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Hair Structure: Lace Headband Wigs                    

Hair Style: Kinky Curly

Hair Length:  16 inch

Hair Color: Natural Color

Hair Density: 150%


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Age: 22

Location: Indiana

Camera: CANON G7X

Hey babes: if you want to get the details on this super quick and easy headband wig, then just keep on watching today's video girl. So hey girls, first things. First, i want to give a huge shout out and thank you to yg wigs for sending me this heavy weight for today's video. They did send me a kiki kinky curly, texture, headband wig. That is the one i selected for my hair texture, because i do have pretty kinky hair um. So one thing i want to say that i really really like and enjoy about headband wigs is that they are super protective, especially they're good for the girls who just dig big chops - and maybe you want to you know, grow your hair out, but your hair is Not at the length that you want it to be, all you got to do is slick it back, put a wig cap on and then go ahead and um throw on your headbandway, so they did send me some goodies. They sent me a couple hair hair bands in the package to choose from also, if you have your own headbands or little silk scarves. You can also add those in addition to the ones that they sent you. So you can switch it up. However, you please so they sent everything you're going to need to go ahead and do this super easy install. Now i did bleach the knots on the little lace section and i do like that. It gives you a little lace portion because say i've been down and picked something up. It looks like it's my scalp, you know it looks like i got a little skin peeking through right there, so i really do like that. They kind of added that in so um. This is super easy. I really like how they have this set up. So basically you just go ahead and click back the um uh. What is it called velcro um in the back of the headband wig? So it's super easy. I literally just went ahead and pulled my wig cap back and i um slicked down my edges, which was super simple, super easy, and then i pulled out the little bit of baby hairs that i do have. I don't have a lot of baby hair, so i just went ahead and just brushed out the little baby hairs that i do have and i am going to do a little bit of swooping. But heaven wigs are just super easy for one and they're super protective. You really don't have to do much maintenance to your natural hair, so i really like it, and these do come in a lot of different textures and they also come in different lengths as well. So you can get different textures like water, wave or natural body wave straight or you can get this kinky curly that i have and then you can also get shorter lamps or longer limbs. So whatever you want, you basically can get. You don't have to deal with. Like laying down lace and all that, and it's perfect for the upcoming season, because sometimes when you have on a lace, wig girl, you do start sweating, and sometimes you just don't want to have to worry about, laying down your lace and your baby, hairs and stuff. Like that, so i definitely recommend you guys check out this headband wig. It'S super easy literally took me, probably less than five minutes to install this headband wig, and it's really really easy. Like that's all i can say about it. Is that it's really easy and i went ahead and just sprayed it with water put a little bit of eco styler gel in it, and that was it like. This is a super, quick and easy go like something where you're on your way to work. You pop this baby on and you're, not even gon na be late to work with this wig, but um yeah. That'S pretty much how i sell the wig, so you guys can just continue watching and you guys can wait and see the finished look. I do want to say i love the curls on this kinky curly texture, i'm so happy. I chose this texture, so it is really really similar to my natural hair, texture, texture actually, but i did go ahead and put on the scarf they sent and girl. It was given very much this is me natural tease like who gon na tell me to say my hair, nobody period so make sure you guys check out yg wigs in the description box down below and i'll, see you in the next one girl, peace. That'S the way

ASHLEY NICOLE: Girl I just ordered this wig! ❤ I definitely need a get up & throw on wig. & this is perfect.

allthingschristin: I bought this wig before the video was over. Amazing review per usual !

Momma n me: I love headbands wigs I ordered two of them from Amazon and yes I be wearing mines to work sometimes it’s definitely a go to if u in a rush to go somewhere

sheluvs2planandcraft2: Yas Hunti, it’s beautiful on you and I just placed an order, thank you

Therealijanaiania banks: You always snapping on the promotional videos

Käbria Marie: It look so natural! I love the curl pattern!

Dorothy Baker Mama Dot: Beautiful hair sweetheart thank you for sharing love

IAm Angie B: Yup I love headband wigs I just recently did A big chop

TK: Yess it’s the hair for me ‼️

Denise Price: What length is that? It look very nice on you

Dee Luther: Lovely Video as always Cute thumbnail tho Road To 200k Beyond Pretty you are Nice Cheeks Structure EnJoy your Sunday Too Have a Wonderful Week Ahead Stay Bless n Be safe always

Ms Watts: ❤❤❤❤

Karen Jamerson: Luvit

Tameka Davis: Yess I'm here ❤

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