First Time Trying On A Wig/ Amazon Headband Wig Review. Shook!!!!

Hi everyone. This video is a review on Short Curly Pixie Cut Human Hair Headband Wig sold on Amazon. The sale information says 180 density but on my pacakge it says 150. This wig is by Eyelissom. Please see link for purchase information:

Overall good quality wig. Enjoy!!!

Hello, everybody welcome back to my channel teresa bailey um tonight. Wherever you are tonight, we are going to try on a week um it's an amazon wig and i'm going to be trying on the week for the first time as you can see, i'm on my sister journey, uh or my product, because i'm sister that has a Kind of pattern - tweet - i don't know if i i i have - that much pattern of search, but yes, so i'm going to try a wig, it's from amazon and it came in this package here, it's a what's. It called it's again headband wig, so it should be very easy. I don't wear wigs. I'Ve never owned a wig and we're going to see what it's giving all right so um. I hope the sona and everything is okay, all right. So i think this is it. Yes, so it came in this bag right here right it came packaged and then you pull it, and this is what you get all right. So, let's open it and see so it's it's a um, something like a ziploc bag. Then you get a nice little pouch. It'S so pretty. It'S called. I listen 100 human here with alison um. Oh it's looking! Let me see, i don't know, i can't it's it's. I hope you are seeing the right side of it on the camera. I think so. It'S called eyeless some 100 human hair. Wigs, let's go, i'm excited. I'Ve never tried a way before it comes in this nice little pink rose, pink pouch and then here is the hair comes in another small in a smaller ziploc bag and then it's a headband wig. So it comes with a um conveyor. Note that says: congratulations, thereby we are grateful for your order in our store. As a thank you, we can send you some free. Oh, i never saw this and i got this video a while back, but i never got to open it as a thank you. We can send some free gifts to you if you like any one gift, please free feel free to contact this email as below with your order number. I wonder if this has expired, what not whatnot oops? Oh, i can still use it, but here's a little note that it came with and you can either. In my note they said you can get a 10 piece. Um pack of face mask or five piece n95 face mask some um get some um firecraft eyelashes. I don't really wear makeup, but i mean you never know right and a hundred pack eyelash brush. I didn't know this. I didn't see this i'm gon na see if i can still get this free kick because they know freeze free and you can't give away. You know you know what i mean you can't let that go all right, so it came with that note and it came with. Oh yes, anything in what is this tiger prince a tiger print? I don't care, i love. I love prints like these, so um. Yes, i got one of these and this floral print - i'm not so keen on this one, but i guess it can do what it's it. It is supposed to do, and so you got these two headbands and now we're going to go to the wig itself. Oh, let's hope it doesn't shed. I don't know about anybody else. I don't like hair all over me are all over the place all right, so it comes in a nicer net. I don't like that smell. I mean it doesn't smell um. So it is the. Let me give you the name of this wig. It'S the brandis eyelid song. The smell is a bit strong and the wig. Is it's a it's a it's a bob, it's a short wig um. Let me see if i can get the exact name of it so that okay, it's short, curly pixie, cut headband wig. So it's a short curly pixie cut here with head head band, wig, so i'll i'll put it down below in the description all right. So it's from amazon, they say it's human here and it's from alison the brand all right. So it came packaged invisible next here right, so i guess to just keep it from um tangling all right, so all right, let's placing it over there, and then it comes with this um paper inside. I guess to keep it in place, and here we go um. Where do i start, but anyway it has clips. It has a headband, of course, and it has. I see i'm trying to figure out um. It has one um set of pins right here. I'M assuming this goes at the back all right, so let's go people, so it's the first time i'm putting on a week. I'M sorry i'll, try! Well! You are trying this with me wearing wigs for the first time. So i am assuming this is the front because the headband is there, so i'm gon na do something. Oh lord, all right and you, of course you can clip it and i think you can adjust it um in the back all right. Let me see um all right in the back. I don't see no, and you know you can heal her baby. I don't. I don't have much baby hairs, but you can do a little baby hairs with gel or whatever, whatever you want to use all right. So i'm going to spray it a bit. I think. To be honest, i don't know if i'm doing the right thing, but i haven't clicked it down in the back yet i can't see: okay, okay, all right. So now it's working out! So oh okay, okay, cool! I was having a makeup issue with it. It'S easy to put on one tool in i mean background in one to two: it's easy to