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Welcome to my channel today I am showing a wig from kalyss store on Amazon:Link and also showing some of my favorite items from @SHEINOFFICIAL Business Inquiries only: [email protected]

Foreign, if you're new - and I realize that I didn't - have an intro to this video um - it's it's Thursday, the 19th and I'm working on my 500 subscriber box, I'm currently at 4 51. I think right now, I'm celebrating the 500 subscribers because it is a milestone for my channel, but it's not. I have a different goal for my channel, but I do appreciate everybody. So I'm going ahead and getting ready. I did show y'all some of the stuff that will be in here. I'M not finished packing it, but I'm gon na let the rest of the stuff be personal to the person that um is gon na win. They can show on their Channel if they have a Channel or if they choose not to show what they got. That'S still fine too, and I just want to say: welcome you guys, I'm gon na be showing some Sheen stuff a wig and I think some fashion Nova. So, let's go y'all forgot to mention the wig was sent to me by a company by all thoughts and opinions that I have about. The wig are my own. Before I get into showing y'all all the shin stuff, I want to quickly show y'all this wig. This is how it comes packaged from Amazon. All the information to the company will be down below. They sent me this wig to review and y'all, and you will not believe how affordable this wig is. Look at this look. How pretty this is look like braids right out your scalp, so beautiful y'all, I don't have my wig head. I wish I had my wig head y'all. This wig is every thing when I say everything everything. So if you don't want to sit, this is something like. If you don't want to sit for braids or you want to put cute hairstyles, you know different stuff looks good with different. You know clothes or whatever, but yeah. This wig is everything links to it and company information will be in the description box. Oh before I forget also, they send you a thing of lashes, some little braid jewelry and the stocking cap comes along with it the weekend, it's Sunday actually and I'm finally attacking this pile of stuff that I have on the floor right here in front of my Closet, I'm going to um get me one of them big long containers and Screen everything out. So I was like I can record a little bit and show some of my stuff. I'M gon na show you guys a couple of items from um Sheen that I picked up. That should be still on the website. Okay, I got these cute little sandals from Xi'an. She match it girl, so I got this cute little purse to match. This will be for vacation, the sandals are a little lighter. They pull in on my secret favorite thing from Sheen. I actually have on one of the dresses. Now it has pockets, I'm actually digging in here for the rest of my colors. I believe I have. I love these dresses. I believe I have every color and I'm actually looking for them now. I don't feel a little big since I don't lost weight and they have adjustable straps. I love these dresses. Then I have this teal color one and it has the pocket and adjustable straps. So I'm gon na dig all these out of this pile, so I can start switching them up in wearing them, and I want to order me some more. I think they have. I don't, I think they don't have gray and a couple of other colors. I have a lot of them, so I need to make sure what colors I have. So I don't reorder the same color. I have this purse from Xi'an, so beautiful. I have some earrings to match from Sheen, also I'll be wearing this for vacation foreign. I have a green one like this. Also beautiful y'all. I love you. Everything is from Sheen that I'm gon na show. I could stop saying she in. Can I opened this yet. No, this bag is from Shin, I'm looking for like me, a neon pink bathing suit or orange to have this. This is for vacation. Also, then I have this little shell sarong. I have the bathing suit. I have a cover-up and I have a post, but this is for when I lose weight. I have a whole shell outfit with a matching purse and this will be for vacation. Also. I think this is so cute. I should come across the matching bathing suit, while I'm going through all this stuff, but this is just to this is the wrap around that goes around your body, but I'm gon na use this probably to wrap up my braids on vacation, because I already have like A skirt bottom with the shells on it and that's what I bought this for. I have this purse from Sheen. I haven't got a chance to use it yet, but I have some little matching shoes to go with it. I love gold. You'Ll see a lot of gold because I just I love gold accessories, love it and it's textured, y'all gon na see me with a lot of these kind of little wicker bags. I don't know what it is about them, but I just I love them. My fiance asked me: how many am I gon na buy? My answer was all of them. That probably was the wrong answer, but yeah I love it very tropical. This will be for vacation. Also, these are just some cute little flip-flops and I'm gon na put a bowl one of my gold chains on it and it's gon na be perfect, oh with the back out with the little fringes on the bottom. This will be a cover-up from Sheen and it's a romper. This is my backup black dress the same one like I showed you earlier with the um Pockets. Some like this one is my house one and then I have some that I wear when we travel or when I go to the stores and stuff like that. If I'm going to be changing in the changing room, I have brand new ones that I can um put a half a bra on, or you know a good bra and um wear them out. So this is another one and I already have a backup black one. So I don't have to order, I think it's from Walmart. This bag is from