Affordable Amazon Wig Review | Fuhsi Headband Wig (Blonde)

Hey Ladies! Welcome back to my channel. In today's video I will be reviewing this affordable blonde synthetic amazon wig. This is a first impression review.

Hey guys welcome back to my channel in today's video, i will be doing another amazon, affordable, wig review. This one is going to be a review of the fusi headband wig in the color 613. This will be a first impressions video. I have not opened up this wig. This is how it came. Like i said before my other video, i am not awake connoisseur. I am not a pro at wigs. I just get them when i'm having a bad hair day or don't want to do my own. My natural hair, so i'm doing this review for those like me, probably just looking for something affordable um, but that looks that still looks nice and i'm just going to share with you all what i got. So this is how it comes. I do not like the on this one. It is very soft. It'S very staticky, i'm not sure why that is. It could be me. You see that it's very staticky, so i'm going to put this on and come back. Oh first, let me show you it does have to come to the top one in the middle and one in the back. Okay, it's very soft, but super staticky, okay i'll be right back okay. So this is how the wig comes. This one is very snug, like the last one um yeah, so, like i said, my hair is black, so i will not be showing that so i don't feel like it's going anywhere. I do not. I don't like this headband with it. This is how this is how it comes, i'm going to go, get the headband that came with my other wig and i'm going to put that over top of this okay. So i covered all of my edges because most of my most my hair is blonde, but not this color blonde and my edges are black now, so so the hairs are very soft. Let me stand on my stool. This is how far down it comes. Okay, i'm going to show you and show you how it looks from the back, so so this is how it looks from the back stain on my stool. It'S very long. I want to say this came in 22 inches as well um. I have not seen any shedding on this wig or yes, only a couple of strands have shedded on this since, since just putting it on um but yeah, let me see this is how it looks very soft, very lightweight. The hair feels very, very soft to the touch it's not shedding too bad. It'S not tingling too bad um. That static has kind of gone away and yeah. I don't think this color really fits me, but i do like the wig. I will say that the price of this wig i forgot to mention is about 27. You know, sometimes amazon can fluctuate with prices, but right now it's about 27. So, if you're looking for something in this color this length, this style um head over there, i will recommend it so, like i said before, i am not a wig expert. However, i do like to um have some in my stash and i need some new ones. This one i just i got this color because i kind of wanted to do fun. I mean i kind of wanted to do something fun. However, i don't think i really like this color on me actually, like. I think it's a little too yellow for me um, but i don't know i may find somewhere to wear it. I don't know where but yeah. So this is it. I mean if you guys have any questions make sure you put them down below. I would be happy to answer them for you if i'm not doing this right, i'm not putting them on right or if you have some tips for me, put those in the comments below too, because um i would love some tips and yeah. I will greatly appreciate your feedback so um. This is it for this this week review guys. I will link this wig down below and make sure you like comment and subscribe. If you liked it - and i will see you guys in my next video bye

Ruby Urrutia: The other headband looks better with the blonde wig I'm glad you changed it! Love the fact that it's affordable I am new to your channel just subscribed looking forward to more of your content!

Princesa: Hey gorgeous! Did the wig have a small part down the middle? I read some reviews that said that it does

Don Brown: A wig where!? Serving looks honey!

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