just put on. Let me see all right and the clips are there, so you can, you know secure it all right. So you can, i don't know how far you want to take it. This is cute, it's very soft. It'S um and let me tell you what it is again, i'm going to mention it, i'm going to write it in the description it's actually um this week. I got this with so long ago. I don't all right. It says the shorts curly pixi um pixicos, it's a short pixie cut. At some point. I don't have any mousse or anything like that because, as you can see, i'm a natural hair girl, i don't want to wet it, so just give it a little bit, i'm going to show you the back as well all right, not wasting it too much like I'M looking around i'm looking around the bed, i don't see any shedding. Oh it's kind of cute, i'm trying to you know you can put a gel down if you want to baby hear anything, but you know um. What is that in my face that here in my face? Yes, it is here in my face. Oh so that's a bit of shedding that's all i got it has a strong smell like up. You know when something has been processed, and i found another piece up here on me so, but the shedding is minimal um. Let me see if i can play with this thing, all right, so all right, so there i go. I think it's cute. I never turned to the back all right, so this is the button here, but this is the back of the hair all right. So it's kind of cute, i added some moisture to your. Let'S try the headbands. As i said it's minimal shedding. I don't see. I only saw two short pieces of hair. This is cool. This headband thing i never get the brush. I see another third of the piece up here, so sure that is quite minimal all right, so i'm just going to i'm not going to do anything fancy, probably over here, but you can because it's a curly hair, so you know it. It has this natural look to it, alright, so i have on the black headband um. I think the only issue i'm having with it is that maybe i need to adjust the straps more there are. There are straps there that you can adjust and make it tighter. All right, so i'm going to try this one whoa, this headband, no, sir hotness is our gifts. Now i really like this headline. Am i putting it on properly? As i said, this is my first time running a week. It'S my first video on youtube regarding a weird house is not at the front they're cute, they're kind of cute yeah, all right all right! Let me put it on a little bit more because i don't want my practice to be showing all right. Well yeah! So, that's it all right, so you can choose to wear whichever bands i'm going to stretch out the bands a little bit to see how it works. Is it i'm afraid or something or i'm not stretching on the bands properly. I once had a bunch of copper. The um to cover the um, let's cover the black piece anyway, that's how it looks it's kind of cute. It has a balls to it. It'S nice! Oh no! I need to bring this back down all right. So once you secure those once it's secure, yeah, it's really nice and the thing about it. It'S so curly, even if you have a little natural hair showing it means, look at this because it's so soft like really soft. The quality is really good and it's cute. Let me try the other headband. It is sweating people, it's very hot um. Jamaica is very, very hot and yeah, but it's very very cute. I can't get over it like it's so soft ketchup, yeah and i just i just added a little bit of moisture, not even mousse or anything. I just added some water and it is doing its thing. You can't bring it down more if you want, but i chose to care back all right, and then you have this this other headband and and, as i said before, they have not the front of them right. So this is the floral one, i'm going to just say a few around and all right, this opened yeah. This is the floral one um both headbands are very cute, they're very stylish, but i prefer that what i call it - the leopard print headband as yesterday, i'm looking around on the bed - and i just found three little pieces up here. Oh there's minimal shading. I see some over here for just minimal minimal. Let me separate alexa here all around me minimal, shedding just a few other pieces, and that is that, oh, it's kind of cute and look i took i took, i literally took about two minutes just dry it on and just fluff it up with some water and The curls are popping look, look, hope you can see the curls they're heavenly come on and then you know you can carry on a little bit more. So, for instance, i'm sweating, i'm sorry, i'm hot um, you can't you can carry the band down a little bit. More so, for instance, um you, you want to cover, you know if you want it to come down here or if you have a lot of baby here i wanted. You know you want it to go back, but yeah. I think it's really cute. I wish this were bigger, though, to cover the they had the blackhead bandwidth and then, as i said, there are clips in the back and there's there's a strap that you adjust and not even adjusted mine, and it fits very, very well yeah yeah. It fits extremely well it's sturdy on the head and i'm sure you can't flip this. You can flip it out yeah, with a lot of leaves. It'S really nice. So those are