Honest Hair Review / How To Buy Affordable Hair On Aliexpress

  • Posted on 07 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

Hello guys

Welcome to my channel in this video I will be show you all the hair I bought on aliexpresshair

Guys I must say the reviews is

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My review about the hair I bought on AliExpress and some few things I got from from Shane, but I opened it already, so I decided to show you all how it looks like guys. I don't know I don't know. I don't know why I'm feeling like this, but I pray this hair should be good like this hair. I bought it on AliExpress. Yes, I ordered this okay from AliExpress, so guys I'll be unboxing. This hair, with you on, as you can see, I have not open it. So, yes, together, so guys. This is what is okay, this one is a eyelash lashes guys you people should not like. I don't want these people to fear me because I'll be buying hair from AliExpress like the best place to buy your hair. I don't say I didn't mean like there is no vendor that is selling good hair. But for me, I'm very though, like all these people that said online here is enough, for me is a no for me. I cannot deal with vendors because I've seen somebody that I know that buy hair online. The person did not give the hair the person eats. The money block the person, so I've been buying my hair on AliExpress to a voice to read that touch. I'Ve bought her even me that I'm talking to you, I bought her from somebody in Nigeria to ship to me, but at the end of the day I did not see the air. The person eats my money, so I have experienced it. I have no a lot of people that have experienced it, so even if you are selling good hair, I know you sell good hair, but for me to send you my money. No, so that's why I bet such a go to my AliExpress. That is where I buy my hair. Yes, there are a lot of good hair on AliExpress you, if you have 50 Euro, you can see her to buy, depends on your money. So it depends on the morning that you have that's the kind of hair you're going to get so guys. I'M afraid I don't want if these people deliver good care. For me, oh my God, I will be patronizing these people. I will be leaving their Link in the comments section check, this video check. It check this hair. Let me open it first, let me open it first. This is not a paid advert. This is not oh, my God. Oh my God guys. Are you seeing this hair? Like are you seeing this hair? Are you seeing what I am seeing? My goodness, this hair is giving? Oh, oh my God. Oh my God, guys delays! Oh Oh, my Jesus! Even this one, you see on my hair. I bought it on AliExpress guys I'll be using this hair for the past five years. No, for the past six years, this hair I've been using it for the past six years. This is the this is too bundle the remaining bundle. I'M going to show you all guys like like. Are you serious guys? I didn't believe um. Let me come down. Let me come down like I'm going to help this hair, like oh, my God. Oh, my God, oh my goodness guys see the hair is what I order. I order. 16 inches. This is 16 inches. My goodness guys did you see, did you like? Did you see the? Did? You see lace? The list is so like so transparent, like oh, my God, and they have plucked the hair already like. Oh my God - oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God, guys I'm going to leave their description. The link in the comment section like I'm, going to drop it and find I'm going to look for somewhere to drop the link in case if you want to order, go and order this hair go and order. This hair, like I, actually bought this hair. For my Christmas, like Christmas, hey, yes, I bought this hair for my Christmas, my mama mia, like guys, the hair is so soft, like first time buying this kind of hair like full, full frontal like full, when I mean full frontal. First time, like the lace. Oh, my God and the hair is so full guys. The quality is my problem like the quality is giving oh, let me calm down. Let me come down. Let me come down, let me come down, but for you to get quality hair you have to. You cannot get cheap, cheap hair for quality hair. No, it's not done that way guys! This hair is not that expensive, but I think I bought this hair. 110. Euro 110 error. If I'm not mistaken one. Yes, 110 Arrow. I bought this here. 110 Arrow on AliExpress. I bought it on sales. Now they are doing Black Friday. You can get it more cheaper. Oh my God guys see the hair. Like the lace like home. You don't need to bleach. You don't need to bleach. If you don't know how to bleach, you don't need to bleach this hair, they have already bleached it. They have already pluck it. It'S just for you to insert this hair guys, I'm going to show you if you want me to insert this hair, so you all can see drop it in the comment section. Let me know what you think about this hair like this hair is giving like this hair is giving this hair is giving oh, my God, this hair guys. One thing I Like About Hair in AliExpress. I have not bought hair that break like break see. Did you see her that is coming out? Did you see any air like? Did you see, hair falling out? No hair is falling out. I love AliExpress. If you are no other hair for Ali Express, if you don't know how to order hair contact me, I'm going to teach you it's not, you don't have to pay any money, I'm going to teach you how to order good hair. Yes, add to order good hair contact me I'm going to teach you how to do that guys like, but the coins is still there, because it's a good original you must guys I'll be bringing my hair on AliExpress I've never one day. Never one day they have failed me like never in one day, they have failed me guys. Oh my God like. I cannot get my eyes away from this hair. Oh God, I cannot wait to lay like to lay this hair. I cannot wait if you want to see how I'm going to lay this hair just drop. The comb just drop the comment peculi. I want to see how you're going to lay this human hair like how you are going to lay this front like front side. This is giving hmm. This hair is giving everything like is giving record like I'm. So happy guys. Pardon me if I don't me, I'm so sorry, um guys, I'm I'll be very late, for you always I'll, be very unique. This is the skirt