Luvme Hair Blonde 1B/613 Ombre Headband Wig | Collab W/ @Magikalblackness4838

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Collab with Magikalblackness and Luvme Hair headband wig review.

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, it's camira jules here with another wig review. A aaa today is a special video because it is a collaboration with magical blackness, hey michelle, so this is not the first time i've done a collaboration with magical blackness. This is our second collaboration, and this is a special one, because it's our birthday month february, hey my birthday's on february 22nd. Don'T forget, don't forget so michelle happy birthday to you. Yes, i know it's not quite your birthday yet but happy early birthday to you. It is our month so today the week that i'm bringing you it's not this week, but it's the same company that i got this week from so make sure you click the link above to watch this review after you finish watching this video and after you finish Watching michelle's video, now michelle love, love, love michelle! I'M going to show you some clips of michelle michelle. She does she slays wigs. She slays makeup, she's, a model love michelle she's, absolutely the sweetest. She will dm you out of the blue to make sure that you're. Okay, she just she's so thoughtful she's. So i just i love michelle we're february babies. I love michelle slay and more sleigh she's, just always swaying. I'M telling you the makeup the hair, the nails michelle is just bomb make sure after you finish watching my video you head on over to magicalblackness. Let her know that i sent you and make sure you show her some love. So before we get into the details of the unit, we got ta talk about the lippy. Today i am wearing a collab liquid lipstick and it is in the color blindfold. So you've got this beautiful, beautiful red, color, okay, into the details of this. The unit that i'm reviewing today so lovely hair was kind enough to send me another wig for review. It is another headband wig, but this one's different. I actually reviewed two other units of theirs and today will be the third one. So here is the beautiful purple and gold purple is my favorite color. If you don't know now, you know, if you don't know, you guys should be familiar if you've been following me for a while. You are familiar with this and i am a sucker for beautiful packaging. So i love this and we are going to now unbox it. So that you guys can see the goodies that i got so i got the same headbands that i got before so i'm going to insert a clip of those headbands and then we will return to the wig, and here is the wig it's blonde. So if you have been following me for a while, you guys know that i don't normally review blonde wigs uh, just because i don't, i don't normally gravitate towards blonde wigs. This is a very nice one, so this is a 613 and it's a headband wig. The headband straps here then you've got two combs on either side. You have a comb in the middle, then you've got a comb in the middle at the back and there are no adjustable straps. So you've got the 1b at the roots and then you've got the blonde. So that is why i'm wearing this red lippie, because i don't know what it is about blonde. But whenever i bring out the blonde i feel like i got ta put on a red lippy, okay, so this is what the wig looks like straight out of the package. Actually, the third wig that i've reviewed for them. So, thank you so much to love me here. I really appreciate it. So this is their 1b 613 headband wig. It is a human hair, wig and the length is 22 inches. You won't be at the roots and then the ends are 6 13 and it's two-tone. All the way through, i love the fact that it has a dark root, because then it matches more with my natural hair color. But this wig is it's nice. It'S it's blonde is not normally a color that i would wear, but this is actually quite nice, so it comes down to here at the front. This is the left side. This is the right side, and this is the back and for reference, i'm five for two and a half. Yes, i have counts, and i always tell you guys my height, because all of us are different heights. The wigs will look different on someone who's taller or someone who's shorter, so this kind of gives you a little bit of an idea of how it might look on you now. I will put the details to this week in the description box below also check out the description box for my coupon code, so you can save some money on any wig that you purchase from love me here. This is a human hair wig, so you can color this wig, which i think i'm actually going to color this wig. Let me know in the comments below what you think i should color this wig. You can color it slash diet. Now make sure you know what you're doing, if you don't know what you're doing make sure you have a professional that knows what they're doing do it for you. You can curl this wig. It is already straight but yeah. This is it's a it's a very beautiful way. It'S soft! The hair is very soft. It'S a very realistic density, so it's not overly thick. There'S no tangling, there's no shedding very beautiful. So this being a headband wig, you guys, i'm sure, are tired of seeing headband wigs. The reason, though, why i'm bringing you so many different kinds of headband wigs, because every company is different, a deep curl with one company is a different, deep curl with another. You know even lengths i find vary between different companies, and so i like to bring you different lengths, different styles, different textures, different colors. That way you guys can kind of see what these wigs look look like from different companies. So what i'm going to do is head by week, so you guys already know with headband wigs they're very versatile, they're convenient um. You can wear them for - and i say this in, like all my headband week, videos you can wear them to the gym. You can go into the grocery store, you can wear it around the house if you just want to throw something on without having to do your hair. Your zoom calls we're all on zoom calls these days because these days, because we're all kind of still at least where i am in canada, where we're shut down so we're all still inside. So it's very good for zoom calls and they're very versatile. You can restyle them if you're suffering from hair loss. You can always wear the headband forward now, as you can see, i've folded, the hairband headband, so the headband actually comes forward more. So if you are experiencing head loss, you head loss, we're not losing our heads here. If you are experiencing any hair loss, you can always wear the headband all the way forward, or you can wear it a little bit back like i have. I tend to prefer to wear it folded, just because i like the look better and also because, when you wear the headbands there are some of that are thinner. So this helps to conceal that black band. If you want to totally conceal the black band, the headbands that i received, so you do get five free headbands with any headband wig that you purchase through love me hair. I will restyle, so that's another plus with these headband wigs. So i'm sort of going through the pros and cons as we go so headband. Wigs are also very, very, very convenient because they're versatile, so you can actually restyle them. So i'm actually going to show you a few styles. Now i find that it's a little more challenging to restyle straight hair versus curly hair. I find that curly hair is very, very easy to restyle, just because of the fullness of it. So i'm going to restart it's in a couple of styles, but make sure you click the link above to check out my other reviews, where you can see lots of different ways to style, headband wigs i do have a headband, wig playlist, so make sure you check Out that playlist, that way, you can see i've reviewed weeks from synthetic headband, wigs to human hair, headband weights from very budget-friendly headband, wigs to a little more pricey, curly long straight short, all kinds of headbandways. So make sure you click that link above so you can check out my headbandwig playlist to see all of the headband weights that i have reviewed. Okay. So now i'm going to restyle this. So this is a headband that i got with another wig, i'm not even sure i've got so many headbands. At this point i don't remember, but i think this one looks pretty nice with it now, if you are looking for additional headbands, so these ones are printed. They also do have some solid colored headbands. I actually got some really nice ones from amazon, so i will put those links in the description as well, and i also have some fellow wig reviewers wigbeys, who also sell headbands. I will put their links in the description box as well, and so this is my look, so i'm going to actually put in some clips or like some pictures of this outfit, because this is like my birthday look, because that was the special collaboration we did. So my outfit slay for this collaboration consists of this beautiful blue satin shirt that i purchased from fashion nova. I put a tube top underneath the black tube top underneath the shirt and i'm wearing them with just some leggings that i've had for a long time. They'Re. Like a satin feel leggings now this is the label for the fashion nova shirt and i forgot to put on shoes with in these pictures. So these are the shoes that i had intended on wearing with this outfit. These are red suede shoes, i think they're bomb. I'M gon na put this outfit together again and put some pics on instagram stay tuned, okay, so that is my review for today. Let me know what you think in the comments below don't forget to like comment share and subscribe. Don'T forget to hit that bell. That way, anytime, i upload you will get the notification, don't forget to follow me on instagram, because i do post lots of stuff on there that you won't see here on youtube um. My instagram is kamir jules. Actually, all my social media links are in the description below, don't forget to check the description for the link for this week, as well as my coupon code. So you can save some money, make sure you head on over to michelle magical blackness. Let her know that i sent you make sure you show her some love. I thank you so much for watching. Thank you. So much for your support and i'll see you in the next video and before we go, we got to do quick dance. We dance bye, guys, love you bye, guys.

