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  • Posted on 06 January, 2023
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Go yeah, I'm like an addict hello, beautiful people. Are you all doing hope you are doing great. You are welcome to join USA TV. If this is your first time of coming across my video, you are very welcome in this video guys, I'm going to be showing you how I made this butterfly lock with from start to finish, in fact, from scratch. If it sounds like something you are interested in, then you definitely need to keep watching before we start guys. I want to say a big thank you to all my subscribers and my followers on Facebook. You guys are wonderful. Thank you! So much guys, God bless you. So, let's get into the video so guys I already started the ventilation. I did the outline of the front at the last time. I already started it, and this is just the the second one I ventilate on one hole skip one hole then ventilate on the next hole I ventilate on one line skip one line, then ventilate on the next line and in between the boxes. I left just one line. I am doing the vertical diagonal method, as you can see, I like to use this for frontal being a boss, braid or a normal frontal, or a full lace. Okay for the boss, guys the first two line, the first two line. I I picked two strands while the SEC, I the second uh, like the remaining two lines in the middle. I picked three scrones, I ventilated on four lines: front back and the side to cover the the middle, the middle here then, in the middle I just ventilated. Randomly in the middle, then I cover with the already the ones I already ventilated are the four corners okay to cover it only at the last part of the hair that I ventilated five instead of four to cover the boxes, I ventilated five only at the front To cover it well because I was speaking just two strands all through at the front, but at the back I did the same with the rest, then just at the front I picked I ventilated on five straight line at the front. Okay for outlining the frontal for outlining it, you don't really have to even when you are making a closure, you don't have to. You can count how many, in fact, at the end of everything, I did not even follow the lines, because it was not going straight. So I counted how many I want to ventil after I was done with the first part, because I started from the middle to one side, then I started from the middle again to the other side after I was done with the first side. Never I mean how many lines we are in one bush: okay like if you are ventilating everything you don't want to do: a boss and ventilate inside you can just ventilate um on the. If you are skipping a hole and a line. Okay, you can just ventilate on one um like 10., you can ventilate 10 on a straight line vertical okay, 10. On a straight line. That 10 is going to also look like um horizontal. It will still look like horizontal, giving you a boss if you ventilate 10 line, it's going to give you a square shape like from the okay. Like this part. Now, let's say we are ventilating 10.. If I ventilate 10 lines from uh the back to the front end, I'm just doing it the same thing. Okay, like to the other side, it's going to give me a square shape. I don't need to draw a line on it. Okay, you can see the way I ventilated the the side the front I did not just ventilate on the straight line. You know we are doing the vertical diagonal. I just um do up down up down the hair at the airline is not just on a straight line. I like one line. The the first line will stop up. Then the next one done the next one up. That'S how I did it. Okay, you can see the outline, in fact I was finding it difficult to to remove this bra pen, so I don't know, maybe because it stayed too long. I don't know because the last one I did it was just the airline and the second one. I did not mark it too much because I was doing a tutorial. That was where I marked this one, two more so I'm just going to put that air in hot water after I was done ventilating, so I put conditioner in water, then I'm just going to put here at first. I was afraid to put the butterfly lock in hot water. You can see the way it was looking after after uh wash it off some parts. I still left some part there. I was tired, so I decided to do an experiment. I used Foundation, um eyebrow, pencil and concealer. You can see the date day. It was December 25th, so I watched it on January 4th to see if it will remove after 10 days, okay, but the I was finding it difficult to remove the concealer on. So you can use anything but not Shock, because it is going to clean off and for a front tire. I don't even see any need for drawing only a full lace. Wig, that's you cannot just start counting. So for that one, I think you can use the brow pencil, but do not mark it too much. Okay, you can see what I'm doing here. I'M using a small flexi rod and the attachment color is color. 