Sheen. I have some shoes that match the same print. I'Ll show y'all a little a little few things from uh fashion over. This is a little purse I haven't wore yet and Diamond camera's, not gon na. Do it justice and I want to show y'all these suits, I love them. They'Re called Play it Forward suit from Fashion Nova y'all. When I tell you, I have every last color of this suit. I don't know when I'ma wear them. I'Ve worn the blue one to a funeral. I have the black one in the capris and I have the black one in the pants but yeah comfortable cute beautiful. Any kind of blouse you'll love, it definitely pick them up. They should still have them on the side cute little orange purse. It is from Xi'an also - and I love it - haven't - got a chance to use it yet, but I will be using. It is a little two-piece set from she in with the little shells on it that I can wear my purse with to get multiple use out of that purse. I bought put the shells on it and then it has a little bathing suit top and it has some more cute little beads. I cannot fit the top, but the cover-up fits. This is the cover up. This is the bottoms everything fits, but the little bra part - and I was heard about that because that was this is an orange dress. I actually bought this to go with that orangish neon purse - I showed y'all earlier, but it is not yawn at all. It looks more neony on the website. This is a halter top. You know some saving for when I lose weight. I love the little fringy stuff with more weight and it's funny, I'm holding all these crop tops and stuff until I lose more weight because when I was younger baby I don't even I barely owned a whole shirt. All my shirts were half a shirt foreign outfit. I actually found a dress on fashion Nova, that is this exact same green. I think I could get up and show it to y'all if it's right over there on my hanger, but these are the shorts shirt. I found his outfit on Sheen. This is the shirt and we're gon na wear this, like with we're gon na wear this little Mansion outfit, I'm gon na put it together. I don't know where we going, but wherever we go, we're gon na skip we're gon na be looking good. I'M gon na get up and get the dresses y'all all right. Y'All, and this is the green dress. It has the long slit it's from Fashion Nova, and this is the dress. You can't really see it because it's like a crisscross back okay, but you get the gist of it. This is the dress. The velvet dress, with the long split that I got to match it's very long too. So it'll be like a dressy casual event. Um. They have like some gold dress shoes and I already have a gold um like a chrome gold purse and a chrome gold shoes. I think we'll tear this up and it's very long too. A lot of people mess up when they go on fashion. Over thinking. Oh, I can't wear none of that stuff go in there and shop for your body fashionable hats, so I'm gon na show y'all cause. I'M gon na show y'all all my outfits when I'm wearing special number has so much nice stuff, that's not what they promote. I got this purse. I bought this purse a while ago when everybody was going through. The cow print phase never used it. So I'm gon na get my use out of it. Gold scrap y'all already know, then I'm gon na show y'all the floor. I'M seeing also. I love it. I got a couple of these. This is another Secret Love of mine from Xi'an. My Secret Love are the three-piece sets so and then I have some with the guys matching set to a muscle, so y'all know I like that. This is like a kimono, it doesn't have any buttons on. It comes with the tank top and the shorts, and when we take our Hawaii trip, I believe this is all I'm gon na wear. I have so many of these sets. I believe I have every set on the site if I'm not mistaken, I'd be like. If I can't sleep at night I'll be scrolling. No, she I probably got my car, probably four, now y'all I have this purse. I have a couple of things to match. With this it's so pretty and I love the gold and wood together and then this is one of my favorite bags from she in they have them in all colors. But you know I went for that wickery looking they have black brown, I'm gon na go up there. I'M gon na buy all the rest of the ones in this color. It'S a perfect size. It'S classy and I have some like some little mule shoes that I found at Walmart that I wear with these, but it is no telling where they're at I'm gon na show y'all some shoes too. While I'm doing this, but I'm gon na show y'all the floor. Now all right y'all, so this is the basket that I put down here like that was really gon na hold all this [ __ ] that I got down here. This is another one of those soups. I showed y'all earlier that I told y'all I had every color of and that's the bathing suit for Icon swim. I'M just gon na get a big container to put all this stuff in, but I'm Gon na Keep it in the room. This is all what I have straightened out so far, some stuff I'm gon na leave out. I don't know yet. This is another one of those three-piece outfits with the shorts and the shirt to go with it. This purse right here I got off of I have that one I showed y'all that one already and then I have that little ones from Walmart also I'm gon na show y'all this first, where I can open the closet all the way. Since I moved all that stuff. This is not the original closet. I don't know if y'all could see up there. I don't know if y'all can see up there, but my fiance had this closet put in for me from um Home Depot. It was like 560 dollars because I, my stuff was too heavy and it tore down the closet. So if you guys own your home or whatever and you're looking for a affordable cute closet like set up, I think I forgot how many pounds they said it could hold or whatever, but I could still fit way more yeah if you own your home and