it's a complete. Is it complete? These are looks I will put in the picture there. So let me there, let me yeah guys. I don't know if you can see if you can see this like like like come take me. I bought it for the weather because it's it's already winter and it's very thick guys. This cloth is very thick. The long sleeve I'll be dropping the picture there. If you want to order, you can go to Shen and Order. Yours like guys. This is how it looks like this is how it looks. I'M going to show you all. This is the other one. This one is a green gown. I love it. So much green gum see the one I was telling you this one you you are seeing here is about six to five years. If I'm not mistaken, this hair, you are seeing is six to five years now. Hobby bought this hair. For me, when we were dirty like we were dated, then we are not married then, or this is the first hair. Yes, the first hair will be bought for me from AliExpress or be ordered this hair from AliExpress, but I was at. I was the one that choose the hair. I was the one that choose the the hair type like you know. You cannot buy any hair that you just sit there, so I I choose the style, the the one I'm going to order, so he ordered it. For me, I'll be bought this hair six years ago. For me guys, this is the bone like this hair have been with me for the past six years now, six years to four years guys. This is the bundle I don't know. If you guys can see it is theory this one you see here is Tupac. Yes, two pack, two pack, this one is the third one I could not put, because I don't like too much of I like full hair, but not too much I after combing. It out, I I found out that this was so full. You understand if I wet this hair guys if I wet this hair. Oh my God, you will not believe that it's this hair guys this hair don't break like this hair. It don't break! You see this hair, it don't break it's like this, so you see the bundle is very, very, very like 16 inches I'll put this one in the front with the closure. That'S what I'm going to do, I'm going to order one I'm going to order one like maybe 16 inches, this one is 12 inches. This one is 12 inches. This hair is 12 inches, so I'm going to order 16 inches for this. I'M going to by the grace of God next year, I'm going to order 16 inches for this one. I will buy closure 12 inches closure. So I want to have another look. You understand. I got that yeah. I love this say you should not buy from any vendor like any vendor. You know, like you know your customer, that you buy hair from it's very good to buy for your customer like if you have somebody that you trust you can buy hair for them. I didn't say you should not buy hair for them, but I'm telling you what I have experienced is because of what I have experienced from vendor's hand. That'S why I will bought one head. The head even brought for me, was not even good. The one they brought for me was so tiny was tangling and all that it was not the money I sent to buy the hair like if I use it to buy. If I wanted to use it to buy hair in AliExpress, I would use it to buy two good original hair. You understand, so that's why I stopped buying hair from anywhere, though like even if I know you I would not like. I would not like to patronize the person because I feel maybe the person is going to scam me because of my experience. I'M sorry, but if you say good hair, you can contact me like. If I know you that's the only one I can patronize you like. If I know you and like you live with close to me, that's only when I can patronize you, but if you stay far from me, I cannot send money to other hair, because these days a lot of people are not uh. A lot of people are not trustworthy like. If you give them money, they will not bring what you want. Some they will bring the hair at the end of the day. The hair will not be good, like I've seen a lot of things. So that's why I like to order my hair from AliExpress like comfortable in my comfort zone in my house, I like to order my hair from AliExpress, and I must tell you another way to order if you are trying to order your hair on AliExpress. The best way to order look for people that have bad. I know a lot of I know some people will contact people that please drop um review about this hair. Don'T just look for only people that have bought it. Look for somebody that bought it and inserted. Like house, that's how I buy my hair and try to read try to read always try to read what they wrote in that hair. If you are buying social hair, sometimes you don't know, you will see that it's a human hair, but they will they will recitating. But you are the one that did not see the sitting. Not them is. Is you that you don't see the road City? So if you are buying hair for AliExpress, you have to see people that have by the hair. That will give good review and you see them inserting the hair that's the best way to yes, that's it for me, that is the best way for you to order it on AliExpress. That is how I normally buy my hair. Yes, sometimes I follow them on Instagram. Yes, I follow them on Instagram. I look their review that people have bought already, sometimes their title candle is there. Their Facebook handle is there. So I I go all this. I go deep before I I order. So, that's why you have to be careful before you order, so that you know, go and order the wrong hair. You know other hair or 50 Euro, your expected quality hair. No! No! It'S not done that way. Okay, so guys that is it. Aliexpress is very good, and if you are selling hair, it's very good. It'S still good. A lot of people are selling good hair. A lot of people are selling good hair like this one. A lot of people are selling original hair, but these days somewhere, though, all this video, they are spoiled a lot of things. Sorry guys all these weather, they are spoiled a lot of people market so that people cannot buy a game, because if you buy hair they will not be trustworthy. They don't want to send what you order so guys. Let me know what you think about this video I'll see you all on my next video like. I cannot wait to rock my hair. I can't now wait to rock this hair guys see sequoise, sequoise, see course. I love this hair like I love the hair, and this hair is giving like 100 percent giving period