DeAnna Monet TV: This unit is so pretty on you Kimira and you are stunning in the royal blue along with the blonde! Its a lewk for sure!

Princess Beauty Tv: Great Collab! Love this blonde HeadBand wig! It's long and GORGEOUS!! Love your outfit! Thank you for sharing!

Couple Goals: Thanks for the detailed review!! Royal Blue looks flattering on you!! 613 looks great! You and Magik did amazing ⭐️

Gabby's Hauls & All: I was waiting for the wig dance lol. I love this. Cant go wrong with a headband wig. Nice collaboration ladies!

Magikalblackness: This collab means alot purple February sister Love u so much I appreciate your time and superb effort u put into this Ty again queen

TamDiva S: Hey Kimira, This looks very pretty on you. My sister dyed a 613 lavender-it was very pretty. Great Job.

Simply Tee: Great collab ladies! Loving the blonde!

Picky Dell: Hey, love!!! That lippie is so cute and yes the red sets the blonde off!!! Can't wait to see the color you dye it!!!! ~ Momma Dell

MsEbonyVee: Yaassss Sis! Love the hair, love the shirt, love the shoes, love everything!!❤️ Absolutely beautiful!!

Love Yourself: Very awesome Collab Love the blonde and outfit is very pretty Have a Great Evening ✝️ #Black365 ✊✊ . “Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated.” —Coretta Scott King

Fee-Bee Romero: I am not a blonde wig lover either but this is pretty on you. Definitely glad to see the dark roots makes it look more natural

Love Yourself: Two Gorgeous Black Queens Beautiful hair

HaitianDoll. Sophia: The color is pretty. This wig looks bomb on you . Purple is my favorite color as well . The heels are really cute .

Courageous Kay: This is too cute, loving the hair and your top.

Kia Kutie: She looks great on you!!!

Fire The Boxing Diva: Glad to see you. Love the look.

violet beauty world tv: In addy gorgeous Your hair is so beautiful and I love that blue sleeve Hello Michelle

Monek’a Love: Omg that color is beautiful on u !!!

YoungVano Comedy: Looking amazing in those lace fam. Stay up.lik

Regina Michelle: Looks beautiful

Feeneishia Rodgers: I am liking this color on you Sis. Cute.

Tacha's Society: Happpyy b lated magikalblackness yass slayyy !! i love the whole look sis u always look so beautiful

The Wright’s Way: Nice ...all that came with the wig wow very nice

Nichole Renee: Your birthday is 2 days before my daughter Chelsea’s. Love you as a blonde . Purple is also my favorite color

Melinda Hall: Blonde isnt a easy color to pull off.. But love the dark roots.. Its brings it all together.. my birthday was valentines day so happy early birthday to u queen blindfold is a beautiful shade... Purple is my favorite color too!!!! Got to love himam hair drip!!!

Monek’a Love: Nooooo don’t color it ..... it’s beautiful!!

Kimberly Kyles: ❤️❤️

Alfa Bougouneau: Wish she would have curled or wanded the hair

Savage Scientist: Ok i see you sister!!

Johnny Martinez:

Daddy Days: here Mrs Kimira Jewels

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