs make me feel "normal". And since we dont get much money to spend, the Dashly Units are they few affordable things I can get. They come in beautiful colors. No ash blonde though.

Paige Houston: Beautiful ❤

Maxine2: This is dope!!!!!!!

Nancy Taylor: This looks very pretty on you It’s a lot of hair…it would be cute shortened a bit

Carla W.: This look is so good on you! I'm with you though, a little bit shorter and it would be perfect.

latrica nicholson: B, UTIFUL!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Unapologetically _dope78 Blk: ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Stunning

Kimberly Kyles: Hey Jess it’s good seeing you and we Maded Thur week Amen now I’m loving this unit wen posted unit I run and jus order Thx for vid enjoy your weekend ❤️ & light. Peace and blessings and happiness and prosperity Amen

C W: Super pretty….I love it!

StarriSkye: Cute. I agree with you. I'd like it shorter. Its super thick. It reminds me of Dee...? Can't remember if it's by Sensationnel or Janet Collection

Melanie Thomas: It’s giving mermaid vibes!

BellaStar: Wow!!

Bianca Johnson: No ma’am! Unless I am on stage performing in the lion king, that is to much damn hair!!! MUFASA!!!!

It's Tanya!:

Monica Davis: She's pretty, but that's a lot of hair

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