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  • Posted on 21 February, 2023
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Hey girl, welcome back to my channel. My name is Ashley bedek and today we'll be doing a beautiful, skunk stripe. Lace wig install so this one does some courtesy of Mega look and they sent this beauty over a few days ago, and I was super excited to share her with you guys now, as I mentioned, she's 24 inches in length, and she has all this color color - Can be scary, I will admit, but as you guys can see, I execute and pulled her off gorgeously she's in a beautiful wave texture and I went ahead and strained her out. So you'll see her in its natural wavy State you'll, see her silk pressed and then you'll see her just with a little bit of like curled forward look towards the ends. The bone straight is going to be my favorite because it shows off the skunk stripe. Like perfectly but the curls are also sexy, so I'm not sure quite which one I prefer, but of course this is mine, so I can do both right if you're interested in seeing how we did the install the style and everything you need to know about this. Wig keep on watching jumping right into it. This is the wig straight out of the box. She is a 13x4 side, part art, pink and purple highlight body wave 24 inch, 180 percent density lace, wig she is set as a side part. I think I said that before, and this is a look at the inside construction of the cap. She does include an elastic band and I'm going to use that to Anchor the wig on. As you guys can see. I put that on first put the back of the cap on and then the front when you flip it forward, and this is what we get now. The hair is nice and full, and it's beautiful. This doesn't give like straight out of the box like Barbie doll or Beauty Supply color wig. This gives quality here is a look at the front of the wig, and I really wanted you guys to see the back and the texture as well absolutely gorgeous. I think the color was done very professional and again it was done on nice quality hair, so it just doesn't look like cheap Barbie doll, hair at all. So with that being said, I didn't feel the need to do any customization. You can feel free to do anything. You want the only thing I can say I probably could do just go in and tint the lace and make it a lot more warm. Sometimes I get nervous, adding color to colored hair, just because sometimes it'll read a little bit more orange or more yellow or just more. You know like clownish a little bit, so I did wait to the end to add the color just to make sure I can manipulate it perfectly to my liking. Again, we are cutting off the excess lace, be sure to cut off any excess lace around the ears. So that the air or the wig does not cover the ear. If that makes any sense now we're going to go in and bond her down, I did use the even product and, to be honest, I kind of could have pulled it back a little bit. I did bring it pretty forward and again I think I should have brought it back, but that's the great thing about wigs. You can definitely place yours wherever you'd like and, if you don't like it, what you can do is remove it and reapply. So that's exactly what I did on this day. I wore it like this. Once the Pilates took a shower, took the wig off and then you know I was able to pull the cap back a little bit and wear a little bit more proper. Now I do like to blow dry it down on a cool setting. If you don't want to blow dry, you just apply the adhesive and then go ahead and add the milk, but on top and let it air dry. Naturally, now let's go in with this fresh box or container of my wax stick. This does come from and you guys already know we're doing what yes, the dynamic duo. I love the wax paired with the electric hot comb for my line. This combination is going to give me a nice smooth, Sleek install it's going to make everything around the lace and the party and the hairline just look absolutely Flawless, and it's going to make it look like it's coming out of my scalp and straight while at Target The other day I picked up this little um Sonia cashew brush set, and I believe this is like an eyeshadow set and I needed some new brushes for like um lace care. So I'm using this one here it has a spoolie on the other end and I'm just going in and adding a lace tint now, because the lace was so light. I can honestly go back in and warm it up with a deeper color. I didn't realize this until after the fact, but I definitely will go back in and add a deeper color. I wanted to elongate or extend The Parting, so I kind of pulled it in front, even though the parting was all the way to the very front. I kind of curved It Forward into the lace and it's kind of going to give a little bit more of an extended parting. This is something that girls do on social media, and I kind of like this step, and this is how I'm going to incorporate baby hair without it. Looking too crazy, I am opting for something a little bit more wispy, so we are going to straighten it out and curl it here, I'm using the electric hot comb and then we're going to trim it short and then we're going to use the edge control on The base, but first let me actually show you me curling it right. So this little pencil, curling iron, I get from Amazon I'll, have it in the description box. It gets really hot and gets the job done. Then I went ahead and added that edge control. Only to the base of the