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  • Posted on 13 April, 2023
  • T Part Wig
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Clean Bleached Frontal

Real HD Lace & Clean Hairline

100% Human Hair-Soft & Smooth

Body Wave HD Lace Human Virgin Wig [HW03]

Length: 20in

Density: 150%

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That I can't tell you know what time it is, so I'm going to be installing a wig. I got another wig from wild African y'all know why African gave me that pretty Auburn wig that y'all was hyped me up. Y'All was taking my little big head up. Yeah, that's what gave me that first wig, so they sent me another wig and let me tell y'all something: it's gone. They sent me a 20 inch body, wave 150 density wig. I have to say this about this head company and imma. Just leave it at that. This hair company - and I think I said that in my Auburn um wig, video too y'all ever look and look for wigs and on the mannequin or how they display the wigs they'll be like. Oh, the the edges will already be plugged and they're like. Oh, it's pre-plugged pre-bleached. I want to show you something this wig, so y'all know why I didn't wash it or nothing. This is straight out the pack. You can see the fresh body wave if you know anything about wigs. You know if you get body wave, that it don't look like that. I did not put a flat iron to this wig. I didn't put a hot comb to the wig and I didn't put no bleach to this wig yo. Look how this wig came hold up now. Why do it look like this? When I tell you this is plucked and like y'all know that look that wigs give like that um they're already hot comb, look like look at this is insane like they did not. I'M gon na tell you something: I've been doing these wig reviews for a long time and y'all know that they did not used to make wigs like this y'all. Like I mean when they said it was pre-plugged, pre-bleached, bleach, wear, pre, Puck, wear this wigs these days be pre-plucked and pre-bleached like get into it. Like I literally was like oh shoot. I didn't feel like filming this right now. I was going to film it later because I was like I'm gon na have to bleach the knots y'all got ta touch the nuts like look, they are bleached, I'm so pressed like. I know y'all like oh she doing too much like I'm, really impressed at how well they bleach this. Oh thank you, Jesus! Okay, so this is the wig. It'S really pretty. Hair smell, like hair, actually had this mic head, but it's not like you're, not a strong smell that Wiggy smell. I don't have it with Wiggy's mouth um, but this is the hair and, like I said this is from Wow African and yeah. They give you. You know the usual the lashes y'all I ain't gon na go through all that with y'all tired of going today to give me lashes, the clips. You know the basics, what you need um, but yeah. We just went ahead and install this wig. I don't have my lashes and stuff on yet I did put a little makeup on my face, but y'all gon na see the full look after I'm done. Send me a wig cap. This wig cap is not my color, but I don't get mad when I don't get wig hips. That'S not my color, because I think I have another wig cap, but this is the wig cap. They gave me it's not my color um, but that's not their fault. I guess I'm gon na see how easy I can actually make this. This install like I'm not gon na, do nothing. Fancy! I'M not gon na. Do nothing extra! I'M just going to put this wig on straight out the box and see what it's looking like. This wig is so plunk bro like in the best way possible, like not even like saying like oh my gosh, it's so plug. Why would they do like that, like this is plucked in the best freaking way, possibly y'all? It looked like they took a flat iron and went in on the hair, like all like these, the past few wigs that I've been getting. I have been really happy with because, like when I tell y'all, I really look for wigs that are like easy to do, because I'm not like some wig connoisseur, like I don't be playing um. I do wish that the wig was uh. The wig size of the wig was bigger because my head is Big, so that's the only thing I have with this, but yeah. Let'S try the no wig head about that. I don't know if I'll be able to do that, but we won't stay. Oh well, no wig, head method is actually not bad wow. Okay, take that back. We don't need to do nothing crazy, so yeah. This is what I mean by like the edges are plucked to the gauze. I think I'm gon na do it with no wig head, like that's crazy, okay, so we're gon na try to lay this without a wig cap, and so that would be the title of this video learning how to wait, lay a wig without a wig cap, because I really don't need one straight into it, so I'm gon na use the clips that they gave me out my face so that way I can put some glue on this and cut it and do all that other fancy stuff that you got ta do to lay Wig um take it from they didn't want to learn how to properly do a wig. If you really learn how to do a wig, it's really not that hard like and what I mean by really not that hard is that you obviously don't want to get like. No super super duper like cheap, cheap wig, because if you get a cheap, cheap wheel, a lot of times they'd be like real thick on the edges. So you actually do got to know how to pluck and stuff. But you know, and you get a decent wig yeah, I'm not gon na, say good. You get a decent wig and you actually take the time to just glue it down and really like do what you need to do. Yeah it don't take that long, um! So yeah, the next thing we want to do is we're about to glue this drone down, because I don't even need to talk on this um all right honey. So we got our Wonder: lace bomb