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  • Posted on 13 September, 2016
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

Here is a video on how to make a full wig using a lace closure.

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Hi everybody it's kernisha and welcome back to my channel today i will be showing you guys how to do a full wig with the closure and everything i actually want. I go into real detail in this video how i bleach my knots. How um i put it on how you know it fit and everything i did not go into detail on how i actually soaked the hair onto the cap, just because in my last video i showed you guys how i'm, how i make my u-part wig and i Actually went into detail on how i sew the hair onto the cap, so this video i just felt like - i really didn't - want to make the video just super long like that. But if you need any help, how to sew the hair onto the cap, just go to my other video and i'll show you exactly how i did it, but this is a really good video. I hope you guys like it and let's get started. So i have a plastic bowl and a plastic spoon, so i can mix the lightening activator and the cream peroxide developer. So i'm just going to pour a little bit of this in the bowl. I'M not going to use the whole thing and then i'm going to mix it and i want it to be thick. I don't want it to be um, i don't want it to be liquidy because i don't want it to seep through the hair. So, as you can see, um i've mixed it all up. I didn't use the whole thing, but here is you want it to be more thick? You don't want it to be liquidy, like i said so. Here'S mine, so i've placed my closure on some foil and i'm just going to take the comb and lightly put it on my closure. Do next, i'm going to rinse out the peroxide from the closure i'm going to hold the hair like this and rinse out. This way to the side, so that no peroxide goes through the hair. Next, i'm going to take some of this neutralizing shampoo and put it through it and put some on the closure so and i'm just massaging it massaging the shampoo i'm gon na flip it over and put shampoo on the other side, just to make sure there's no More uh, bleach or dye, approximately there's nothing on the hair do do do do do do the last thing. You'Re going to do is you're going to turn your wig after you get on sewing it all inside out like this and you're going to get you an elastic band um. This is a one and a half inch elastic band and you're going to measure your head. My head is about 13 inches, so you measure your head and then subtract, seven inches from that and you're just going to sew the elastic band from one side to the next of your closure. That way, your wick stays on your head, secure and tight do so. Here'S the end result. I hope you guys, like it. I'Ve crawled a little bit, not a whole lot, but just a little bit, but i really like it i feel like i did a really good job for my first time ever making a wig. I thought i did a really really good job um. For the part, the top part for your closure you can put where the part is right here. You can put concealer on the closure and on your scalp to make it look a little bit more natural look and make it look. Look a little bit more like your scalp. I didn't put any concealer on this time, but i have done it and it really did look natural, but i hope you guys really like this video and like and like i've said in my previous videos. Please leave any comments down below for any suggestions or, if you feel like i did something wrong. Please leave me some comments or how i can make something better. I would really appreciate it and leave some comments on how uh you've done your closure. I mean how you've done your wig and was it easy or any suggestions or anything that you may want to ask me about it. Uh, please, like this video and until next time, i'll see you guys later

ConfidentlyWy TV: Great tutorial!! It's been a long time since I've made a wig.

Klassy Chick: your thumbnail is so cute, I clicked and I wasn't disappointed, I have a channel as well, if you're keen to check me out maybe we can support each other?

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