Olufunke Fatoki Zoe: I'm first again

Mamus Atey: The hair is giving everything it’s meant to give

JOY SIA: Some of these Nigerian vendors are wilding. I’ve had my fair share of Nigerian vendors and it’s actually not a good one. I really need to start purchasing hairs from Aliexpress never ordered from them but I’ve seen some good reviews though. This hair is really giving. The lace is soo on point. Yes it’s plucked really nice. Will probably message u on ig for more info about the hair sha.

Symply Tricia TV: Ali-Express needs to pay you for selling their market for them , yes sis, checking review before buying is very important. Thanks for the tips, lovely stuffs you got from Shein. The hair is really giving , would love to see a video of how you install it, thanks

mariam adeola tv: You hyping the hair shows how beautiful it is, beautiful hair you got sis

Pretty Happy: Peculiar beautiful is everything on this video for me ,this video is giving everything it should give I love Aliexpress too that's where I buy some of my clients Hair from ,never disappointed

Odeh Silver: I have been buying hair and wigs from aliexpress, thanks for sharing sis much love ❤

Mamus Atey: Can you imagine buying a good hair and the vendor is frustrating u……it’s good to buy from where u have reliable hair

Mariama Sonko: The hair is so beautiful sis and I ordered from Ali express too

Ngozi Kelly: The hair is beautiful. Love that satin gown.

Lily's Platform: That hair is giving indeed . Those clothes are beautiful . God bless Hubby for buying that beautiful hair for you

DeChi Family: 6years ago and its still looking so beautiful

Jane Earl: Calm down hype woman the hair is lovely. I equally love the one on your head. 6 years and still) so neat. The hait is giving pls I want to know how to order too ooo

Success Kalinina: aliexpress has good hairs , my wedding hair is from there. i love the hair i got

Ogechukwu Destiny: Awww God bless hubby he is indeed a good man my dear. The hairs are given everything is supposed to give❤

Pretty Happy: Peculiar you can't Rock this wig alone,am rocking this wig with you let me run ‍♂️ to The Store and order mine ,thanks for the review

Cynthia’s Organics: Omo my sister u just opened my eyes about this AliExpress I’m definitely shopping from this this December I don taya for online vendors

Nkechi Cynthia: The hair is Beautiful,Ali express is the best and also the cloth looks beautiful too

OUMA CAKES AND FOOD: The hair is looking so lush❤waoooo That’s beautiful to see

Sandy Vlog’s: I also buy hair from aliexpress, the hair is beautiful omg the outfits is beautiful

DeChi Family: The look alone is amazing

Jessica Trnovec: These hair are amazing , they look so soft

Slimchelle: New member here thanks for watching my video nice honest review the hair is beautiful