um, don't get Ghost bomb because I almost bought some recently because I'm running low on this - and I didn't even know that - for everybody is telling me that ghost bar make you break out and all that crazy stuff. So I've never used it but don't get ghosts. I always be a little off on this step. Like do. I want to glue it down first, then, cut or whatever. I know a lot of people glued and cut um, but I am going to just cut down the middle sorry about the planes in the back. It'S place it on my edges. First like so, do not get it in your hair. Please you have other problems that you do not want so do not, and for girls that may not know, or you need some alcohol to get glue out of your head, because I used to be scared of glue and I used to only use if I used To I mean like last month, um I used to only use um like the even spray and stuff like that. Only because I was scared that I was just it was going to take out my edges, or I was just gon na - have a hard time, um taking out my hair but baby one when you have it on long enough. It starts to loosen up and two um. I got so many of these homes because every company give me Combs, but two all you need is some alcohol and the glue come right off like no edges lost and another thing is you shouldn't be putting it on your edges, like you get what I'm saying Like you should be putting it not on your hair edges, it should be on like the edge of your head. Am I making sense, yo y'all picking up what I'm putting down? Let that get tacky a little bit. I don't use no blow dryer or nothing like that, like the wind, for my hands is doing the same thing: um, okay, so I'll be real! Careful with this step, because, oh I ain't that damn careful because I just messed up yeah and once you feel like the hair, is in the secure spot that you want it. You'Re gon na take your Edge thingy. Oh my gosh. These edges, like I can't believe I I like I'm gon na, be honest with y'all like I could never pluck hair like this, the way that they got this pre-plug and now I'm just gon na lay and let it do what it do and just wait. Yeah, and why doesn't we need to do I'm going to? I don't know how I'm going to style this wig because I'll be loving. How honestly I'd be loving, how body weight wigs look by itself, but once you comb it out, it's like. Let me come out, show y'all y'all know what body weights look like yeah, so it's giving poop and floof, and this is not really what I'm going for. So I'm gon na add. I got my little Corona already and that's my hardest thing and why I usually don't buy body weight. Wigs is because I'm not oh no. I know I'm sweating because I'm not the best person when it comes to styling, wigs um, like curling wigs, I should say I can flat on a wig all day but curling a wig. It'S just gon na be doing it. For me, it don't got nothing to do with wig. It got everything to do with mwah, so so the next test on this wig is seeing how this wig holds curl, which I feel like it'll do a good job, but only the curling iron will tap like when I go get my hair done at The Stylist. The way they be working them curling eyes like I've, been trying to take tips, but I feel like it's just easy: you got it or you don't now. That'S a curl. I didn't really get the roots that good, but that's the curl. Look at that bounce bounce! Bounce, oh, let me stop don't mess up the girls, so curlside versus non-curl size. So this is the natural curl of the hair, and then we have this. So is it given? Is it not? I love when I get a good wig, as y'all can tell like. Y'All will hear me say it all the time like honestly like if you watch my wig videos, you can tell like the wigs that, like I always like the wigs that I promote. If I'm gon na promote the wig, I'm gon na like it, and if I don't like it, I'm gon na tell y'all what I don't like about it, but you can tell like the wigs. That'S like. Oh, I should get that one and the ones that's like. Oh, she liked it like she, it was cool, but it wasn't her favorite like this right here, difficulty to say that young me would have never thought. This would be me because, let me tell you something when I was in high school. I remember I used to buy wigs every like week. I had a little job at McDonald's, my haze, my money used to go to my wigs. Oh, I used to buy AliExpress, wigs and back then AliExpress, wigs weren't, like mainstream and stuff like that. So I used to bottom wigs and it used to be hit or miss girl like do you even get a good wig or you don't wasn't nobody really using AliExpress, wigs and stuff like that, so yeah and I used to always look at like it was more. So, like only the big big influencers used to work with hair companies, so you should watch the hair companies and whenever the influencers did work with hair companies, it was like hair companies that was expensive. It was just not affordable and used to be like dang. I really wish that I could afford them wigs and now, like a lot of wig companies are so affordable and then I get to get them and show y'all the affordable ones like yo. I'Ve been on this wig stuff, which is crazy, because I don't really as long as I've been doing like wearing wigs. I still don't know how to like really lay them. But back when I was wearing wigs like that and I'm saying like I'm old, but I'm older than a lot of the you know, girls out here like back when I was doing wigs, we was not doing them how the girls doing now it was. We wasn't doing bald cat methods and all that it was just you get a wig. You better hope that the lace is good. You better hope that the everything else is good and yeah. You just do what it did now. Girls can make stuff look like stuff coming out of