the two headbands i got um. I guess all right, so you can put it back down if you wish put it back down all right, so you can take it a bit back if you wish, but it's really really cute so cute yeah yeah yeah. So i really like it and again, it's called a short pixie um headband wheel from amazon. The brand is, i list some here the thing about it, though, is they gave me the option, as i said before, when i just opened it, they gave me the option. I don't know i got this about about about about two months ago and i was waiting to do a try on um review so nice man, but what i need to do. Oh, i need to fix my wig that is so new for me. I need to um, as i said, i'm learning as i'm talking to you, because i don't know about weights and it's very easy. It'S all gone all around the kitchen right yeah, all right, so i guess it can be adjusted. They are. I saw one major clip and there are straps there that you can pull to adjust. As i said, it's really nice, it's really sturdy on the first go before you can even really adjust anything. It'S really sturdy. It'S really nice! I really like the two headbands and lip prints or tiger prints whatever this is. You will tell me in the comments - and this, of course is a floral one, as i said, the i'm seeing a bitter hair, but it's minimal basic, like when you comb your hair. You see far more here than this, so it's very good um, it's very soft! I can't get over. That i mean it has a strong sense right, but it's very very soft and you can adjust it to your liking. Look, my god so nice and of course you can fluff it. You can do whatever you like, um, according to the style. You prefer all right. Yes, so this is the pixie cutter, wig um from ivy some hair. You know it's so minor, it's very hot! Sometimes you want to worry about your business. You don't want to sell your hair. I wear a very short natural hair. It'S very easy for me to just throw literally you see what i did it's my first time, first ever putting on a wig and it's a headband week and already goes throw it on and i'm ready to go. And i don't know if this is still applicable. But i actually got a note stating that i would be offered something free, whether it be eyelashes um i brush, i eyelash brush or masks. So tell me what you think i should should i choose the eyelashes. You know because i'm i think i want to get into makeup, not for every day um use, but for special occasions, because the last time i paid to do my makeup, i'm not going back there. So i think i'm going to learn that so i'm going to do videos practicing like my eyebrows - oh jesus, god bless them and the little that i have, but i need to learn how to do those all right. So what should i do? Should i choose the eyelashes, the eyelash brushes or the masks all right? Let me know if this is still applicable, because i said i've had this here for over a month. I don't have makeup on chinese, unlike most girls do, but it's really nice, like. I can't get over the look, and all i added was some water people with very very nice, very low maintenance, very easy to put on you determine if you want to carry it back or you want to um. Take it further back um on the head. If you want to put it, you know like a real headband at the base of your head um. This is the base of your the base at the top of your forehead. I don't know whichever you decide what you want to do but, as i said, it's easy you're going to work in the morning. You don't want to start your hair. You have a shorter style. You have like myself, you can easily go ahead and do this so i'll put all the information down in the how much. Well i don't remember, but i put all the information down in the description box. It is called the um short curly, pixie cut, hair pixie cut headband wig and it is 150 um density. It has 150 density, it's very yeah, it has a lot of a little body to it and it is six inches and it's very nice, and i really like it and it can be used for so many occasions. You can. Let me see if i can i'll say: okay, but you can style it in any way. You feel it's a pixie cut, wig, it's so nice, like i love it like i'm like girl, cute all right so and all i did was add water. You can add whatever you want, um i'm trying to fix the headband, so that yeah, because i was trying on the different bands i gave you um it kind of moved a little bit, but it's good! It'S very nice. I really like it's very useful. It'S appropriate for any age and it's appropriate for any occasion. You just have to know how to style the hair all right, everybody thank you for watching um. I hope you learned a lot from this review. It'S my honest review. It'S my hair! First here we um review and i don't remind it badly. So let me know in the comments what you think about it and i will see you in the next one: bye

marvel lawrence: It looks lovely and easy to go

Jahneé Ralph: I can't stop smiling!!

Jahneé Ralph: I love the wig

Lahlee Wright: It cute and look natural as well

Ieshia Carr: Lol u have to rinse it first.... I think wigs are becoming a part of my quick and go life

Latoya Chambers: It is cute.

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