Dollar Tree Shopping!!!"New" Christmas Pillows, Stocking Stuffers, Gift Sets + Hair Acces

Come with me to Dollar Tree to see what's new for December 2019...cute Christmas decor, Christmas pillows, lots of stocking stuffer ideas, chocolate scented squishies, slime, $1 shirts, new socks, new Scunci hair accessories, name brand metal hair beads, self-care, $1dupe fragrance gift sets, new hair growth oil, hygiene, makeup, plant based Vegan soap and more!!!

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What'S up YouTube, meaning here coming at you from my channel bunny, pretty Gator? Oh my gosh, you guys it is so so cold out here you guys! Let'S go ahead and head in a Dollar Tree. Let'S see what's new, it looks like we might have some squishies here brand new squishies for a dollar. Those would be really really cute stocking stuffers. Oh my gosh, you guys this is so freezin, let's head in yesterday. It is that cold that sniffily kind of cold. Oh, these are cute. Look at all the bows. Yes, you guys wow. These are so cute whoa. They have some really big gift bags over here. Okay, you guys got my stuff set down. So now we can look at some really cute gift bags. T-Rex hates tiny presents a very Merry Christmas. Have a our Java, although I don't know have a Merry Christmas. Anyways is cute season of joy. I like this one, a lot: they have the gift boxes, three gift boxes for a dollar and look at yes, I love the gray. I think this is a sloth. I think the clouds are so cute. All the dollar cards we're here. Oh, what guys that is so cute, a cute little Christmas tree, plushy, stalking and a star. My favorite is definitely the Christmas tree. I think these are so cute the little erasers they have really added a lot of headbands. I like the elf one. These are so cute. These are kind of big. I got to do what you guys. I couldn't resist all these at you. These are 2 for $ 1 cards, it's kind of like mini cards or money cards. A lot of them are gift card and money holders. Actually, that's exactly what they are. Okay, maybe we'll find those new squishies over here they have the football ones from last year. These are really really good squishies. I don't think they're scented though ooh. What'S this a big thing of slime, the container is so cool. Looks really liquidy: these are all the little stocking stuffer gifts and one dollar gift. It was hoping to find the squishy knees. Oh I see, one of them smells like chocolate smells really good whoa. These are new they're, really hollow, and cheapy, though, like really really cheap. Ewwww I saw these last week as I was checking out. He dies $ 1 earrings. I love that, if you guys don't find the jewelry by the make up they're, probably up by the registers you look great today. My store still has the wet-and-wild pallets the trio eyeshadows, I'm just going to grab the same one every time, kool-aid, candy canes, pure ad self, adherent wraps. This is like the self adhering sticky. I want to say cause. That'S not the word like one of these, but the self sticking one the self-sticking elastic. That'S, I still don't think that's the word waste or has lots and lots of the April and bolero products. These have been here for a couple weeks, the as seen on TV shimmer slap bracelets. They have red purple, teal, dark blue. I always like to see if they have new hair stuff, it looks like we have more skin seed. These are so pretty vice Guns II. Some really jeweled bobby pins, some more whoa. What are these these are so cute. If you have your hair braided, do you want to add some little jewels? I don't see where the rest of these are. The brand is Sophie, though I don't see the others, but the brand Sophie is a higher end brand kind of like scusi. These are definitely sold elsewhere. They also have a website too. I think we have some new socks. Oh, I found some more hair accessories. These cute little pom-pom clips. They also have grain lots of new socks. These are so cute, the pandas, the pigs, the astronauts, all the smug adduce my store has a few of these t-shirts in beige youth sizes. I found more. I just found the display, so we have these these gold ones, these ones below clamps. Oh my gosh! This is such a good deal. These are so cute. I have some like this for birdie and gold, but these are silver with the diamonds Louise. Are they clamps mm? I don't. These ones are clamps this one, these really thick elastics, these pony tail hooks turbine head, wraps wooden, beads and more of the turbine head wraps. These are so pretty. Oh, these are bad. These are so cute for stocking stuffers la vida loca. This is a dupe for the Viva La Juicy tattooed by inky. This is a dupe for Ed Hardy stunner stunner is a dupe for Victoria's Secret bombshell, and then we also have Kitty girl pink, and this is a dupe for Katy Perry meow. That is really really cute for just a dollar the body cleanse and whites are back. This is secret. You guys these cost a lot more than a dollar in the stores. These are the body cleansing wipes the 15 in a box. Pure silk shave creams are here. This one is an ultra-sensitive, because I just noticed that this is actually a plant-based soap. So I haven't really looked at the ingredients yet so, if you're, a vegan, definitely read the label but they're calling this a plant-based soap and it's in the flavor, vanilla, sugar and raspberry, and it's a big bar six point. Two five ounces it looks like this is back as well: the moisturizing coconut, hair and body oil and guess what else we have it's brand new, my softy. This is the growth oil revitalizing repair formula by softy. Well, alright, you guys that's it for me here in Dollar Tree. I hope you enjoyed coming along. If you did, please show me lots of love by hitting the thumbs up. Button shares me down in the comments below if you haven't yet hit that little button and subscribe will all right. You guys thank you so so much for watching bye,