their scalp, it's just so crazy how wigs have how far wigs have come, because I'm gon na see. Let me see, I'm gon na insert a picture of what I used to look like with wigs hold on now. I got ta look to make sure that I get it later hold on. Let me make sure I got one but yeah it's very much a mess. So and it's private, so if you don't got my own Instagram, then you don't got it one thing I don't like about wigs. I love wigs. I do um I've seen the girl on Tick Tock talk about this like, and I thought I was the only one when you have wigs. Don'T nothing hit like that. First install like after your first install and you try to install that bit again. You can't get it the same like the first time and it frustrates me and that's with any wig. I have never ever ever expensive, cheap it don't matter what it is. No wig! Oh damn it! That'S why I get for talking and curling. At the same time, I just wan na rock that, like oh, my God, you just wan na, let me wan na try she'll use Heat Protector and people. Somebody commented that one time was like girl. Why don't you keep attacking me to do their wigs um? Listen for me, honestly, if I'm real, like y'all, probably like. Oh she getting all these wigs like. I don't keep wigs a long time like and it's not because they get messed up like the wigs, don't get messed up. When I don't use heat protectment now I won't tell you, don't take my advice. Hoe use heat protectant on your wigs on your real head. I don't even keep taking on my real hair and that's it, but like yeah I mean I'm sure one of these days, especially when it comes to my row here. Imma regret that, but my wig's been fine scratch on it. You see protection, don't listen to say pancakes because she is not uh. Wig expert wig experts say use heat, protectant girl, crack open that Heat Protector and spray it. I will lead you. I will lead you wrong and y'all be out here blaming me cause. You said that your wigs was fine from not using heat protectant and I didn't use heat protectant and my wig is fried a girl on Tick. Tock explained it, but curling the hair in the front of a wig is always not more difficult, but take a little bit more Precision, one of course, because it's on the front, so it got ta you got ta, make sure that that curve was right. But I forgot what she said like: I think the hair is a hair on the front of the lace different or I know it's finer, because it's less bigger, hair dip. I don't know, let me stop talking. Oh damn your girl did it. She did it. Okay, now, let's take off this, oh got a little stuck there. Buddy is my middle part, oh okay, so this is the hair just straight Barrel: curls! Okay, now I'm going to before I fluff out my hair, I'm going to clip that back like that. Sometimes I'm gon na use a razor. I'M honestly scared to use a razor, and it sounds very irrational for me to be scared to use a razor to cut my hair, but I'm really scared that I'm going to cut my my skin, I don't know get into the roots it's giving coming out of My skin I mean my my y'all know what I mean out of the follicles. It'S coming out straight out the roots. The curls are very silky like yes, easy, breezy, beautiful, and we are going to now. I'M gon na use my fingers because I don't have a glass of Comb um. I don't want to mess up. The curls like this is the best I've ever had. I challenged all these wig companies to top the last. Every time I get a new wig. It just gets better and while African you're, you came hard once again, um I don't want to okay, I'm gon na. Do it! Oh, oh! Oh there we go. This is the best job. I'Ve ever done on curling a wig and I'm so happy about it, and I love that as soon as I like went to like finger coil, it finger coil it. Yes, I love the density of this. It'S not too thick, not too thin. It'S giving like business. Okay, is that what I'm trying to go for some chocolate? Is that what I'm trying to say yeah don't play with it? Let me go put on some lashes and then y'all just to give you all the full effect. Okay, y'all I'm back with some lashes on because y'all know A Lash to make something happen with the looks but yeah um. All the specs to this wig will be in the description below as y'all know. Y'All can go ahead and see all the discounts that they have, that they have going on and follow the direct link to get this wig. This wig is cute. It is a four it is Affordable and yeah. It'S really giving really tall that these curls are gon na last. One thing I can tell when it comes to Curves last last thing is a lot of times with these wigs when I curl the hair, like not to say it'll, start falling immediately, but I'll see a difference towards the end of the video. I don't know if I'm making time anyway long so short, the hair is good. Um, here's another close-up on the edges. If y'all want to do some more bleach into the wig feel free to do so, it's possible, obviously it's human hair. So you can do what you want with the hair, but for me I feel like the level of plucking and bleaching that that wig came with is honestly all I needed um I did not pluck. I didn't pick up no tweezers. I didn't pick up no bleach baby, it's just giving what it needs to give off rip. I am so tired of lashes. I just bought some mascara because I'm trying to wean myself off of the Lash thing that has nothing to do with the hair. I just want to say that, like I, hate feeling like, oh, I got ta go put on some lashes to feel pretty off topic all details in the description. Thank you again, while African for sponsoring this video um. This is my second wig with them and I love it like comment subscribe, love. You guys bye,

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