A Headband Wig From Amazon| Hit Or Miss??

I tried a headband wig from Amazon Prime and I so surprised. I really was NOT expecting it to look like this at all. What do you guys think? Leave your comments down below and let me know when you get your wig.

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This is the wig inside of this package. It comes with a wig cap, but on the actual website on amazon. It has it so where i thought it was an option and you were just gon na get one headband, but they send you all of the headbands and then there's this cute little letter. This little note at the bottom of it, hey you guys. It'S shay i'm alexis. Thank you so much for clicking on my video because you didn't have to, but you did and in this video you're going to watch me kind of mess with and install my headband wig. So i just put it on and underneath i'm actually going to take it back off underneath i just have the cap and then the wig. Actually, i look crazy, but the wig actually comes with this thin lining and then it has straps on it and it's velcro and then it has a clip on it and it has clips on the inside. This is what the inside looks like. So all i did was i wish i could go so can i do it yeah? I can okay. That feels really good like i was showing you guys a little bit earlier. It comes with all of these headbands, so i'm probably i know i'm not going to use this one, and i know i'm not going to use this one these i may or may not, but i'm going to use this one today just to show you guys this. It just comes with a black one and you can put on like the really cute like how people like roll do the thick one. I don't think that would look good on me just because i just don't think it would it's not really my thing, but i think they're cute on other people, i'm going to it's so dark in my room and i have all my windows open and my light Open, so i don't know if it's just too much light coming into the lens, so it's trying to adjust, so you can actually see me, but this is what it looks like. I actually kind of like this low-key high key. I kind of like this. I wasn't expecting it to. I wasn't expecting that okay, this is really convenient to be honest, because you won't even have to worry about the front. You just use your own hair. The only thing that for me, that would be, i would just have to get another wig if i wanted to do blonde, because i really like blonde hair, but i feel like this looks really cute and you can do different headbands. I like this little scarf one. Oh, i bet if i had like a cuter scarf and then i just tied it on the side like i you like, i feel like when i wore this outfit um or like a similar outfit a couple of weeks ago, and i posted it on my social Media, but you guys can follow as well and i had a i had a headband on, but i didn't have a headband wig. I just had a front tool, and i just but this is really convenient like this - is a throw on got ta, throw this on against the store, real, quick and it's secure like it's not going anywhere. This is like, and the bundles feel really good. It'S really soft. This was a win honestly. This hair company did what they had to do, because this is some nice hair, and this is a 20 inch by the way i feel like this headband wig is very convenient it just it takes me. The longest part for me is just braiding my hair down. You guys can watch me. Do my natural hair i'll put some videos up or some other reviews, but this is really convenient all right. Well, you guys. Let me know what you think and i'll see you in my next video bye.

Lisa Lovee: Beautiful love how it turned out

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