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Look at this look at this. This is so cute, cute and cheap. Just like me anyway, you may not know who you're talking to right now, but my name is nita amore. This is nita amore studio and today we're going to be doing a hair review on this synthetic headband unit that i got from amazon.com. So let's get started um like a lot of y'all. I was scrolling through amazon, looking for something real cute real cheap and i was looking for a synthetic headband, because synthetic headband units right now are all the rage um. The hype died down a little bit, but it didn't die down enough for me to want to spend two three hundred dollars on a unit for something i'm going to use to go to walmart to the gym and back. You know simple things, so i found this store called pharaoh pharaoh. Something like that. Y'All know these stores names be the fool at the time it had four stars as far as the ratings, so i was like okay. Let me check this out and put it in my cart. I click order. Literally the shipping was so fast. I ordered it march 25th. I got it march 26th brandon. I have amazon prime, so that may affect the shipping times. For me, amazon has fought me when it comes to shipping but anyways as soon as the amazon bag arrives to your door. You'Re going to get a black packaging like this you'll have the company name on the front and inside of it you're going to get a little card you're going to get three different types of headband, wigs you're going to get the stocking cap whatever stocking cap. What is this called the little netting that goes around the wig and you're gon na get two stocking caps. These are not melanated girl friendly, so you know. Do your little magic and it'll work out for you now when i first took it out the packaging, it is long. This is 22 inches granite. I am 5'2. I love long hair. If you don't like long hair, you don't want this unit when you first get it. The uniform waves are going to look so pretty, but i think this looks prettier. I brushed it out with a paddle brush and it still looks cute to me. I'M pretty sure. If i put some water in it, it's gon na go back to that little uniform pattern, but it doesn't bother me. The ends are very nice. Y'All see the ends, they're not ready yet and oh well. This is kind of ready, but ain't too bad. The ends. Aren'T bad i brush through this about 10 times. Okay, i've had this unit for about five days, so it's not bad so far, the construction of this unit. Now, for me, when i wear headband units, i don't like to leave my edges out because i'm trying to grow my ages back job and it comes with three combs as a matter of fact, where's, my combs. It comes with three cones like this trust and believe i cut every last one of those combs out. I am not a calm girl. My head is big enough to hold this unit together itself, but it comes with two combs in the front. One comb in the back cut it out. I don't like combs my wig. The texture of the unit is very much so silky. I prefer a like silky yaki mix, but let me show you how um shiny it is it's shiny, but it's not like. Oh, my god, the only way you would notice if it's super duper shiny is if, like somebody's all up on you and if they all up on you need to tell them back up. Okay. Is this wig big head friendly? No, okay? No! It'S not big head friendly. When i think of friendly, i think of okay. I can just slap this on and go. This is not it. I think the circumference measurement for this unit. I think it's like 23 point, not even 23.8. I think it's like 22. Almost 23 inches for me, my head measures 24 inches in circumference, because i have a big forehead and a big cup inside in the back. What i did i stretched it out on my mannequin head and even then it was still a little tight. I had to take out the combs that made it tight. I had to freaking work on this little headband part, but the headband part in the back actually has a little velcro piece. I had to put that. You know how, when you have the caps - and you got to put it on the last last last last notch. Basically, i had to do that, but with this headband and it worked out for me actually the more i wear it, the more comfortable it becomes so that means it has good stretch to it. So the pros of this unit is first of all, the price. The you, the price, came up to about 28.88 after taxes is probably almost 30. I don't even think it hit thirty dollars, but the price for this unit for this beautiful looking hair is phenomenal. Um the length is a pro to me because it's not thin at the ends. Another pro for me is that it looks effortless like look at this look at this. This is serving very much so human hair, very much so brazilian wavy on to the cause of this unit. Okay, like i said before, this is not big head friendly and i'm not going to lie to you when i first got this unit out of the bag, and i brushed it with my fingers. Even look now, y'all can't even see it. It'S like a little hair. It sheds in the beginning, but if you go through with a freaking paddle brush or a comb or whatever you use to detangle your hair, you can get most of those hairs out another con. I don't know if y'all can see, but if you have your head down something make sure you find a way to cover up the tracks. What i suggest is go in with some uh mousse or a wax stick, or some got to be glued whatever you want to use and smith this down in the way you want it to be cemented down, because if not, if you win the wind, if you're Going with the wind, fabulous trust and believe everybody's going to see them trash child other than that, i don't really see much else wrong with this unit. I love, love, love, it love it love, it love it if you're even considering buying it, just buy it, buy it just buy it, go ahead and buy it. It'S nice, it's pretty. It'S effortless, it's cheap, okay and you know we're in the middle of a panoramic. So go ahead and save your little coins on a scale from 1 to 10. What would i rate this this unit for the price? I would rate it in eight and eight for big head people? If you don't have a big head, i would rate it more. So, like a 9.5 anyway y'all, i love this unit, it's so nice, it's so pretty so beautiful and that's all i have to say. If you have any questions, i will put the link to this week in the description box below or i'll put it in. The comment section make sure you hop on it make sure you, let me know how you like it. If you did purchase it, and i will see you in my next video bye

kite bon moman yo woule: Since you cut the clips out do you just secure the wig with the scrap

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