30. I already cut it into three. I feather out the ends. Now I am rolling it. You can see how I'm rolling it I just twist and roll twist and roll and very close to each other because I'm going for it for a spring. So I can make the look if you want to see how I sewed the the frontal and how I did the airline, how I drew the airline I'm going to leave the link in the description box in case you want to wash. It always remember this guys if you are putting your conditioner in hot water, always miss it very well, because sometimes, if you don't miss it, where you see that the conditioner will rest on the hair that you are going to put in the hot water to just Rest there on repair so that they can mix together with the water. It will look like just normal water, a long time, big picture, I'm a straight killer when I send the song to the highest bidder, Got Juice, got gas, imma move fast, new shoes, new tracks like who's, that I'm new come back better than last year. What it takes, as you can see guys, I separated the hair, but I did not separate everything at once. We don't need it to tangle or flying around in the house. Okay, so I just did like two two. So what I'm doing here, I've crocheted a like - you see it um, I crocheted the on the weaker, because the wig cap, the hole, is very small. So in order not to tear it, I have to do it this way you can see. I am doing it, but if you are using a cap with a big hole, then you can just crochet a big hair on it. Then, before wrapping it, this one, I crocheted small hair, then put a bigger hair, then tied it twice before wrapping because you saw it okay in order to bring out the butterfly look, I use my thumb to bring out the some hair before wrapping going back then Wrap? Okay, if you want the lock to come out very well like you can just wrap the first one put the finger, then this second one after wrapping the second one, then you put it in your thumb again to bring out another lock. Okay, another butter, um, hair, okay, it depends on how you want it. If you want the hair to the the butterfly lock to be very much on the hair, you can just do it very quickly. Okay, as you can see, I ventilated from on the weak half and on the lace just to cover that part and I'm going to ventilate crocheted I'm going to do it very close to each other, so it can cover that back very well. Okay, we don't need too much hair at the back because of the front, and I I need to put the hair very close to each other. We don't need space there. Also, I'm doing the same thing like I did for the back. There are delays. I I was finding it difficult to pass it through the list, because I don't want to tear the lace. Then I got a better idea. Slowly take a step today, so I'm going to crochet very little amount of hair. I don't want the lace to rip. I crocheted it twice from the wig cap to the lace to secure that part. I just did a small hair twice close to each other, then I use the hair to tie the bigger one. Okay, just to avoid the least steering I'm like an addict too. I got ta. Have it, I ain't even playing got a really bad habit. If It Moves got ta grab it fuse like a magnet, lose won't, have it till I'm doomed in a casket. I ain't playing got a weird mind if you work eight hours, imma work. Nine, if the tastes sour, you should taste mine, I'ma stay in power for a long time get up now in a quitter toss me the ball, I'm a really big hitter big picture, I'm a straight killer when I send the song to the highest bidder, Got Juice, Got gas imma move fast, new shoes, new tracks like who's, that I'm new come back better than less. I was using a curly hair guys as you can see before, but at the front it was just remaining small coily here. So I have to put this straight. One I added the straight one, then added the coiling one before wrapping it. Okay, I take shots to the top I'll get it. I got one life. If you are making a normal braid, you are braiding the hair. You don't need to put your frontal or closure in hot water first, okay, just that I was afraid of the luck. I thought the lock is going to it's going to do something to the lock. That was why I put it in hot water. First, you see. I will still put it in the hot water again because the air did not relax the way I needed it to be. It did not just relax like that, so I had to put it in hot water again um. I am going to slow down this adjustable elastic band on the wig cap. I like this. I like to use this for a front instead of the normal elastic band without the adjustable strap okay. So, as you can see, I am going to put it on the lace and on the Wicket. I normally put everything put it on the Wicker before, but I decided to do it this way, a little part on the lace and the rest on the wig cap side. Okay, I was done guys because the air was Still Standing, so I decided to put it in hot water at first. I needed to test it to just one and it worked. It was okay, so I put everything in hot water. As you can see, then I'm going to add baby hair to the hairline for the edges. It'S good! If you invest in human hair for your energy, so you can use it for a lot. If you are selling it, you can use it for a lot of hair a lot of wigs, because human hair is easier to lay down, unlike attachment. Okay, if you know what I know only I can make a change if I want to use it as a flueless wig, I'm just going to adjust the back. Now you see how tight it is. Looking, okay, yes, I've adjusted. It now see how tight it's looking. I can use it as a glueless wig or I can just uh glue down the side, the ear side after you put your gel. It'S not going to be looking this way. If you put your gel and your makeup, it's not going to be looking this way. If you are using it as a glueless weed, okay, guys, you have different ways, you can do the butterfly locks. Okay, this is not just the only pattern you can use what it takes like an attic. Do I got ta? Have it I ain't even playing got a really bad habit. If It Moves got ta grab it fuse like a magnet, lose won't, have it till I'm doomed in a casket. If you found this video helpful, please do not forget to subscribe turn on your notification Bell. So you get notified whenever I upload a new video like share and comment also like and follow my Facebook page. If you are returning subscriber a returning viewers, you guys are always the boss, thanks for always stopping by. I really appreciate you. I appreciate your support. God bless you feel free to check out my other videos, and I will see you in my next video love. You slowly take a step today.

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