Middle Part + Half Up Half Down Claw Clip Wig Install Tutorial

  • Posted on 14 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

Thanks for viewing my video! In todays video I will be doing a middle part, half up half down claw clip wig install. This wig is a deep wave wig that is 28 inches.

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00:00 Introduction

01:42 install

05:32 Styling the hair

Foreign, they are the most beautiful creatures in the whole world, black people I mean, and I mean that in every every sense, what's up guys welcome back to my channel, it's your girl, my Michelle, and I'm back to you guys with another video. So in today's video I'm bringing you guys a hair tutorial. This is a style that I've been dying to try, but I've been taking a break from wigs, because every time I put on a wig I feel like. I can't get it right. But this time your girl got it right. The end of today's video, I'm going to be doing a tutorial on how you get this. I guess, like middle part, claw clip half up half down um style. Oh, this is cute, so it's been a while, since I've worn a wig, so I'm like this is big. It is Big so without further Ado, let's go ahead and Dive Right on into this video. Okay, so you guys already know what it is. First, we're gon na work on Bald capping. This ball cap on down y'all, so I'm just gon na be putting some spray hairspray along the line. Y'All already know how it works, but yeah we're just doing the ball cap method, it's getting kind of crazy. So now it's time to cut off the excess cap y'all. This is my least favorite part, because I'll be having like face hair on my deck on forehead and pulling it back. It hurt it it'd be hurting, it hurts but yeah. That'S all I'm doing I'm taking my little razor blade and I'm cutting off the excess cap you're doing everything that makes me smile. So then, to get rid of like that white crust outline on my wig cap. I just take some got to be glue gel and I just go ahead and press that in and it kind of erases the white outline on my wig cap to make it look a little bit more bald indivisible. You don't know my name so then y'all I decided to be lazy and I bought some spray tin spray that I had for a while ago, and that's how I colored my wig cap and so yeah. So now I'm just sizing the wig on my head making sure you can't see the cap underneath the lace and making sure it will be positioned correctly. How I want it to on my head: you'll, never get a chance to experience okay. So when it comes to laying down my wig, I use got to be glued again and the reason why I use got to be glued to lay my wigs on is because the regular glue, wig, whatever you use, is a little bit too strong for my dad On skin, so I like to use got to be a lot better. It holds well and it also is very easy to take off when the time comes. No, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! You don't know my name shine and it feels like. Okay, so I took my headband off so I could go ahead and do my edges now. I know y'all are probably looking like ew This Girl lace is crusty, but I know what I'm doing and y'all just need to rest the process, because I am going to worry about the lace later so right now. I am just cutting my edges and I'm just going to go ahead and lay my edges down you're doing everything that makes okay so also, if you wanted that Bohemian kind of like effect, I did pull like four extra strings that I'm gon na curl later off. To the side, so I can give my hair the Bohemian. You know distressed effects. So then I'm just gon na be taking my wax stick and just waxing down the front half of my head and I'm gon na hot comb it just so. I can make sure the like front middle slick back part can be like as Sleek as possible. I'M saying they don't even know what he's doing to me got me feeling all crazy inside I'm feeling like so now. I'M preparing to pull both sides back up underneath my wig and to make you know it hold as best as possible. I use my Pump It Up Spritz my Holy Grail. I use that for every single thing and, like I said, I'm just making sure both sides are as Sleek as possible, use some puffled up Spritz and then I'm going to tie it behind my head and underneath the back of the wig. So it can be hold secure, and so it could remain sleek, but you never know what to do so. Then, once I got that tied and out the way I'm just gon na be taking my wand curler and I'm just going to be wand curling those pieces that I had left aside earlier in the video. Oh, but you don't know my name okay, so my hair was still a little wet because I just washed the wig before putting it on. So I'm just blow dried it just a little bit, so it can be a little bit more floofy. When I saw this last part, but after I did that I'm just gon na go ahead and split the top half of my hair and I'm just going to kind of roll it and like Flip It Forward, as you all will see now, I know a lot Of people use claw clips for this and I did not have any clog Clips at all and I did not feel like running to the store last minute, so I just used hair pins to hold my hair up for the time being, so you guys can get The initial look of what I'm trying to show y'all in this video you're doing everything that makes me smile and when we had our first kiss it happened on a Thursday moving, and that is how you get this bomb very cute. Hairstyle, you don't know my name. I just want to say thank you guys so much for watching. My video, please do not forget to like comment and subscribe. Don'T forget to follow me on my Instagram at nmj.co, so y'all can keep up with me and know whenever I upload a video, and I will see y'all in my next video bye,

tamara martin: Girlll you did yo Thang on this one .

Haley J: You did thatttt

Maya Jones: this style is so cute on you omg

Kai Glizzy: Why is this not viral yet ?

tia martin: Fire

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