you're. Looking to upgrade your closet, they came and did this for like 500, and I think about like five hundred and sixty dollars and then like way at the top up there. I don't know if y'all could see where that purse strap is hanging at is room all the way up there. Also so yeah that'll be something you can do not too expensive to upgrade your home right and I moved to the other side of the room and I'm gon na show y'all some shoes that I have from she in I'm a meal girl, beautiful love them true To size y'all know I'm a 10. love them 40s before beautiful love them true to size 10.. These are found at DD's. She in and I was on the hunt for some neon flip-flops. That'S why I have two pair, I'm gon na open them up and show them to you beautiful, true to size, yeah, beautiful, wicker, true to size. I didn't know how I was gon na feel about the heel, so I also ordered these from AliExpress. I love these two, but they're. They have a different heel and they're a little darker. So these are AliExpress. This Sheen love it. I have some sandals. I have some flip-flops that have the same grid pattern on them, they're, probably over there on that thing. But I love this green color, it's so beautiful! I don't know. I was in a green Frenzy, Sheen true to size, love them beautiful. A lighter, green y'all see me wear these already. For my birthday, I don't even know where the other one is probably fell down somewhere, but he's a close-up look of bees, the same little worker stuff. I love hey y'all, I'm going back up on shin and I'm buying every last one of these purses in all different colors. This I love it love it love it love it. I already have a dress. I bought from um fashion Nova to wear with this matter. Of fact, let me show it to y'all all right. This is the top of the dress middle of the dress. Has this tie around them fashion Nova? It'S long and it has two splits in the front, and this is gon na, be my birthday this year I was gon na tear this up, but we end up being more casual. We didn't end up going to a big dinner or whatever, but yeah it's what I'm gon na wear with this. Whenever I wear this bag, and then they have all different colors of this bag, I'm going up there and I'm getting every last one of them right. Y'All it's Friday, I am in Walmart. I didn't even think about picking up the um phone to record, but I'm picking up some little eyes and ends for the weekend. I just left the bank and I'm gon na, take y'all around with me because I forgot. I don't have no end into my video. I was just living my life, so yeah, let's get through Walmart. I love this cheese. This is the only kind of cheese I buy. This is like one of my favorite salads right here. I got bread. It'S gon na probably get smashed. If I don't move it - and I got me some flowers - I always buy these little ones, so I just buy these little ones just to have in my room something fresh and then I'm about to pick up mine Minute, Maid zeros, that I love is my favorite Soda the Sprite Zero - I almost missed out on them because they changed the labels on them. Almost walked right, past them, but yeah these are the. Can you see it? These are the Sprite how the new Sprite Zero labeling looks now, so I'm gon na pick some up all right, y'all. We have made it to my favorite little cookies, so I'm getting this butter crisp this time and I'm getting the thin and crispy butter pecan. This time and make sure y'all pay attention to the top where it says thin and crispy. These are the best they have these, the soft ones. Soft baked me personally, I prefer the thin and crispy they taste so good. I had bought Mr made a mistake and got the soft baked ones one time one time and I literally had to make myself finish them. They just weren't good at all. All right y'all, I'm almost finished shopping, but I got ta come over here and look at the nightgown stuff and see if they have anything new that I don't have. I don't have this one, but all these look big as hell. I want to see okay, this one is a small hold on y'all. Let me look and I'm gon na come back all right. Y'All I got this. I found a extra large. I could have got a large, but they don't have one. That'S just. That is the slip, and this is the robe and an extra large. I wish they had large, but this will be fine. So I'll pick me up a set to add me back to my collection, because y'all know I don't use one and the rest of them are cute. I like these robes, but they don't have anything to go with them so and they're like 16. So I'll wait for the 10 and just find some other ones that are 10 and 10 and get those. So now I don't see anything else, I'm interested in and I got all my groceries and all my refill stuff. So we are about to get out of here, y'all, look how lucky we are right on up here, all right, y'all! This is a tip for anybody that doesn't know how to make your flowers. Last longer you put ice cubes in your water and you put a half a cup of bleach. I don't know nothing about the the bleach. That'S not Clorox, because I always use clogs you put a half a little cap of bleach. Then you put the food in the flower food. I always give it a little Shake. It'S a little shape, cut the stems at your angle and then add them in and for anybody that doesn't know, that's how you make your flowers last longer. I got me some steaks, I got my water going, so I can clean them and let them cook well clean them and get them ready to Rachel. I got all my groceries put up and I'm preparing to make dinner. Thank you guys so much for watching. I know this video was kind of all over the place, so I thank y'all so much for sticking into the end like comment and subscribe and I'll be back with another one. Bye

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