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Hey AJ Family this is my FIRST ever headband wig And i must say I’m loving the curly one!! This is sooo fast and easy to do! Hope you enjoy as always! More vids coming!

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This literally took less than five minutes. Hey welcome! Back to my channel today's video. You can see from the title i'm going to be reviewing this headband wig. It is from jaja hair. I already took it out. The box had to already see what i'm working with so i literally had a slick back ponytail, but i just braided it so i'm going to put the braid kind of up like that. As far as i can get it and put a wig cap on. Let me go grab some bobby pins, real, quick okay, so i grabbed three. Hopefully that's enough, so well, okay, so the bottom of my hair is still pretty wet, so as high as i can so i do have blonde in my hair. So i don't know how that's going to work. Hopefully the blonde don't show, if so to make it more realistic. I literally can just put some blonde highlights in the front of this, so that's cool. My edges were already done today. I did these at like two o'clock this evening and it is 11 46 at night, so i don't really feel like redoing them, because they're pretty much how i always do them. I'M not really a big edge edges girl, like with the swoops and and all the extra. No that's not me, and the wig comes two combs on the side. One comb in the middle never use that comb, and then we got one comb in the back super cute. All the details of this wig will be up on the screen right here and yeah. It has that hair smell. So basically this is the headband slash elastic. So i'm just going to put it on i'm going to wet it when it's on my head. I guess let me do this the right way. Okay, i can't act like how to put on a wig now i feel, like my head too big for this prince trying to make his opinions. Okay, it's too small. For me, i'm not tripping, so i don't know if i want to use the clips or not, because my wig cap is basically where the clips would be. I want this to be really tight, so i feel like the velcro should have been a little bit longer in length, but i'm just going to stick it right at the end, so yeah the velcro could definitely be a lot longer baby. Okay, this is making the hair bigger, so i'm gon na finger comb through it first to get it huge and puffy. Just if you wanted to do this look put the water on this side. Okay, so super cute super simple honey. This is this. This literally took less than five minutes seriously girl, i'm about to get all these headband wigs. Okay, i'm about to get at least five, and you ain't gon na know who i am okay. So if you like, the poofy, look, which i know some girls actually do just wear their hair like this and to make it more realistic, you can whoa. Oh okay, you can definitely wear it like this honey. This is giving okay. So if you want to wear this up, definitely have to put on one of the headbands that they provide. You, like, i said the velcro needs to be a lot longer, so the back could be a lot more secure, because if you want to wear it up, you would have to wear one of the headbands that they provided you with. They gave three so a black and white one with white stars on it. I feel like they should give you a plain like a black or white, but i mean i got plain headbands myself, and then they give you this cute little tropical. Looking one also another tropical looking one, so definitely i would probably wear this one, since this is the back of it and it's really thick and long. It would hide that comb back there and it will also hide the this band the lat. Well, i call it elastic the little velcro. That'S back there, so literally super cute baby, what okay stop playing with them? Okay, so i moved locations because i feel like the light, was like really really really bright. So here's a better look. I would definitely not wear the wig cap under here if i really like needed to wear it for a long time like if i needed to just put this on and like go, be cutie dinner or something then i'm cool. But sorry, if you hear him digging because like what are you prance, what you doing? Okay, so anyways um yeah, like if i was to wear this to work, i worked 12 hours overnight, bending over and doing all kind of stuff like definitely i would have to put the clips into my hair to make sure it's secure because baby, you don't want This wig all the way back here, no ma'am, so yeah, i'm going to put on one of the headbands right here, all right: okay, okay, okay, get that over there get that over there right prince is just standing right. Looking at me, my girl did you do it, i'm trying to put the headband. What was that, so i really wanted to do that super cute honey. You can hide that being a little bit better, but this is getting pretty natural vibes, okay, so so, as always, i hope you guys enjoyed this video, don't forget to like comment and subscribe and until my next video i will see you lovelies, then bye

Shay Love: I came here from Amazon, I was trying to decide if to get this wig or not until I saw your review I was indecisive, but I am definitely getting one now! look Beautiful!

Zarria Sheffield: I seen your review on amazon about this wig and I love it even more. Will be ordering tomorrow Thank you!!

Life with Nahrie: This looks bomb on you ! I love it.

Courtney McGriff-Taylor: Hey girl how you doing and the wig is cute and I hope you have a blessed week and stay safe

Briana Lolly: Here from amazon and subscribed ❤️

Jaja Hair: OMG,you look sooo bomb,love your amazing video

Bargain Shopping with Teeyaj: Super cute

Olivia Harris: You’re so beautiful 7:30 - 8:00 is me when I hear noises also

Brenda Robinson: Your wig is cute

Janine Ambersley: Your natural hair tho

alexis harper:

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