Laviv: You got beautiful stuff, the hair is beautiful, the outfit and lashes too. How long did it take the wig to arrive? The hair you have on is very pretty

Zeeberry's Tv: The hair looks good and I like the shein sets too

SYLVIA 'S REALITY: yeah the hair is giving indeed it's so beautiful

BAABA'S KITCHEN FOR All: Very beautiful hair sis , looks good

Olufunke Fatoki Zoe: The hair looks good, I like that frontal lace area that is wide and the hairline looks natural. Sis you look beautiful

BLESSING AJA: This is a lovely and honest review

Linda Nenye: It your hyper for me The hair looks beautiful Wow 6 years and it still good I will check Ali express for hair i thought it fake that why i don't look at their hair

Nii Jackson: I buy from Aliexpress too from a trusted vendor, great quality called TINASHE. Like your reaction Nice video

DeChi Family: Yes I got hair from Aliexpress too...

Jane Earl: Wow, I love the silk green dress too

sylvia banz lifestyle: The hair is very beautiful and the outfit from Shane too.

Naija Mum In Australia: Pepper them gang love the hair waiting for when you wear it

OUMA CAKES AND FOOD: I am Trying our AliExpress because of you.Hope is affordable

VICKY'S CORNER: I love Ur nails, the wig is so fine, it will b so fine on u, d texture of d hair is so good, it's very difficult to order good hair online and it arrive exactly how u saw it online o, u are very lucky o. Wow this one on Ur head is also good,it's 6yrs and still good

G Glorious Family: They are all beautiful, thank for sharing

Mamus Atey: Wow the green sexy gown caught my attention ❤it’s beautiful

Alimatu Sadia Vlogs: Beautiful curly hair Love it

PHINIE TV MEDIA: Nice looking hair thank you for sharing

VICKY'S CORNER: Christmas hairI love d feeling of Christmas. Quality hair is never cheap. 113Euro

Hauwa Azed: Wow that means their hair is really good

lucy chioma: Your face is shinning sis . The hair fine

Rebeccam leprince: Ali express a player sometimes oo Yes hun it’s dependent to your budget Your Excitement Got me Cute hair oo

SONIA FAMILY TV: Wow the hair is beautiful and the outfit Nice one

Life with The LUKES: Can’t wait to see you rock it

fantastic Joy yummy kitchen: The hair is beautiful.

MY MUM & I TV: All the stuff u got are fine

Blessing JJ: Bueatiful hair Aliexpress sells good hair i have ordered hair from them ones

JUDY GABRIELS: The wig is so nice

Chioma Onuoha: Wow that hair is beautiful sis. Am loving it oooo

Lady Porsh TV: Those hair it looks beautiful

Life with The LUKES: This your make up is giving love it

Olufunke Fatoki Zoe: I like that curly hair so much,my best hairstyles is twists and curly hairstyles. That skirt and blazers is cute too.

DeChi Family: Outfits from shein is also beautiful..scammers everywhere

Gift & J’s Series: The hair is giving indeed dear is so fine Original hair Dey shake oh ❤❤❤

Chinelo's Corner: The is really beautiful the look is worth it

GLORY'S REALITY: Wooo peculiar the hair very good

Josephine Adeniji: Wow so beautiful especially the one you wear

JOY SIA: I really love the hair on you. Like it. Do you have d link?

Life with The LUKES: You always get lovely hairs

TrueMamle: Thank you

TrueMamle: Thank you

Rejoice Tv: The hair is very beautiful

vongtaynhanai kptt: Waoo so beautiful sharing stay blessed

Clement Treasure: Wow this look beautiful oo sis you really luck on hair drama queen

Olufunke Fatoki Zoe: Christmas is near o, I need to start shopping too

Symply Tricia TV: Thanks

Clement Treasure: Wow that nice for your hubby he is nice man take care of is women

Rose Ehujuo: The hair looks so beautiful. Please I wan learn oo. Teach me pls

JOY SIA: Yes please… install i want to see it on u.

A Mother & More: You Sabi hype oh, but the hair is really beautiful

Josephine Adeniji: Here watching

oluchi Anyi: It will dear

Clement Treasure: Please send me some sos i do not have money for order

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