Cosplay Wig Tutorial: Teasing And Styling

After putting it off for a solid 2 months, here is my cosplay wig styling tutorial you all have been asking for! This Tutorial will show you the basics on creating voluminous and spiky wigs! If you have any questions about how I did something, comment below!

NOTICE:im dumb and the wig is actually an arda





Hello, my name is Maddie or umbran, which cosplay on Instagram and I'm going to be, showing you a tutorial on how to tease spike and style a wig. The wig I'm using is an epic cosplay wig, but you can use almost any type of way to do. This, and also this tutorial can help you with just adding volume to bangs or spiking a wig. It'S a pretty universal technique that everybody should know. As you see, I am taking a section by section very small sections and backcombing them when you want to back home. You are not going to give it a lot of slack and the more you come backwards, you're going to lose more and more hair, and that's good after you're done doing that, you're going to spritz it with hairspray and then blow-dry it and you're. Going to repeat this, wherever you need volume or to spike the wig right now, you're, probably wondering wow. This looks really ugly right now and ready. It'S not gon na stay like that. Every wig that I work on it usually is pretty ugly. It gets. It gets worse before it gets better if that's any way to describe it after you're done teasing, awake you're going to comb it out and usually the wig defies gravity. At this point, and that's what you see here in the video and sometimes you have to repeat the teasing process until the whole wig is standing up and, like I said before, this tutorial is universal to an extent like if you want to just you, have a One spike on your wig you're, not gon na, do this all over the wig you're going to do this on set area all right, so I have sectioned off the area that I now want to turn into a spike. You probably were thinking oh cool. The teasing process is over now uh-huh. No, it's not it's going to haunt you until the end of time. You cannot escape teasing you. Can I spike a wig without teasing it so right now, I'm still like destroying the fibers, so they can stand up on their own and it won't fall flat, and I need to make this very clear when you're styling a wig, you need to spritz it with Hairspray from like far away do not lay into it where it gets, wet and sloppy and always always always always always blow-dry it after you spray any any amount of hairspray. I, as you can see, that's what I do every single time. It is a very tedious and repetitive process, but that's okay and when you are doing a spike you're going to have to comb it out and repeat these processes. As as you see, and sometimes you will have to cut off lengths to make it more weightless and also form the spike better, I'm going to try and explain like little techniques that do help me along the way and will also make the wig look better. When you are styling, a wig you're gon na use a lot of hairspray when you do like when you're starting to spike the wig and actually try and shape it into how you want it to be be very gentle with your hair spring jobs and sometimes hairspray Bubbles and then, when you blow-dry it, it just looks really gross. Sometimes just gently take your finger and smooth it over and then blow-dry it. Sometimes you don't have to do that. I do not - and I repeat, do not do that when you're in the first stage of teasing a wig, don't do it just let the hairspray do its thing, you're gon na comb, it out later it doesn't matter. I mostly recommend smoothing it out when you're in the like final stages of like your spike and it's finally starting to come together. Another tip I must mention, is you really do need to be patient when you're doing this? It'S not gon na be easy. You'Re not gon na get it done in the first. Try always comb out and rearrange the hair, so it looks smooth and not like crunchy or hair looks out of place like, as you can see, I'm constantly combing things over and just gently putting them where they look like they need to go just be very just Be just be patient with her here is a another pro tip when you're spiking a wig, even I tend to forget to do this - always look at it from different angles, because sometimes the spike can look gorgeous from the front, but can look hideous from the back. So always be aware of that and do what you can to fix what you see. So we have moved on to the second spike, and this this spike is no different from the first one you're going to be doing these same exact techniques, even though it's a different shape, you're still gon na be doing the same things. You'Re gon na be teasing. It combing it out hair spring blow-drying, it fixing the fibers. Sometimes certain spikes that are in like very extreme styles need more teasing and like heat, because you do need to like destroy the fiber. Essentially, that's what I consider it if you've seen my android 21 wig, the reason some hair defies gravity. The way it does is because the hair is like burnt and then it becomes very light and fluffy, and then you can spike it. And, however, you want - and that's kind of what I'm doing here, this way didn't take that much destroying, if I must say, but a lot of it is just combing out and smoothing over and hair spraying and blow-drying it's it's very. It'S nothing special and I'm gon na be a real with you guys. I did not feel compelled to record the whole styling of this week, just like the main spikes. So this is all the stuff I have. I hope it helped you with learning how to spike a wig, if not sorry,

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Junko Enoshima: I’m about to style my first wig, this has definitely really helped! Thank you!!

Emily Mac: Geez this is a life saver! I just got my kirishima wig (literally just got it tonight) and went to style it, thinking I knew what I was doing. I didn’t. I was so lost. I just found this video and now I actually feel confident and that I’ll be able to make it look decent, thanks sm bro!!

pocketmarrow: I'm starting from ground zero with styling wigs and this definitely helped. Also you have a nice voice!

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AlienNerdBae: This will definitely help me. Im new at styling. And my first actual wig i styled was for my Karin cosplay and it was a b****. But i actually managed to do it. I also used got2be and hair wax to do her decent spikes. I didn't use blow dryer cus i couldn't find it ugh. But came out nice. This video gave me few tips tho. i hope to see more tutorial videos.

Madison Leavitt: Definitely needed this for my tennis peach cosplay lmao her bangs are gonna kill me

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🥀Valkyrie🥀: This is helpful! Thank you! I want to cosplay as Nagito Komaeda from Danganronpa for Halloween next year and I wanted to find a cheaper and alternative way to style a wig, especially since his hair requires a bit of spiking in different areas but is it safe to use hairspray on a wig? I tried looking it up and it usually says it’s not but it’s okay to wash it after at least?

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Cirruss: Oh my gosh, you have no idea how much this helped me! I recently got a Kazuha wig for a convention and kept on messing up with the sides but the instructions on how to tease the wig made it look SO much better (I also had no idea about the spraying hairspray far away from the wig, and it looks so natural now)

octo yat: This helped me so much for my Champion Leon wig, thank you so much!

Baby Jeebies: I remember styling my first wig this would've been so helpful. Right now I'm doing honey senpai and felt the need for a refresher even though I've been doing this for years. The back part makes me nervous

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CodyThe SpaceDude: Very helpful tutorial! I love this video! Question, I know sometimes you have to wash certain parts of cosplays or costumes. Is there any circumstance in which you’d have to do that with a wig like this? And if so, how would you go about it? I’ve never sculpted a wig like this before, so I’m unsure.

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Mary Ann Mabaet: Thank you for this, UmbranWitch! May you add the products you use in your details? Including the lengths of combs you used, the types of alligator clips you used, scissors, X" curling iron etc. Do these objects matter too much or as long as we have something like them? Also, what is the platform that you have the styrofoam head on? I was like "oh, cool it revolves!" But I don't know the key terms to be able to find and buy it. Lol

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