Ash P: Love checking out what's new at DT with Mimi ☺

Honey kawaii: Your dollar tree has alot more than mine OwO

Lacresha Searcy: Fun Dollar Tree items!! I saw a lot of items that I want to buy. Thanks, Girl!!

Krissys Channel: Oh wow!! You have a lot of stuff in your Dollar tree!! wooo I just love this!! Thanks for sharing!!

Cathy Lee: Love dollar tree they have great stocking stuffers love u bunny hugs

Jess W: Dollar Tree has some super cute cards and gift bags for Christmas. The little lotion sets are very cute, too!! I have the lip balm shaped as a macroon, the mint flavored one, it has a very subtle scent. It smells nice though and does a decent job of moisturizing lips. Love you lots, Mimi!!!⛄⛄⛄⛄

MarileighBakes: First LIY Mimi Don't forget about baking stuff videos. I love the yellow clouds. I wanna get them for my sister. She likes room decor and that's her favorite color.

Marie Clark: I love the reef and the signs are very cute like you say I love the Snowman box that was very cute ❤ those bags are very cute I've never seen any of these bags at my store love the red truck box I hope you get it because that's too cute not to get if I go and I have that box I'm getting it ❤ stay warm thank you for going out in the cold and showing us what your store has love your store have so many good things

Lisa Lemmons: I haven’t seen any of those things in my Dollar tree. I’m going to be looking at the other stores to see if they have any of them

Debbie Howard: Heyyy Mimi Great as Always tfs

Kala Wherry: Hey Mimi are you gonna do an ASMR stocking stuffers video like last year? I loved that video.

Laurie Mayne: Thank you! I was just wondering if your D.T. had any baking products?

💗cats💗: You want to know what the best thing in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is when out in the cold? Stopping at Tim Horton and getting a large hot chocolate. Their hot chocolate is the *BEST* I have ever had

Jasmine O: In Canada where I am I think dollartree went up to 1.50$ or 1.75$, it used to be 1.25$

Yohanna Magi-sorge: I wish we got dollar tree in Australia

Nikki Saracini: I got the lil roll on perfumes, for my Co workers, they loved them but make sure the, bottle is full because a lot of them were empty

Jamie Paul: They have main brand band-aids and main brand toys in blind bags

Debbie Hibbs: Thanks for sharing hun

Yvonne Andersen: Your Dollar Tree is huge. I live in Ct and there is like 3-4 isles and that it!

Crystal Hogan: It's June 28 2021 I am watching your Christmas video from last year trying to get ideas on Christmas gift basket

jose rangel: Love this

Jaden Begman: I bought some of dollar trees squishey and they smell sooo good. And there really good quilety. I totally reconmend them. I'm first

Presley: Who else was a headphone user!

magdalene burnett: Hey awesome ❤

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Olivia Thompson: who is watching this in 2020 and heard someone cough it is like no don't cough lol

Jani Core:

Mamabear: And here in south texas its 83 i want it to just be cold here uhhh

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Olivia Thompson: HEY!!!

Karla Simmons: Hi

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