How To Install A Headband Wig.

So hello guys welcome back to another video. Is your girl been addicted when you're here you know what to do y'all see what's going on yo? I don't have to be talking about this. So today is another video we're going to be stowing, the head and wig for the first time, no experience nothing yo, don't care for me. Based on how i look right now someone's do that? Don'T do that! You don't really wait. I already braid my hair. You know everything is done, you know, let's get into it, yeah, so we're going to be installing this wig. You know freshen knew yeah. So it came with a lot of things, but i took them out already. You know it came with it: lashes, headband, um boobs. You know, but you know you go, don't use those steps, but you know we're going to save it for it at all. Deplete the oh yeah we're going to simulator so 20 inches straight from the box. The box right here, your girl is ready, yeah yeah. So you want to see how it came out. Stay on, watch, keep on watching girl, don't leave watch till the end and let's see how it goes. Okay, you're going to see me watching like like looking away from the camera, and that's because i have a mirror right here. You know i mean you know i mean so yeah don't be wondering what i'm working on i'm looking straight in the mid row. So this is what i'm going to be using. My hair, like doesn't want to lay down like whenever i do it with this. It doesn't so i have to go with this too, like yo guys there we go see this. I have to also add this. You know make it lighter like it has been like yo. My hair was like really stubborn and i got my spray bottle like really small and cute yeah, and i don't know if the other headbands that i got doesn't work, i'm just going to use this. You know i got my personal one and i got my brush. You know my comb, i don't know what i'm gon na use comb for like it's just curls and you know i got this brush. I just brush yeah, i'm gon na put this right on it. You know to make it lay like yo it's going to be moving around like very, very strong, so you have to put this on to keep it all laid out. I just pull my my rig in what like yo so yo. What'S up the reason you know you can tie it out if you want like, and it's still going to keep you know, but you can put inside. I got my hater. I got my hair done the edges, it's not it's not giving like yo, it's not it's. I don't even know the word. I should give it to me, but it's okay yeah! So now i'm just gon na try with the different headbands and see how it looks.

Ella: Love it

JustG-Hanna: I seee u girlllllll….. gooo girl

Emeritus_Rans: great great

Carmina Jean baptiste: Gurl that look good

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