Curly Headband Wig From Amazon! (No Glue, No Lace) Only $57?! Is It Worth It? | Ft. Yolanfairy

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Hey babies! In today’s video I’ll be doing a affordable Amazon head band wig review ft. YOLANFAIRY. The wig is a 16” Deep wave. The hair is super soft and this wig is overall easy to work with especially for beginners. Hope you guys enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe.

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Why am i i'll get watery jesus christ? I wonder if man did hey guys, welcome back to another video if you're new, welcome and if you're not welcome back. So, as you all can see by the title today we're going to be reviewing a headband wig. This video is sponsored by yoland fairy. They sent me a 16 inch headband wig. Thank you guys so much and we're just gon na go ahead and get into the review um. When you pull the bag, you have the wig here's the wig um inside. I got a headband and i got wig caps and some um some little makeup, brushes that i probably won't use, but it's cute yeah. So i also have two other headbands that i had on my own and i'm just gon na try them on. Let you guys see different, let you guys see different styles, all right, so it. Why am i i get watery jesus christ? I don't know if man did. Oh i'm gon na. Take me. I didn't get my chicken daddy, hold it. Man anyways. It come in a mesh, it is take it off, it have a little stuffings inside and there you have the wig itself, 16 inches in curls, our body weave or body weave, it's very um short, so yeah, but this is how the wig is structured. It has two combs inside of my monitor. Yes, so it has two at the side and the one at the bottom. It has the strap at the back to secure it on your head and basically you guys know how to do a headband wig. If you don't know, that's why you're here and you're going to learn so the first thing we are going to be doing now, look for the my life is so not together guys, so we're just gon na go ahead and apply we're gon na put on one Of our wig caps and as you guys can see, my hair is already in a protective style and i didn't want to pull it out to do the videos i just took off the beads. You see. Life can be much more easier and we're gon na just go ahead and apply our stocking cap, so we're just gon na like plot the black and just like put it up yeah. Thank you here go and just put on a stacking cap. I wish leaving was this easy all right, then we're gon na go ahead and put on our headband. I was rudely interrupted by me because an answer away - she's just always opened my life she's, like my mom right, okay, man, we're talking so guys we're just gon na go ahead and put on the wig foreign. It'S a lot of work, fam all right guys. I am going to attach the what i'm saying am i in yeah just put them down and then you're gon na do the back thingy, so you're gon na tighten it up the back, but the most important thing is to leave all the edges guys. The edges should be oats, so just go ahead and take all your edges. I think i want to do a side part i'm going to do a side part like right here, but it looked like it already flipped like all right guys, so the wig is on and secured and we're going to it's secured our secure. I wanted him we're going to style the edges, i'm going to be using my asean hair wax with each control college in the number 10. I heard this is the strongest one and we're just gon na. Do our edges or baby hair some soup difficulty is me. I'M okay, so the edges are done. You can actually wear the hair like this. It'S very cute, it's very messy, but i'm gon na spray it up just to have that wet. Look. I love the way it look. So yeah is so. This is how it's looking guys, i'm just like cutting off a little stringy stringing pad all right. I'M just gon na go ahead and get straight into the headbands. No, i have three of them um. This is the one that initially came with the wig, so i'm gon na try this one on first and see how it looks i can't run. This is the first one guys it's looking very cute. What i wan na gear or shoes vibes beach bags, brunch brunch vibes yeah, so this is the first one guys i really like it. It'S cute, it's white looks godly and we're going to move to the other one lego yeah. I just want to show you guys that you can flip it to the center. When i have a spray, don't feel actually stay, but you can flip it to the center. Is this evil center, though? No, but on again, this is the second one guys. This is sorry no, no. I can't anyways guys. This is the second one. This is a yellow. This is giving like sunflower vibes. You can wear this with like a bodycon dress, can you wear it with a yellow dress? A black dress. Nude looks so sexy, but i know just your skins, some heels or even a sneakers anywhere just it can do yeah. I rock the center part for this one. This is very cute edges on fleek purr, all right guys going on to the last one, though this is the final one guys i did. A half of aftone did, i just say, hope: oh yeah, off a little half of half tone. This one is cute. I actually like this headband, my favorite of them all is actually the yellow one i'll definitely be wearing this. A lot you're gon na see this a lot, because why not so yeah? This is the last one. These styles are very cute and with a headband you guys, a legit cannot go wrong. You can do like any style with a head body, but not really anybody at all. It'S very versatile. You can do a lot with a headband wig. It'S very cute, especially when you have a curly one. You can wear it messy puffy. You can wear defined curls, which it up and stuff but yeah. This is the end of the video guys. You guys can definitely comment down below. Let me know which one was your favorite all the information until this week will be down below. I think it's good. I think it's on the website for sixty dollars. I don't remember i'll put the price on the screen for you guys if you want to purchase and that's it. Thank you so much for watching. Let'S see if you decide one more one more time bro, i didn't anyways guys she's, so annoying anyways guys. Thank you. So much for watching my video, thank you so much for subscribing and showing me love i'll, see you guys in the next one bye baby,

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