baby hair and then we're going to use a baby hair brush to kind of just swoop the baby hair, how we like it and we kind of just hold it in place and if we need a little bit more assistance. We'Ll add that same adhesive to the base as well drive it through with the comb portion of the edge brush, and this is going to have the ability to help that baby hair to hold as we like it now, it did go super wispy which to me Personally looks super cute on like natural brown colors on this one. Ultimately, I should have trimmed those ends shorter, even though they were wispy and they were fun and they were really cute with the pink texture up front. It does look a little bit off place again. I like to just critique my work after the fact, because when I do my installs, obviously when I'm done, I like it and I'm pleased with my results. But sometimes you can go back in like a day or two later and you can see flaws in your work and things that you can work on and that's just one of the things then I went in and silk pressed the hair. I did not add any product to the ends. I just didn't want it to look again too shiny or silky and excuse my dirty robe. I hate that for me, and this is what it looks like pressed out or silk pressed it's a skunk stripe, pink and purple look so I did go in and just make the look a little bit more complete with The Sideburns. I felt like the baby hair. I included was just a little bit off put by itself, so I wanted to make it a little bit more balanced and this definitely did the trick. I did exactly what I did to the wispy baby hair to the sideburns and to me it came out so so so cute. I love the way. This one looked with the hair tucked behind the ear, but of course you can bring It Forward if you like. Also, don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already check the description box for discount codes, I'm sure I'll have one there for this hair. If you want to get a little discount off and then I'm gon na go in - and this is the um Ruby kiss powder and I'm gon na take another one of those brushes from that eyeshadow book and I'm just gon na go into the base because the Lace is so light I feel like it didn't transfer the color didn't get as deep as I wanted to so again, I'm just going to go in with a liquid foundation, something like my um Nars or my makeup by Mario or I can even go with the Makeup Maybelline Fit Me, and that would be perfect. This one comes courtesy of Mega look. I love this color combo. I love it so so so so so so so much my daughter, just came in Mommy have purple hair. I love it. I think it looks extra cute now with Styles like this. I personally prefer baby hair. So when we're doing color, I personally prefer baby hair, because I feel like me with my big forehead and this unnatural color, no matter how gorgeous it is to me, it gives Barbie doll hair part. I personally prefer um a little baby here in the front. It just makes it not look like a Barbie doll situation. Um it did come with a little texture, a little wave to it, and then I straightened it. Look how beautifully it curls! Okay! Now, I'm just going in to curl the ends I did go in with the babyless flat iron, which is the same flat iron I used to suppress it. I love to do flat iron curls because I just never miss and really I just wanted the ends to be curled and you guys can see. I barely kept the flat iron on there and it definitely curled super easy. No assistance needed. I am going to add my Sebastian Shapers to the very ends. If you want to go in a curl, the entire thing, you can definitely do so, but it came out beautiful okay, so I went ahead and curled it and again. This is, I feel, like what it should look like when you just want to curl the ends. The ends are literally bumps and curled, just to add a little body and dimension to the end, and I didn't necessarily want it to be just long and flat. I wanted it, you know to have some fun, but again I didn't want to have a wavy texture up top and um these beautiful curls at the bottom. These are absolutely beautiful. I love the way this hair curls and I love the little skunk stripe and how it plays up that curl super gorgeous. But as far as the hair goes, this one did come from Mega. Look as I did mention, and this is the packaging you guys see me review something from them, or some hair from them. Um last month, so be sure to check that out. This one is 24 inches in length and all of the other details, of course, are in the description box, and then these are the goodies that they provided inside. They did give some lashes, wig cap Edge or baby hair brush a cute, little melt belt and that's a mega look on it and then this cute little bobby pin that's in the shape of like scissors, and it has a little gold with crystals super nice. But let me know what you guys think thank you guys so much for watching. Don'T forget to check the description box for direct link and everything we use to complete this look and, as always I'll see you in the next one smooches

LBT Electric Dino 75: Pretty cute and beautiful Pink and Purple hair, it looks amazing.

OHoneyPot: Absolutely Beautiful You slay everything

KellyJelly9976: you are killing it with these colorful units

Jackie Randolph: Hey Ashley another color wig it's lovely color and beautiful style.

Hajji Powell: Did you ever have your wig sell? I was looking for it.

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